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  • Rights of employee in unjust work environment

    Dear Sir, my question is related to the rights of employees in Islam in an unjust environment. It was agreed with my employer that salary increments would be based on the performance of the individual after aprobation period ofsix months. I have performed to an extent that they always commend me for my work. Even after having improved the company, one.. More

  • Receiving money from brother who does not abide by his working hours

    Assalaamu alaykum Shaykh. I have brother who is a teacher, and he is my financial supporter since I am a university student. The problem, however, is that he does not know the severity of consuming wealth unjustly very well,and he misses work (class) often and leaves the workplace when the time that he was supposed to leave has not been reached yet... More

  • Lease ending with ownership

    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh. Dear brothers and sisters in Islam, I live in the UK and work as a chauffeur. The time has come when I need to upgrade my car to a newer one, but unfortunately I do not have enough cash for that, and I do not want to get a loan as I believe that it is haram. One of the companies I work for suggested.. More

  • A Muslim must fulfil conditions of contract he committed himself to

    Assalaamu alaykoum. I am a 17 year old doing my A-levels in the UK. I go to tuition, which is run by a muslim woman, every Sunday. I usually pay week by week. Last week, I did not attend and did not tell them that I was not going to attend. The woman told me that I need to pay for the session that I did not attend. I refused to pay for it although it.. More

  • Charging pilgrims in return for providing services to them

    Is earning money by taking people on Hajj and charging them on package basis, providing all neccessary service, haram? .. More

  • His employer's wife secretely violates company regulations

    Assalaamu alaykum. I am a corp member serving in a company. I am in charge of the general supervision of the company. My boss instructed me to keep records of everything including the sales. My boss' wife, however, will sometimes sell some goods and instruct me not to record it. Most of time, when I look at my boss, I feel guilty, but at the same time,.. More

  • Browsing social media during working hours

    When on duty during duty hours, can I skip a few moments and look into WhatsApp and Facebook or other social sites? Is it wrong on my part that I am cheating during my work hours? .. More

  • Paying rent to other than the owner

    I am going to rent a room from a government school for teaching my students. I will pay rent each month to this school's manager. If the manager doesn't inform the government about this rent and uses it for himself, will my earnings from teaching in this room be halal? Is this considered a bribe? .. More

  • Secretly doing business with the clients of the company one works for

    Assalaamu alaykom. I work in a company for which I make a lot of profit, about 60% by me alone. I asked them several times to increase my salary, but in vain; so I start to secretly work with some clients to earn more money but with no harm to my company for which I still work hard with no increase of salary yet. The directors know that I secretly work.. More

  • Rent validity conditioned with specifying a known period

    I would like to know your opinion on a man who leases his shop to a man in return for a specified monthly or annual rent. The condition between them was that the owner had no right to ask the lessee to leave the shop or to rent it to another person unless the owner has to reconstruct the shop. Is this contract flawed because of not specifying the period.. More

  • Tenant refuses to vacate rented property

    AssalaamalaikumI am a landlord and have rented my house to a Muslim family. We both signed a tenancy agreement in September 2013 via an agency, which states that I must provide 2 months written notice. I then dismissed the agency in February 2014 to deal directly with the tenant. Since that time we have not had a written agreement and only have a verbal.. More

  • Paying one employee more for the same job

    Assalam o alaikum dear scholars. two employees working for an organization had a common task in addition to their specific tasks. Some time ago,common task was removed from their tasks on the plea that they have other commitments to fulfill and common goal can effect their other tasks. That responsibility was then handed over to other employees of this.. More

  • Using utilities paid for by employer for a side business

    Assalamualaikum, I have an acquaintance living with his family in a company provided apartment living in a foreign country. The spouse wife is not working and ideas came about doing some small side business of selling foods to the community. It will not be the family main source of income and they defined it as a hobby or wife to pass her time at home.. More

  • 'Renting advertisement space' on a website and advertising on Google

    asalam my question is about buying a number of impressions or viewers or visitors who would see your ad in a website or newspaper etc.. ,so you basically rent a space in the website but before you buy a number of visitors or impression and the price would depend on the number of people that you want to reach in the website .And the other question which.. More

  • Paid memberships to websites with lawful services

    asaam I intend to get in a website which is called so for example when someone needs a person with a good voice to read a book or a story he is gonna hire someone but to be able to work in the website I ve got to pay 30 OR 40 dollars a month for the membership of the website so is this permissible ? thanks .. More