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  • Salary is lawful as long as employee does what is required of him at work

    For past one year, I have been working for an employer. The employer is a good man, but unable to run the company properly. I do not agree with the company policies and practices and in short i do not see any future here for myself. For some time now, I did my assigned work with all honesty and kept looking for other jobs as well. But now, i think due.. More

  • Dealing with the client directly and eliminating the mediator

    As-Salam O Aleykum, I will ask my question by presenting the scenario in the simplest possible format 1. Mr. Sadiq called us saying “There is a project from the client. Would you be interested ?” 2. We said yes. The talks moves on and Sadiq introduces us to the client and the project discussion starts. Please Note: Mr Sadiq is the client for us... More

  • Ruling on withdrawing from an employment contract

    Salam , i am visiting the site for the first time with a hope to get an answer for my question. If a person has signed a bond or an agreement with his employer that he is willing to serve for a mentioned period to serve the organisation and latter on he finds the job not satisfactory and wants to leave .Now the organisation is not letting him leave.. More

  • He leased a car to his friend for a fixed sum of money, then sold it to him in installments

    Salaamun alaikum, I bought a vehicle and entered into a transaction with a brother on the condition that he would use it for transportation business. We agreed that he would pay me a specified daily amount and whatever else he makes on top of this belongs to him. Please is this transaction halal or haram ? The brother normally carries out minor repairs.. More

  • Combining a lease and loan transactions is forbidden

    Dear Sir or Madam, Asalamu Alikum.W.R.W.B, I live in the capital of Afghanistan, Kabul. I paid 45000 USD to the house owner and live in a five room apartment only paying 20 USD monthly rent to the owner. I asked some scholars about this issue if this is" Riba" or not, but I couldn't find a clear answer, so hereby reverted to you to give me fitwa in.. More

  • Receiving a salary for administering a mosque

    Our Mosque receives income from rental shops and residents which belongs to the Mosque. We have employed staffs for maintenance, cleaning, security, office administration and Secretary (as Manager) who receives salary. The Secretary cum Manager is also a Trustee of the Mosque, so that he can feed, cloth and educate the children and to take care of the.. More

  • Money earned from manufacturing Mawlid sweets in Egypt

    Peace, mercy and blessings of God in egypt there are factoris manufacturing sweets whichManufactures special To celebrate The birth of the Prophet Muhammad what is the rule off islam To work in the fads such as it ? and what is the rule off islam abot the pay that iwas token from it work? .. More

  • Using workplace items for personal benefit

    assalamu alikkum i would like to ask whether it is permissible for me to use the items that is in my husband"s office...??i mean if i want to take the print of any documents my husband get it done using his office printer and this permissible to have it?? 2: the mobile telephone bill is payed by his is it permissible for my.. More

  • Avoid excessive water use even if it does not cost you more money

    Assalamualaikum brother,i live in germany and i pay here rent for my room included current and water. as islam recommends,only few water to use for ghusl, i like it. hence i pay money also for my used water,and i am allowed here to use unlimited water.and to save money,i also cannot change the rules given by housemaster. in this case,should i also be.. More

  • Charging high fees is permissible if determined with consent of the two parties

    I work in a company for maintaining household appliances. The technicians charge high fees for the maintenance, and I feel that they take such fees without a right. What is the ruling on working in this company? Is my salary lawful? .. More

  • Impermissibility to deduct money in case of not achieving a target

    I work as a receptionist in the field of furnished apartments. The administration obliges me to achieve a target to give me a commission. However, this system has been changed and if I do not achieve the specified amount of money during the month, then 1% of the deficit will be deducted from my salary. However, they give me 0.007% as incentive in case.. More

  • I stay at work for two hours; what is the ruling on my salary?

    The nature of my job does not require my daily attendance, neither does it require my staying there during all of the official work hours. That is, I can go to work for only two hours every other day. So what is the ruling on my salary? I am well-off, but I get bored when I stay at home, because each of us is occupied with his own life. I also memorize.. More

  • He works in a company and takes commissions from its clients

    Assalamu Alaikum W.W respected Hazarath. I want know some clarification? 1. I am working in a company and doing a part time business which is completely aware from our business is it permissible? 2. I am working in a company and i got a contract, which our company do not agree because of low rate, so now can i give this to another company and take a.. More

  • Extent of accountability of a hotel owner for forbidden acts of guests

    Salam Alaikum, INSHA ALLAH i am going to open a hotel in india.that area is budhist holy place and as you know in india wine is not probihited and i am not going to sale/serve any wine in my hotel and also not providing any barin hotel .if incase anyone buy the wine from market and brought to hotel room with out our/ hotel managment knowledge. is it.. More

  • An employee taking parking compensation from work while he walks to work

    My company pays me 300 dirhams monthly car parking assistance in order to compensate me for the parking fees to be paid for parking near my office building. However, my office has now moved close to my house so that now I walk to work and no longer need to drive to the office. Since I am no longer paying for parking, is it permissible for me to accept.. More