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  • Video games with animated cartoons Date: 23-4-2007

    Bismillahi.As salamu alaikuunion Pls can someone play video games that involve animate objects.Pls consider that at a stage in thedevelopment of these games,the developers have to actually draw these pictures.Thank you. .. More

  • One’s belongings used in prohibited things after his death Date: 19-2-2007

    Assalamu aleikum If a man leaves something behind after he dies and if somebody else uses that thing to do something haram or to commit a sin, will the person who died be punished and held accountable for it? For example , if i had a TV and after i died someone else inherited this tv and used it to watch haram things, will i be held accountable for.. More

  • Adults watching cartoons Date: 8-10-2006

    Assalamualikum, I would like to ask whether adults or those that have passed the age of bulugh are permitted to watch cartoons. Jazakum Allah Khairan.. More

  • Killing bad guys in computer games Date: 21-5-2006

    Is it haram to play computer games where you kill bad guys?.. More

  • Religious requirements for using computer games Date: 10-5-2006

    A while ago I convinced my mom to buy us a play station (Video game console), and she bought it because I wanted it. But recently my brother has been playing games on it, but these games are violent and may not be appropriate for Islam and he doesn't listen to me. Do I get his wear every time he plays or his friends play, because I bought it, even though.. More

  • Questionable computer games for children Date: 10-2-2005

    There are some new network gaming shops being opened, where there are lots of computers, and in the computers they offer children to play many different games.They charges you per hour to play the games. I wanted to ask if this sort of playing is gambling or not? .. More

  • Video Games Date: 8-9-2003

    Is playing video games like foot ball games allowed or not? The players look like the real ones. .. More

  • Play Station Games Date: 3-8-2003

    I want to ask about play station games like foot ball games. Is it allowed in Islam? The players, as you know, are like the real ones. .. More

  • Playing Computer or Video Games Date: 18-1-2002

    Is playing computer or video games Haram since you control human and other life-like animations on the screen? Is programming these games Haram as well? .. More

  • Playing card games on PC's Date: 14-6-2001

    I want to know what is the ruling against playing card games, solitaire and the like, which are usually available on all PC's. I have a feeling that it is not correct, but would like to know the opinion of more knowledgeable people, through the Glorious Qur'an and the Prophet's (Peace and blessing be upon him) Sunnah... More

  • Images for children Date: 8-2-2000

    What is the ruling regarding images and children? What about drawing animals for children?.. More