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  • Renting a house to a non-Muslim who is working in a bar

    Assalam alaikum, I have house in a non muslim country which I have rented to a woman who works as bar maid(serving alcohol).Is the money I receive for rent haraam?Please advise and Jazakallah khair... More

  • An employee carrying out private work during working hours

    Dear Scholer – Asslam alaikum Is it right in Islam if a person working in a place and same tame he is earning through private works in the office timing without the knowledge of his employer. What if he do so after the office timing but using the materials provided by the employer for the office purpose like car, mobile phone, etc. and also if not.. More

  • Rights of an employee who left his job without previous notice

    Assalamualaykum, An employee left my company in the middle of the month, without previous note. this caused me big losses and made the company lose its credibility in front of its customers. This employee is asking for his salary for the days he worked during the current month. Do I have to pay him this salary? Can I ask him for any compensation for.. More

  • A Muslim babysitter serving pork to non-Muslim children

    Asalam Aleikom! My sister sometimes helps our neighbours to babysit their 2 children when they go out for dinners or similar. She often prepares meals for the kids, and sometimes the meals consist of pork or ingredients that are haraam for us muslims. Is this haraam for my sister to do, to serve haraam food to non-muslim children? if so, is there a.. More

  • A laboratory assistant has no tangible work in his school

    As-salam Alaykum All perfect praise be to Allaah, The Lord of the Worlds. I testify that there is none worthy of worship except Allaah, and that Muhammad is His slave and Messenger My Question There is a young man employed as a laboratory assistant in a school here in Nigeria with O level Certificate by goverrment of a state . But the Laboratory of.. More

  • Renting a building as a residence to female students

    Assalamu alaikum.I have a building in the centre of town surrounded by shopping complexes,behind and sides are residential areas.A well established superspeciality hospital has asked me whether they can give for the purpose of rent for nursing/pharmacy students(female)as hostel.They will provide complete security.Since they will be exclusively unmarried.. More

  • Executives asking their subordinates to do work on their behalf

    Assalamu Olaikum. I need urgently reply to my following questions : 1. During Zuhar & Asar prayer in a Jama'ah, do the Muqtadir (the followers) needs to recite any Surah with Imam,what is the ruling ? 2. In my work place, there is a rule, that excecutives have to carry out survey every month, if they do not do this, their salary will be cut... More

  • An employee has to fulfil the conditions of his work

    I work in bread factory to help salesman .My duty is to go to factory load breads,cakes,biscuits in a bus of only one salesman and then to go with him in market to sale those products . Salesman, with whom i am appointed by factory, is my Uncle . I just go to factory and load products in a bus and then i come back home . My uncle has allowed me to do.. More

  • Intends to leave his company after finishing the training period

    assalamualikum, igot your Fatwa No. : 92423 , but some problem is again arising that , i am in qater past six months but i was in training that period, so left the job very difficult,beacause they are paying my salary with they have no use,after training i want work for them one and half years , so this perod is critical , satan is coming differnt.. More

  • Applying for a job for which somebody else has applied

    Narrated Abu Hurayrah: Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him) said: "A man must not make proposal of marriage to a woman when his brother has done so already. And he must not offer a price for a thing for which his brother has already offered a price; and a woman must not be combined in marriage with her father's sister, nor with her mother's sister,.. More

  • Employee using trickery to obtain rental allowance

    If you live in a country that claims to be Islamic but you know that most of their dealings and regulations are unjust and not abiding by Islamic rulings. This countries rental rules for employees of the government have double standards that people who have contacts with higher officials get better benefits and get paid more. Additionally you know that.. More

  • Charging the owner of his flat more than he actually paid for repaying it

    I rented an apartment and spend some money to make a door and so on … I asked flat owner more money than I spent e.g for a door I took from him 200 $ as per market rate but my friend made it in 150 $ for me . if I ‘ll tell him the truth that its my friend who did me the favor , I know , he will not agree with me and will ask for money which.. More

  • Doing a lot of work outside his job description

    Please I work with a company a Network Administrator, according to my offer letter I will serve 1 year probation. But not long before I was employed all staffs in the I.T Dept. resigned. Now I am doing a lot of work outside my job description although I was not given job description because the kind of work in the company is big that they can't create.. More

  • Working on project to translate the Bible into community's language

    My community are working on project under the supervision of the western workers in translating the bible in to our language so that the can be read by them {Rem, There are no Christians in my community at all}.The translators are saying that it is OK to do that since it is a job and ye get paid, and they even come up with may arguments to support their.. More

  • Getting percentage of invested money for surfing ads

    Recently, I found a couple of websites that let you invest with them, how ever dealing with them doesn't look as usury as it works different that being usury. For example:, They let you invest any amount less than 6000$. 1) Which you can't withdraw once you invested. 2) And you get a constant percentage.. More