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  • He and his wife used to pay Zakah on their money together Date: 3-5-2011

    As Salam alaikum, My question is regarding Zakat. We normally calculate total belongings of ours, i.e, myself and my wife, as from the beginning we have not kept things separately, hence zakat on total possessions. And alhamdulilah we have been paying our zakat every year. Now, I have a govt interest free student loan, do I need to pay the zakat.. More

  • Her husband insistently refuses to pay Zakah Date: 16-12-2010

    Dear scholar, My husband dont pay zakath.Even though i talled him he does not care.Further i askked him to pay Eid sacrifice and reward of that but he did not pay that. What is my concern is will i be also punished for not to pay the Zakath but my husband is only controling the money matters even though i have my own property[my parent gave ]? Please.. More

  • Zakah on money prepared for the construction of house Date: 4-11-2010

    Question about Zakat I am constructing a house which initially I intended to give on Rent. Recently my wife and children have relocated to the same Area and due to security reasons I am not planning put them in new house under construction. Instead, I have rented one portion of my brother in Law house in the same Area as he will take care of them... More

  • Zakah on money spent on constructing a house Date: 1-11-2010

    As-salamu alaikum wa-rahmatullah wa-barakautallah 1. I spend money from my monthly salary to build house for rent. End of the year I have no balance. But if I do not build house I must have enough money for Zakat. Now I have pay Zakat of this money or not ? 2. I took loan from End-of-Service fund for build house for rent. But this money I can not.. More

  • Why Zakah is payable at a rate of 2,5% on most types of wealth Date: 7-12-2009

    Assalamulaikum, Dear Sir, one of my friend has very shame full misconceptoon about paying zakat.his question is about references of 2.5% percentage on income and other assets from quran and hadith.(that 2.5% zakat is specifically obligatory) and second question about zakat on the land(as an asset) which is not uder use.so one has to pay zakat on that... More

  • Husband and wife paying Zakah separately Date: 15-11-2009

    Assalamualikum, Dear brother, I have a question, Can husband and wife pay Zakat separately? For example, husband pay Zakat for money which is earn by both (wife and husband) where the wife pay zakat for the money she earn alone and keep it without the knowledge of her husband . The wife keeps the money she earn by herself with secret and not to let.. More

  • No Zakah on unlawful money earned by working in a usurious bank Date: 30-9-2009

    assalamoalykum, my sister works in a bank...an investment bank abroad. she gave her zakat to us family to distribute her zakat money amongst needy ones back home. Is it halal for us to distribute zakat money of the person who works in a bank and being my sister? jazakAllaah. .. More

  • Zakat on money of the child Date: 9-3-2009

    Assalaamualaikum. Is zakaat due upon children who have been receving gifts of money and jewellery since birth or have inherited wealth? If not at what age do children pay zakaat and if children are not of legal age (which is 18 yrs in my country - Trinidad and Tobago) to conduct financial dealings can their parents do the needful on their behalf?.. More

  • Zakat on end of service benefit Date: 8-3-2009

    I'm working here in saudi arabia for 19 yrs.If I'll exit for good,and the company give my end of service benefit,will I pay zakat the moment I receive the amount which above the nisab or I'll wait for a year to pass and pay the zakat?.. More

  • Debt may not prevent one from paying Zakah Date: 8-1-2009

    Dear Brothers in Islam Assalam u alaikum i have read many fatwas on Zakaah but could not find answer to my question in any of them, please answer the below question of mine. i have bought a flat by taking a loan from an islamic bank, now i owe the bank about 500,000 Dhs which i have to pay them back in 4 years. i have given the flat on rent from which.. More

  • Neither husband nor wife has to pay Zakah due on the other Date: 5-12-2007

    Assalaamu alaikum, A sister from our forums is asking the following question. We hope that you will be to answer it: "If a person owns a small amount of jewelry (a couple hundred dollars worth), and the same person has thousands of dollars of debt (owed from before accepting Islam), and the person doesn't have any wealth that has been sitting for 1.. More

  • Not paying Zakat on debts Date: 15-11-2007

    I graduated form university about 2 years ago and I have about 6o,ooo dollars in college loans I'm paying the loan monthly with interest and I also have a house Morgage which I also pay interest on. Alhamdu le Allah I make a very good living and I was able to accumolate enough wealth to pay a good amount of zakah on it but when I did the calculations.. More

  • Zakah on the installments paid in a life insurance policy Date: 31-10-2007

    Dear Scholar – Asslam alaikum, I have a life insurance policy in India, lately only I came to know that it is forbidden and until now I am paying the premium. Now my question is that should I every year pay zakah for whatever the premium I made until then, as it is like a saving Jazzakumullahu khairan .. More

  • Zakat on money assigned for performing Hajj Date: 3-10-2007

    Assalamu Olaikum. I am from Bangladesh. I have following questions : 1. This year me, my wife & 8 years old daughter have planned to perform Hajj,Inshallah. For this purpose from my property worth about 10,00,000.00 I have to spend near about 7,00,000.00 taka (to give Hajj Agency). Remaining money is gold & inerest gained from Bank. How much.. More

  • Saving money after giving its due Zakat Date: 6-6-2007

    Is it a sin to save money in islam for the education and the marriage of ur child ,to buy a house and for the retirement? After giving all the zakaat and sadqa due on a person in a year... More