190 fatwas

  • Exorcizing a Jinn Date: 3-5-2005

    I have been reading on someone who as a Jinn on him and I read from the Quran! Is voce changes a lot but I just don't know what else to do? I read 8 days on him is there something else that I am missing please help!! .. More

  • Various questions Date: 20-2-2005

    I wish to ask you questions: a) My senior aunt told me that whenever she closes her eyes, she sees faces of mostly men and no women (she can provide no explanation). Some look serious, some are happy with most beautiful expression, some are this or that. They never speak or say anything. I asked my youngest aunt. She confirmed that too.. More

  • Being alone invites Satan Date: 18-1-2005

    I want to know if it is true when someone is alone that Satan will do everything to change that person even if that person prays. What do you think I should do? Do you know any Du'a that can help? Can you write them down for me? .. More

  • His aunt is frequently frightened by Jinn Date: 13-12-2004

    An aunt of mine frequently sees devil/Satan at her home. She even shifted to 3 different locations so far, but still the devil keeps showing himself to her, and she is so disturbed and terrified about it. How can she stop this from happening? Please advise, with a Hadeeth, or two, if possible. .. More

  • Wants to help a friendly Jinn Date: 23-9-2004

    I would kindly request you for a help or a suggestion to my problem which is very unique and again very confidential which is again about Jinn’s. The residence which I stay in my room there resides one Jinn who is very good and does not harm me or anyone. He is an Arab Jinn who is nearly 900 Years old. He has been lost and unable to find his.. More

  • Hearing unexplained noises in his home Date: 8-9-2004

    We think that we are hearing noise in our home and we concluded that the noise is not coming from us. For example foot steps and doors closing. What should I do, move or stay and what can I do in this situation. .. More

  • Felt her heart was singing Date: 5-7-2004

    I am a Muslim girl; I am 20years old .from Tunisia 3years ago I had an accident and I fell unconscious, so my family brought me to the hospital. First, when I stood up again I felt that my heart was singing. I know that singing is Haram so I want to know why my heart begun singing? Please I need you don't leave my message please. I am not optimistic.. More

  • Pressured by Satan: what to do? Date: 28-6-2004

    My mother is a pious, religious woman. But in the last period she is feeling that the 'Shaitan' is having an extreme effect on her mind by forcing her to think in leaving prayers and Ibadats and etc. She is feeling under-pressure and exhausted. So what is the meaning of these signs and are there any ways in resisting him and pushing him away?.. More

  • Inhabitants on Earth before Adam and names of Iblees Date: 16-6-2004

    I have 2 questions. 1. Did any other creation like Jinn live before human beings (Prophet Adam) on the earth? 2. Is there any other name of Iblees (Shaitan) lik" Azazeel"? .. More

  • Prayer of satan Date: 9-6-2004

    I would like to ask about the Satan, how he prayed that no one should disobey Allah and how he was the one who disobeyed God. Please explain in details and tell me where I can read for myself. Thank you so very much. .. More

  • Protection from Jinn Date: 10-4-2004

    I would like to ask you about Jinn. Is it true that they live with us and eat our food? I heard that we should cover the food but if they can eat they can also uncover it, right? How can I protect my house against bad Jinn? .. More

  • Dreaming of Jinn and receiving messages from them Date: 8-2-2004

    I have a question once again about Jinns, except this time it is a little more difficult for me then before. I went to sleep last night and had a dream about my husband and there was a Jinn in it. He told me that my husband was talking to a lady behind my back that I didn't like him to talk to. So the next day I looked at his cell phone and.. More

  • Why People Do Evil While Satan Is Put In Chains During Ramadan Date: 29-1-2004

    My question is, if "Satan is put into chains" during the month of Ramadan then why still some people doing bad things such as Sihr (magic) on others? It happened to myself my brother and sister. I suspected that my sister in-law had used magic on us to disunite my family. I suffer from terrible cough; non-stop for 2 months while the doctor could not.. More

  • Sister behaves unnaturally Date: 24-12-2003

    My elder sister is not well for nearly one year. Her problem is not physical. We don't know what it is. She says that her hands are dirty. When she goes to wash her face and hands it has become compulsory for some one to stand near her till she completes her washing. She continues to wash her hands until we force her to come out of the bathroom. She.. More

  • Recite Qur'an supplications! Date: 10-12-2003

    How can I get rid of Jinns that have been talking to children on my bus?.. More