1009 fatwas

  • Abstaining from marriage because one's parents want him to spend lavishly on his wedding Date: 11-2-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. I am 27 years old and my question is that my parents want me to get married and spend a lot money on my marriage because all they talk about is what the people will say if we have a low key wedding. Also, I do not have enough money to spend for marriage is it okay to stay single for the rest of my life? .. More

  • Whether to accept marriage proposal of a repentant fornicator Date: 31-1-2016

    Dear scholars. My question is the following: if people can make whatever mistake they want - including major sins - and then repent, and then their misconduct and sins would be removed or even replaced with good deeds, then what is it that differentiates those who commit major sins from those who do not do so? The second part of the question, and the.. More

  • Breaking engagement because of disputes between her brother and her fiancé Date: 29-1-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. There are disputes between my brother and my fiancé, and I fear that it will effect my relationship with my brother or my fiance in the future, when we get married, and cause more problems. The problem is with my brother's way of speaking and acting, which is not good, and my fiancé feels that he is hurting his dignity, but my brother.. More

  • Justice between wives is only condition for taking more than one wife Date: 19-1-2016

    My older sister got married more than 20 years ago. My older brother arranged the marriage for his best friend's wife's brother. My sister and her husband tried to have children for eight years and tried treatments to cure her infertility. However, the doctors said she will never be able to conceive. So her husband asked her and our family if he could.. More

  • The ruling on whether poor parents are obliged to marry off their daughters Date: 9-1-2016

    Is it obligatory for parents to get their daughters married, even if they cannot afford it? Are they responsible for unmarried daughters if their right age of marriage has passed and the parents feel shy to ask any one's help in this regard; to find a partner for their daughters. Is it wrong as Allaah tells us in the Quran to always seek His help and.. More

  • Time allocated to co-wife is waived if she is not available because of work Date: 26-12-2015

    I am a co-wife; is it permissible for my husband to spend the first day of my time with his first wife till after 'Asr because I am at work? When it is her first day, then he leaves my place before 10AM. I told him that due to me working, he spends more time with first wife, and he is clearly going against what Allaah, The Exalted, ordered (to be just)... More

  • How casting lots was done at the time of the Prophet, sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam Date: 20-12-2015

    Assalaamu alaykum. Many hadiths mention the practice of casting lots during the time of the Prophet, sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam. For example, when deciding which of the wives would accompany the Prophet on a journey, they would cast lots. Do we know how the casting of lots was done? Were the names pulled from a bowl, for example? May Allaah reward.. More

  • Letting a woman one was going to marry choose a wife for him Date: 19-12-2015

    Assalaamu alaikum. Please, there is a woman that I wanted to marry, but since the mum disagreed we could not do so. The lady is trying to find another lady for me whom she said she trusts most in terms of character, beauty, her level of the deen, and so on. As I am speaking, I am also outside the country. So my question is, though I trust that lady.. More

  • Wife not obliged to obey husband while still in her parents' house before consummation of marriage Date: 13-12-2015

    I wrote to u about divorcing my second wife, and you replied with question no: 2579784. I divorced her. I intended to divorce her while visiting her, but I did not. I later decided to go back to her house with the intention that if I found her at home, I would not divorce her but that if I did not find her at home, I would divorce her because she would.. More

  • Contemplating suicide because of obstacles to marriage Date: 13-12-2015

    I live in Saudi Arabia; the government did not allow me to marry a Muslim girl from outside my country because I am not 35. (I am 30 years old.) We are both Muslims, me and my fiancee have already waited eight years so far, but the government wants me to wait five more years in order to be 35 years old. I am having heart issues now and have been to.. More

  • Co-wife's right to overnight stay if she spent night elsewhere with husband's permission Date: 4-12-2015

    A man has 2 wives and wife number 2 goes to visit her umm on her off weekend and is due back on her Monday but didn't make it back. Is it permissible for the man to go stay at wife number 1 house when it's not her not even though wife number 2 is not home for her night? .. More

  • A man may be lured to sin through inviting a woman to Islam Date: 26-11-2015

    I have a romantic friendship with another man (unknown to my husband). This came about as I am not attracted to my husband. I have felt like this for many years, and my husband is aware of how I feel and that I do not like intimate relations with him (even so I do so to keep him happy). He is always in financial problems with his work (self-employed).. More

  • He married a non-Muslim woman with whom he committed adultery Date: 26-11-2015

    As a virgin, I committed the crime of zina (adultery) with a non-Muslim adulterous woman. I repented, and in order to save my soul, I married her knowing that she only accepted Islam so that she and I could be married. Later, we married again, but this time I thought that she really believed in Islam even though her faith was at a very weak stage. She.. More

  • His second wife falsely accused him of beating her to get a UK passport Date: 17-10-2015

    Assalaamu alaykum. My friend has 2 wives, 1 of them recently came to the UK on his visa, but she did not get along well with the other wife (both lived in one house). He has children with both of them. Recently, the wife who came on a visa has falsely accused my friend of beating her, and of other horrible things, in order to get money and a UK passport.. More

  • A suitor who does not pray and listens to music should be rejected Date: 14-10-2015

    Asalamualaikum,I have some questions that are concerning me greatly. I am my elder sister's wali, my sister has received a marriage proposal from one of my cousins however he doesn't read all 5 prayers, he only reads Fajr Namaz and attends jumah, he also listens to music, free mixes with non mahram relatives like cousins etc. I should let you know,.. More