198 fatwas

  • Calculating her menstrual period Date: 23-5-2004

    I want to ask you about my monthly period. For some times I don't find anything except yellow liquid for just 2 days and after that I find white liquid. Do I consider this to be my period or do I have to calculate a period of 10 days?.. More

  • Irregular bleeding due to birth control Date: 17-2-2004

    Please tell me the ruling of a woman using contraceptive means to prevent pregnancy. Recently I had a miscarriage and I was advised by the doctors not to get pregnant for six months or so, until I had healed. At first my husband and I decided that he would pull out from me or use protection. However this failed, and I was extremely worried I would.. More

  • The woman disposes of these things in a safe way Date: 11-12-2003

    I was wandering if you could clarify this matter for me. I have been told that when a woman is menstruating, the sanitary napkins she uses should be washed before wrapping it up in paper and throwing it into the rubbish. What does Islam say about this? Is it alright if a woman just wraps it up in paper then put it into the rubbish? Your answer would.. More

  • Consummated marriage but doubtful about menses Date: 13-9-2003

    I had my menses before my wedding night and ended on the day of my wedding in the morning, but before the relation with my husband at night I found yellow discoloration. My regular days for menstruation is maximum 7 days and I do not remember if this was the 7th or 8th day. We had sexual relation. Did I do something wrong and if so, how can I ask Allah.. More

  • Removing Hair from Body When in Menses Date: 17-6-2003

    Is a Muslim lady allowed to remove any hair from her body while she is menstruating? .. More

  • Wife Sitting in Place Used for Prayer While in Menses Date: 8-6-2003

    I have a place in my room which I use for Nawafil prayers. My wife also use to pray at this place. If she is in menses can she sit at this place? .. More

  • Women in Menses Attending Iftar in Hall Located in Mosque Date: 20-1-2003

    In our state, people arrange parties in hall located in the mosque. Are women allowed to go the iftar party in mosque during menstruation? .. More

  • When a woman's period comes to an end Date: 12-1-2003

    1- Can we have intercourse if my wife is in her period but the bleeding has stoped on the 4th day of her cycle?2- What should a women do if she is having problem of vaginal dischanrge all the time? Can she pray salat, fast or read Quran? Please, tell what to do?.. More

  • A woman can menstruate after 50 years Date: 11-12-2002

    My mother is 53 years old, when she was 40 years her monthly period started to be irregular it came every few months, in the last 5 years it came only once, just a month ago she started taking HRT tablets (hormone replacement therapy), a week before Ramadan she saw some blood and we think it is caused but the tablets, the blood it is not red but orange/yellow.. More

  • Cutting nails and hair during menses Date: 11-11-2002

    Is it prohibited to cut nails and hair during women's periods?.. More

  • Reciting the Quran and Making Du'aa’ while in Menses Date: 5-11-2002

    Can Muslim women do Qiyaam al-Layel just reading Qur'an and Du'a to Allah in the last ten days of Ramadan, if she is on her period (bleeding)? .. More

  • Activities before Fajr while in menses Date: 28-10-2002

    I'm a woman who wakes up in the morning to pray before Fajr but during my period (which stays around 9 days) I don't do any prayers. What can I do during those days? Can I study Qur'an by heart, by reading Qur'an from the computer? Can I wake up before Fajr and still do something to please Allah like saying (Istighfar)?.. More

  • Menses and Prayer Date: 27-10-2002

    I have a problem with my menstrual cycle. I start with light bleeding which continues for about five days, followed by four days of heavy bleeding, for a total of nine days. I then stay clean for about nineteen days, after which I start bleeding again. My question is, should I ignore the first five days of bleeding and continue to pray? .. More

  • Nifas (confinement) Date: 17-7-2002

    I have two questions regarding Nifas the first one is: a sister who just gave birth and after 8 days she is almost clean and says she has a little line or spots of brown blood. She wants to know if she has to take a bath and pray or wait 40 days?The second one is: if she is clean before 40 days is she allowed to have intercourse with her husband?.. More

  • Bleeding from intrauterine device and wants to pray Date: 9-7-2002

    My wife has an intrauterine device for contraception and she has bleeding a small amount for more than 10 days so far and she would like to know if she can start to pray. .. More