129 fatwas

  • Zakah on shops including customer debts Date: 3-1-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. Last year, I started a business with my partner and we invested 40 lacs in it, out of which we bought two shops for 32 lacs and the stuff for our shop for 8 lacs. After a year passed, we did the calculations of our shop, and we had a benefit of about 5 lacs. At the same time, however, we came to know that we have about 7 lacs outside,.. More

  • Paying zakah on inaccessible money Date: 28-11-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaah. I need some advise concerning zakah. My wife worked in France for a few years before becoming Muslim; at the time that she became Muslim, she was living in England. She did not have access to her money in France due to administrative restrictions. Since then, we have bought a house via a mortgage, and she is still.. More

  • Paying zakah on debit card deposit Date: 13-11-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaah. I would like to ask regarding paying zakah on the money that a person has deposited from his own money in an Islamic bank in order use to use their covered card service. For example, the bank, before offering the covered card (debit card), require from the client to give them 10,000 in cash, and they will keep it with.. More

  • Paying zakah on land that was bought but is not yet in buyer's possession Date: 13-10-2016

    Dear Teacher, I have question related to zakah. I have two pieces of land that were purchased in 2014 as well as one that was purchased in 2015. I have not taken possession on any land yet because the area is still in development; nevertheless, these lands do have a market value. I have to construct my home on one of the pieces land after selling a.. More

  • Zakah only due if money reaches nisaab Date: 9-7-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum respected Sheikh. I have been told that if you do not have wealth that has been kept for one year, like savings, then there is no zakah due. I also heard that the Nisaab for gold jewellery is 85 grams and that that of silver is a little more than 550 grams. I have five gold rings that do not weigh more than five grams and are not pure.. More

  • Paying zakah on money loaned to others Date: 20-11-2015

    My dad gave me money to use when I get married. However, my brother took all of it as a debt. He did not anything back to me yet, but he will later. Dad gave me another amount of money after this, but I spent some of it. My question is about zakah. Last year, I paid it on all the money, even what I do not have. This year, I do not have enough money.. More

  • Zakah on a debt that has to be returned over nine years Date: 20-11-2015

    I applied for a one-millionloan without interestfrom my office and received it last year at a rate of return in 10 years. I have returned 0.1 million and 0.9 million remains, but I earned that money and it is available in my account but I should return it to my office over nine years. I want to know whether zakah should be paid on this amount that I.. More

  • Property gained during the year should have its Zakah paid at the end of the lunar year Date: 16-8-2015

    An amount of money has reached the due Nisaab (of Zakaah), but the lunar year has passed only on half of it, given that this half has also reached the Nisaab. Should Zakaah be paid on the whole sum or only on the amount on which the lunar year has passed? .. More

  • Conditions of paying debt from Zakah Date: 16-8-2015

    My brother took a loan from my husband and has not paid it yet although two years have passed since then. If I pay this sum to my husband as if it were from my brother, can I regard it as part of the Zakaah due on my property? .. More

  • Punishment of Zakah withholder in this world and in the Hereafter Date: 16-8-2015

    What is the ruling on the withholder of Zakaah who is financially capable and has had the due Nisaab of Zakaah for many years? If he dies, what should his heirs do? .. More

  • Parents pay Zakah on child's behalf if they are withholding his money Date: 22-7-2015

    If one has reached the age at which he is accountable and if his parents withhold money which they claim is his in a bank account, such that even though they claim the money is his, they do not give him access to it, is he responsible for paying zakaah on that money? .. More

  • When debt is deducted from Zakah owed on gold, silver and cash Date: 19-6-2015

    SalamLast year i took loan of Rs.950000/- from my company to buy a residential plot. I am returning the loan to the company in the form of intallments of Rs.25000/- per month which are automatically deducted from my salary every month.I could not get the plot up till now and one year has passed since i took the loan.1. is there zakat on the money possessed.. More

  • Debt not deducted from assets liable to Zakah Date: 10-1-2015

    I did sign a contract to buy an appartment. I am going to pay instalment every 3 months for 4 years and I gave the company dated checks to cover all the payment. The appartment is not built yet and the company is going to hand over the appartment to me after 4 years accourding to the contract. I have no intention to sell this appartment. My question.. More

  • A schizophrenic's wealth is liable for Zakah Date: 27-10-2014

    as Salam alaikum my question is my wife is schizophrenia patient she don't understand about zakat at all. What is the ruling on her is it my responsibility to pay zakat or my wife responsibility. .. More

  • Zakah for the one who lent his father a sum of money Date: 22-1-2014

    I lent my father a sum of money that exceeds the Nisaab. I used to send him a certain sum every month for two years on the basis that I would get it back by taking a piece of land or house from his possessions in consideration of this borrowed money. Should I pay Zakaah for this money?.. More