129 fatwas

  • Zakah on loans Date: 5-11-2001

    Should I give Zakah for money that I lent to friends? I know that I'll get this money back but I don't know exactly when... More

  • Zakat on Savings, But Has Expenses and not Working Date: 4-1-2001

    I have money saved in the bank and its Zakat is due. If I am not working and I have to pay rent for my house for one year (according to renting contract or lease), please explain regarding this case, I would like to be sure about the ruling of Zakat when you have other obligations. What is the ruling if you receive loan from the government for the.. More

  • Zakaah on loans Date: 26-12-2000

    I entrusted to money trusting someone to keep for me and to use it .The money is with the people whom I have entrusted it. They are using my money. Do I have to take out the Zakah on that money or they will take out the Zakah on it. If they take out the Zakah, can I take it and give it to my needy people? If they are not using the money then whats the.. More

  • Zakah on money Date: 25-12-2000

    I am 22 years old student here in the US, I've been here for 7 years. I work as part time and I've saved about 14000 dollars till now, for marriage and other things? Do I have to give Zakah on my money? If so, how much should I give on 14000 dollars? .. More

  • Zakaah on property for which Zakaah was paid previous year Date: 23-12-2000

    Is it necessary to pay Zakah for a property (for current year), for which the Zakah is paid in the previous year? Please enclose with authentic Hadith. .. More

  • Calculating Zakah after debts Date: 14-12-2000

    I have a bank loan on my house for 100,000 dollars and I have a company long term stock purchase valued around 100,000 thousand dollars. Do I need to take Zakah out for 100,000 thousand dollars invested in my company stock plan, or due to debts (around 120,000 thousand dollars) I wipe that out so I only take Zakah out on what I have in my bank accout.. More

  • Zakah on land and part-time salary Date: 26-9-2000

    I am currently a student in US. Last 1 year my grandmother purchased land in my name. I work part time here. I am not married. Am I liable to pay the Zakah on that land? Is Zakah compulsory on me now when I am working part time. If so, how much should I be paying and to whom? Please give me a detailed answer so that I do not have any more doubts.. More

  • In Debt, Supports Her Family, and Wants to Pay Zakaah Date: 6-3-2000

    I am a single female that supports her family. I pay Sadaqah occasionally. My father is alive but he doesn't support us. I don't have savings or gold saved. In fact I have debts. Should I be paying Zakah? If yes, when and how much? .. More

  • Zakah on piece of land for children Date: 15-8-1999

    Al-Salam Alykum! I own a piece of land which I bought to keep for my children to build on in the future. Do I have to pay ZAKAH on it? If yes, how much do I have to pay of the land's price and do I have to pay ZAKAH on it annually (i.e. every year)? ShukranAllah Yejzikom Al-Kheir... More