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  • Wages and duration of labor contract must be specified

    Dear Shaykh, Assalaamhu Alaikum My question is about working for my mother who has a house and wishes to rent rooms in it. She agreed, and as I need to earn a proper salary/wage, she agreed to pay me every month from the rental profits, provided I look after the running of the property. Mother has said that she doesn’t want any of the profit and would.. More

  • Employee may not delegate his work to another without consent of employer

    one govt teacher wants to put a private person to do his duty.he is giving him some part of his is right or wrong .. More

  • He works for a sponsor and wants to start private project

    Assalamalaikum, Respected Sir, One of my colleague is working is working in a private firm in KSA. He is intrested to start his own business in Saudi with the help of other four friends on partnership basis,kindly advise from the islamic point of view is it allowed since as oer saudi labor law he has already signed a yearly contract with his sponser.. More

  • An Islamic school hiring a non-Muslim teacher

    assalamu alaikum. Is it ok to hire non-muslim teacher for elementary Islamic school. This teacher is allowed to Math,English, Social Studies, Science only. We could not find muslim teacher. Please have your opinion. Jazakum Allahu Khair. .. More

  • Employer's approval needed for employee's commission from customers

    Salam'Alaikum. I had applied for a secretary but due to my well experienced in many fields or so called multi skilled worker, so the owner put me as a sales manager, though am doing an all around job like secretary, admin, accountant,purchasing and logistics, and online marketing. And earning a salary of US817 per month, he promised that he will increase.. More

  • His employer changed his contract terms without his consent

    Assalaamu alaikum, When I was hired last year within a few days I signed a 2 year contract. The contract agreed to certain days of pay, a certain salary, etc etc The employer made "a mistake" and wanted to change the contracts of all employees. Because i signed my contract earlier than the other employees the clauses the employer wanted to change.. More

  • Ruling on rent paid as lump sum

    Assalam o alaikum Shaikh, I have few questions pls answer in the light of Quran/Hadith ? 1. I have a house which i have rented and receiving monthly rent. The tenant has rented that same property on a lumpsum amount of 400000 lacs to someone else with my knowledge.. Now i am in need of money and my tenant is ready to pay me that 400000 lacs .He.. More

  • You must pay the landlord for the period of your stay in his house

    Asalamu alaikum, My husband's friend(R) told him we should rent one of his friend's (M) brother's house (A), so they can be near each other. The house has two apartments. They don't really know the owner (A) very much, but they're friends with his brother(M), so they agree. The rent was $400 and gas/electricity, phone, etc is on us. The owner's.. More

  • Wants to upgrade a house whose rent is paid by his employer

    Aslam O alakum:My question is extension of fatwa no 126281.My company provide me the facilty of house hiring maximum upto 17000/-.House market rent is 12000/-.House owner agreed upon upgrading house with certain facilites but then backout and took whole amount of rent (17000/-) and didnt upgrade the house. With this expereince I decided to hire.. More

  • To rent a rented property without knowledge of landlord

    Assalamu Alaikum Its a common practice by some here to rent a villa from the owners on an agreed amount and sub let this to others too and collect rent from them is it Halal.Some times its with the knowledge of the owner who doesnt care as long as he is getting his rent, some times it is even without his knowledge. In some cases the rent collected.. More

  • The contract serves as the law of the contracting parties

    Assalamu Alaikum Wrb, I'm working in a company as Project Manager. Since it is manager category, there is no over time for me but the company is deducting my salary for my late coming (for me this is not a problem) but it is cutting the money double than the actual. (i.e., 4 hours for 1 day). What is the rule on Islamic Shariah for this issue? .. More

  • The ruling on taking a salary without working due to an emergency

    I am an employee in a public department. I went through a divorce and had to stay with my family which resides in another city because I underwent many turbulent psychological and health conditions. All my salary was being paid to me for the seven months although I was absent. The head of the department is a friend of my family, which enabled me to.. More

  • Consider your rights as well as that of the other in the maintenance costs

    My profession is based on experience and practice. For example, if it happens that I come across a defect in a very expensive electric appliance, I can fix it by discovering the defect that might be very simple but which nonetheless requires knowledge of the theory of operation, as well as experience, to discover. Also, I might design an electric.. More

  • Private schools charging late fees for the delay in payment

    Salaam Alaikum My brothers are studying in International Indian School in Jeddah. I need to know the ruling on different kinds of fees charged by the school. The school charges late fees at the rate of 1 riyal for every day of default (for each child whose fees is not paid) after the last day of every month and there is no compromise in this regard... More

  • Taking commission for helping people in school and college admissions

    asalaamalekum i want to know that if some one ask me to help in admission to some college or school then i help him as my charge i use to take commission is it halal or not as i use to go school and also makes many rounds to school for admission for i had to spend money and also time for it. please tell me the answer as soon as possible... More