129 fatwas

  • No Zakah is due on lost or stolen money Date: 1-8-2013

    Assalamu aleikum, In a certain month, a Muslim peid zakah over his savings, after which he had 15000 dollars left. A few months later, he lost almost all of this money when he was cheated in a business-deal. Then again a few months later, he aquired approx. 40000 dollars due to his father's death. The question now is: should he this year pay zakat over.. More

  • Should Zakah be paid for bank deposits pledged as loan collateral? Date: 13-5-2013

    I have deposits in the banks that yield annual revenue. I borrowed a secured loan against these deposits to buy and furnish a house. I still pay the installments of these debts. Should I pay Zakaah for these deposits? If yes, what is the rate of Zakaah? .. More

  • Zakah on the money of a minor held by the probate court Date: 13-5-2013

    My wife is a guardian of her minor children from her late husband and theirs is money held by the probate court and cannot be disposed of until they are twenty-one years of age. Is Zakaah due on this money? If so, the mother could not persuade the probate court officials to hand over the due amount to her out of the held money so that she can pay it.. More

  • Virtue of cancelling the debt of an insolvent person Date: 2-4-2013

    I gave a man a sum of money as a debt but afterwards I decided to make it a charity for the Sake of Allaah. Is this considered charity? .. More

  • Limit of wealth that makes Zakah due and that which prevents taking it Date: 2-4-2013

    I am a poor, penniless man and the father of two disabled children. Righteous people gave me from the wealth of Allaah such as Zakaah and charity. Now, I own a Nisaab on which one full lunar year has lapsed. Is Zakaah due on me? .. More

  • Is Zakah due on money allocated for charitable purposes? Date: 2-4-2013

    Is Zakaah due on the third of the deceased's money if it is allocated to charitable purposes? .. More

  • Paying Zakah on money collected for the purpose of medical treatment Date: 1-4-2013

    My son is sick and I want to treat him. I work as an employee in a company. I collected money for him by saving from my salary. Moreover, the company sent me on a course for a month so I earned remuneration for this course. A lunar year elapsed on the money I collected and it reached the Nisaab (i.e. minimum amount liable to Zakaah). I obtained the.. More

  • He paid Zakah for the interests from a usurious bank Date: 1-4-2013

    My wealth was deposited in a usurious bank. When I knew that this constitutes usury, I decided to withdraw it from the bank, get rid of the interest in charity and deposit the capital in an Islamic bank. What I want to ask about is: throughout the past ten years, I used to pay the Zakaah from my salary (which is lawfully earned) for the total value.. More

  • Zakah of a sum allocated to repaying debts Date: 1-4-2013

    A person borrowed a sum of money from a bank to repay throughout a certain period. This person was able to collect the sum and he decided to pay back the loan before the appointed time its repayment is due. He is asking: Should he pay Zakaah for the sum he collected to repay the debt if a lunar year elapsed on it? .. More

  • Scholars' opinions on one who died and was not a payer of Zakah Date: 23-12-2012

    What is the ruling on someone who died and did not use to give Zakaah, but he repented before his death and paid Zakaah for the last year in his life? Did he have to make up for all the missed years, or he did not have to because he repented and came back to the right path? Should his children pay on his behalf? .. More

  • Zakah on public money Date: 23-12-2012

    Is Zakaah due on state funds and the money of banks and the companies owned by banks?.. More

  • Their grandfather died and did not pay Zakah for years Date: 23-12-2012

    My grandfather passed away and left behind an amount of money on which he apparently did not give Zakaah. We do not know the time since when he did not pay Zakaah. How many years should we pay Zakaah for? Moreover, should we calculate Zakaah for the first year and take it out from the money and then calculate Zakaah for the following year on the remaining.. More

  • Is Zakah due on the property of a charitable organization? Date: 20-12-2012

    We are a group of youth and we have established a charitable organization to aid the poor and needy among us, and anyone befallen by a calamity. If we have a good amount of money in the organization, is it due on us to give Zakaah from that money if a lunar year has elapsed upon it? Please advise me. May Allaah Reward you... More

  • Zakat due on money after buying property through verbal agreement Date: 10-10-2012

    ASAK. I have a question on Zakat money which I hope you can answer as a matter of urgency, as I may be overdue on making zakat payment. Last year I paid the Zakat in the month it was due (which happened to be during Ramadan) for year ending year 2011. The amount paid there is all fine with me. Then during the next year, ie for this year up to.. More

  • Delayed Zakah payment on piece of land and built a house on it to live in it Date: 12-3-2012

    Assalamu Alaikum. I purchased a land about 2 years ago and not paid zakat on the land value. Now, I have sold the land and from the appreciated value of the land, i have started constructing "home" (this is my first home to live). Should I pay zakath on the sold land or not since I am using the money to build a home for my family and not investing in.. More