129 fatwas

  • When money becomes subject to Zakah Date: 5-1-2003

    My husband and I are first cousins. Two of our cousins are yeateem, and they are brother & sister. We have we were putting some amount of money in a separate account for them, keeping in mind that it will become easier for us to spend money at the time of their marraiges.Now few days back we decided to convert that money into gold, because the rate.. More

  • Conditions of Zakah Date: 5-1-2003

    I paid Zakat on my wealth last year. However, there is no addition this year. Do I have to pay Zakat again this year on the same wealth for which I paid last year?.. More

  • Zakatable money Date: 18-12-2002

    I have started construction of a shopping complex for rent. I have been investing money in that project for less than a year. Construction is going on. Should I pay Zakah for the amount I am investing now? If so how it is being calculated?.. More

  • Paying Zakah on loan Date: 26-6-2002

    I got 8,000 pounds and I lent 5,000 to my friend. I have only 3,000 pounds, so do I have to give Zakaah from all 8,000 pounds? .. More

  • Zakah on money saved for marriage Date: 17-6-2002

    My friend is working in Europe. He has some savings (more than Nesab). He saved it for his marriage after returning to his country. One of his friends told him that there is no Zakah in this money so, he did not pay Zakah from 1996 till now. He want to ask if he must pay Zakah on this money or not. If "yes", what he will do in all these previous years... More

  • Paying Zakah on scholarship received every three months Date: 8-6-2002

    I'm student with a scholarship to study in another country. I receive my scholarship for every three months. I don't know if I have to pay the Zakah or not? Please let me know and how much if I have to pay?.. More

  • Paying Zakah on company's savings plan Date: 29-5-2002

    Do we have to pay Zakah on the company's savings plan?.. More

  • Zakah on money received for support Date: 20-4-2002

    I don't have a job, but I have a wife and a child. We are being supported by our families and friends. Do I have to pay Zakah from the money that we get for ourselves??.. More

  • Zakah on college fee Date: 20-4-2002

    I am a student of a professional college. My father was not able to support me financially, so, I requested someone to help me. He agreed to help me and pay my college fee. He gave me the fee and told me to pay it. But there was time for paying and the amount is with me in an Islamic bank since one year, and I will pay my fee after few months, Insha.. More

  • Zakaah on Inherited Property Date: 24-3-2002

    Five years after the death of my grandmother (my father's mother) I came to know that I have a share in a house that she had left. This year I took my share and went to perform Umrah and that was in Ramadan. But now I did not have any income and the amount of money of my share had been used up. Should I to pay Zakah now? Should I have to pay Zakah for.. More

  • Zakaah on Retirement Fund Date: 22-1-2002

    I am working in a multinational company and my company deducts 20% of basic salary (10% from employee end and 10% from employer end) as provident fund from monthly salary. Company also provides certain amount under gratuity head on annual basis but retains both provident fund and gratuity till retirement or resignation from company. Total amount of.. More

  • Zakah if in debt Date: 26-12-2001

    If a person has debts exceeding the Zakah, does he have to pay any Zakah?.. More

  • No Zakaah on Accommodation Date: 15-12-2001

    What is the ruling on the zakaah in the following case: I own an apartment which I bought for my parents to live in, I paid it fully since a year and I invested a lot additionally (i.e. nice shower,bath for my parents). They do not have to pay anything, because my father has a very little retirement payment and is already old and my mom never worked... More

  • Paying Zakat on money saved to buy a car Date: 13-12-2001

    I saved some money to buy a car. I didn't find a suitable car yet. Still I am looking for a car. The money is in bank account at present. So should I pay Zakah for this money?.. More

  • Sales commissions accumulating during year Date: 21-11-2001

    I work as a salesman, where I get commission on my sales. The commission is accumulated during a fiscal year, and it is paid to me only after 5-6 months from year-end. For example, I get my commission paid for the fiscal year 1997, by May 1998. Do I have to do Zakat on the value that I'm earning and when? .. More