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  • Impermissibility of rent-to-own contract

    Is the rent-to-own contract permissible or prohibited? It is a contract that states that the lessee pays monthly installments in the form of a lease then after the total price is paid, the ownership of the real estate is transferred to the lessee. This contract also includes a condition that states that in case the lessee does not pay any of the installments,.. More

  • Ruling on using or renting a stolen or lost object

    Is it permissible to rent a stolen or lost car?.. More

  • Employee must not violate Sharee‘ah (Islamic law) to obtain leave

    What is the ruling on getting sick leave if my children are ill?.. More

  • Their government grants a fare discount to the students

    AsalamoAlaikum In my country the government has given a facility to students to have discount in the fare they pay for some of the bus services. These students can avail the discount by showing their credible Student ID cards. Is it permissible to charge different price to normal public and students for the same service in this case?. Students usually.. More

  • His work punch clock is not set properly

    Assalamualaikum, Usually our salary is calculating according to the entry time and exit time. But our punching machine is approximately 10 min less for entering and 10 min less for out. If I depend the time through machine, monthly I will work only 125 hours but I am getting the money for 132 hours. Shall I work extra for compensating those hour or.. More

  • A sales engineer paid a fixed salary and a percentage of the sales

    Dear Sir, I am working in a sales engineer in engineering company,since 14 month,when i was in pakistan my package done SR3000/-Salary and 3%commision on gross,now after 14 month ,i am demanding my commision , now my kafeel cutting all my commision under SR30,000/-sales in a month,(these all my salesis on services)although first he did,nt.. More

  • He got paid for overtime he did not work

    As Salam Alaikum, Shaikh my question is I am working in a co. during the Eid Al Adha holiday company give the overtime for working on these days. I went to office that day and my intention was to talk to my family through internet. Some how my manager came on that day I worked little for that day. My question is should I have take this money which comes.. More

  • Living in a building which includes a supermarket that sells pork

    Sir, As-salaam-o-laikum, I am working and living in Dubai. Last year I moved to a flat in a new building. From 1st of Ramadan, this year a new supermarket was opened in our building, to my horror I found that the supermarket was selling pork. Is it ok for me to continue living in the same building or to move out at the earliest. Please advise. With.. More

  • An employee taking a travel allowance more than he actually spends

    Alslam alikum,I work for an organization that provides financial allowance for food and accomodation once I leave my assigned duty station.This allwoance is the organization's regulations,and it does not require me to prove whether I spend the money or not.The amount has to be claimed as a whole, i.e. take it all or leave it all.Usually I spend less.. More

  • Renting a property to a Christian media group

    My brother-in-law has a rental property, at present it is vacant, he has been approached by christian media group to lease it to them, they will be publishing and promoting Christianity, is it O.K. for him to lease his property to this organization, please give your expertise opinion on this issue as per your knowledge of our Deen. Waiting for your.. More

  • He works for his sister's husband who does not give him a salary

    Salam sheik.i work in a business firm of my sister's husband bt they dnt give me any salary though i work hard they took me when i wos of young age and now iam age to get mary bt dnt have any means to get mary. Is it haram if i take secretly 14dolars aday out of 15ooo dolas that firm earns a day. And use it in future.. More

  • A landlord getting a lump sum deposit from the tenant

    I am giving one house/shop building for rent. It is normal in our country to charge the rent monthly and also get a lump sum deposit for a year or two on the basis of rent to be returned at end of the contract period. Is this lumb sum retention allowed in Shariah.. More

  • Their employer has not paid their salaries for months

    1. If we are working for a company and the company didnot pay the salary for 3 months, what shall we do. what is the islam/Shariah views regarding this? Shall we ask the employer regularly to pay the salary or we have to wait untill they pay us. 2. I have completed my 1 year contract with the company now i want to ask for increament, is it allowed to.. More

  • How an employee gets reimbursed for his travel expenses

    I am working with an agency. Some times i have to travel outside my duty station for which the agency pay for my accomodation, food etc. If i do not live in a hotel there and instead live in the house of one of my relatives. Is it allowed for me to take this money which they give to me for hotel charges. If yes, can i take the maximum amount specified.. More

  • An employee fulfilling his clients's transactions in another agency

    Salam Alaikum, Islamic Ruling on Collecting Fixed Commission: I wish to know Islamic ruling on Collecting Fixed Commission. I work in government organization that certify (registering for safety) products before marketing such products. As a pre-requisite for registration; Trademark registration is needed from a different government agency. We assist.. More