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  • His company changed his job on which he signed the work contract

    I work in Islamic country, I have been hired by telling that I would have to work on computers platform and now they are asking me to work on other platform, I got the visa and I can't change my job till 3-years, is it right in Islam, and during my free time I read about Islam and other stuff on internet. As am not working for company and reading.. More

  • Benefiting from money given by the employer for accommodation

    I have not Arabic in this computer. A company sent me anjob offer including housing 20000SR and furniture of 10000SRand 6000SR for eachchild (3 kids) and I resigned from my job to save some money by using a percentage of this cash money and after 8 days arrival they sent me a contact to sign and I found that it is allowance not cash money and.. More

  • Not paid the minimum wage by his employer

    Please answer me for these two matters. 1) I work in a shop 80 hours a week but the owner never pay me the money as per the minimum wage in this country at least and I never get day off or any other benefits. So is it allowed to take the money from the shop as per the minimum wage at least? At the same time he has more benefit from me that a.. More

  • Ruling on renting a business name

    I would like to ask from you that, I helped on of my friend. He was interested to start a small scale business. The help which I did was that I sponsor him and to round small business under my name but all the legal expenses will be done by my friend as we agreed. As we agreed in written (same as I hire my license for my business to him) we also.. More

  • Excess in cash with a cashier in a restaurant

    I have a friend and she working as a cashier in a food chain, then sometimes, she gaining from the food chain a little amount like there is excess in her remittance. Is it Haraam that she taking that excess but she is telling her giving the right amount and right profit? I need an answer because I don't want she will gain which is not allowed.. More

  • Renting property to people who have Haraam activities

    We live in a non-Muslim country. My brother has a restaurant where Halaal food is served. Often Christians come to my brother with an offer to rent them the restaurant for a day for their needs (weddings, birthday parties, etc.). It is known that during their parties alcohol is drunk, however, they bring alcohol with them. Is it permissible to rent.. More

  • Conceals his Islamic activities during working hours from his employer who may object

    At my workplace I have a lot of free time. That is apart from paperwork I am also standby for sales floor support. That is only when there is problem with cashier machines etc. I need to attend to it. I am also given a hand phone for them to call me if the need arise. There is a mosque nearby, so when there is nothing, I will go to the mosque.. More

  • Working for a different company than specified on his visa

    I am working in Dubai. Before I worked in Dubai transport company as a taxi driver, I work there one year. After I live this company I am working other company still I have Dubai transport visa this (Haraam) or not? .. More

  • Believes he must hire a female barber in his shop for men

    Can I bring female working for me in my barber shop cutting hair for men? So I live in small town in US and I can't find any male can cut hair plus I will be against the law if I keep say no for every woman ask for work. Also I can't get any barber male from out of the country that take all most 4-years for paper work and not sure if will.. More

  • Providing security for parties where alcohol is served

    I have my own security team and sometimes I provide security to private parties where alcohol is serving. I would like to know if the money I earn from this parties is Haraam? .. More

  • Student fares on buses

    I want to ask: does a student have some sort of relaxation from giving the fare of transport (buses and etc.). In Pakistan here are the students do not give the fare to some of the buses and in some they give half of it, sometimes the conductors does not demand knowing the students. I will like to mention that here (in Pakistan) is not such.. More

  • Trying to settle rental dispute

    I rented a house from a Muslim in Europe for 3 years, the lease is one year but the landlord thinks it is to be renewed every year. We agreed also that I don't ask for a tax relief, then I decided to move from the house. I gave him 2 months notice and when I called him to inform him about that he said he will not give my.. More

  • His friend misled him into a verbal contract

    I wanted to rent a house from 1st July. End of May an old friend offered his 3 bedroom house for £950 month. His house is 4 yrs old. I last saw his house when it was brand new. (just once). He assured me that the house was still in tip top condition and that the rents in his area were £1000 +. As a Muslim brother I trusted him and I did.. More

  • Salary paid from sale of alcohol, wants picture of Pharaoh's body

    I am young Muslim from Ilorin Kwara State/ Nigeria. 1. Can I accept money given to me by someone selling Alcohol as monthly salary? Forteaching his childrenArabic/Islamic Studies. 2. You please send me the picture of Pharaoh's dead body if you have any way of doing so... More

  • Paying fines for overdue library books

    I have some library fines. According to the system the longer you keep the items beyond the due date, you get fined more and more. Is this interest and should I pay it?.. More