1009 fatwas

  • How to treat lacking the financial ability to get married Date: 17-8-2015

    What is the Islamic ruling of the one who practices unlawful sexual intercourse knowing that he is a divorcee and does not find financial means to re-marry? .. More

  • He wants to marry but his parents refuse until he finds work Date: 22-7-2015

    Assalam o alaikumi do not talk to my parents because they are refusing to marry me because they say i am un-employed and they say first get a job but my need for marriage is very great and i am keeping continual fasts but i do not think i can regularly keep them as i become weak?Note that the can easily support me in marriage until i get a job but are.. More

  • His daughter insists on marrying an ill-mannered man Date: 21-7-2015

    As salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullah. My husband's daughter (my step daughter) wants to marry a man who has anger issues and who is ill mannered. My husband is concerned that he will not make a suitable husband for this reason. Also, his daughter is a virgin, and was raised as a muslim and this young man is not a virgin and has only been a Muslim ( and.. More

  • If he is good Muslim, marry him even if you disagree on having pets Date: 20-7-2015

    Assalam alaykum dear scholars,I am about to get married to a good muslim brother in two months to come In'sha'Allah. I am a person who loves animals alot and I have several cats at home but when I mentioned to my fiance about my love for animals he told me he doesn't like animals especially the cats. I was so disappointed to hear this and I couldn't.. More

  • A religious, well-mannered suitor should not be turned down Date: 20-6-2015

    I had 32 years old divorce daughter with one 10 years old son, a muslim guy with stable work want to marry her and she also like the 35 years guy,the question is my wife didnt like the guy and her widow parents and family for un reasonable reasons...the family is in trouble now because she warn me and my daughter to divorce me or live the house,,if.. More

  • Age difference between bride and suitor is not a factor Date: 13-6-2015

    Assalamo alaykom Bros. & Sisters, I had married and after my first wife died I married the 2nd Sister & she got accident and diedm the 3rd Sister I married and she got Ill by Ulcer and died also, the 3rd youngest Sister has offer to me that I should marry her I'm 54 years old and she was 18 years old now, coul I also marry her? Please reply.. More

  • Father refuses good suitor because of conflict between families Date: 20-4-2015

    Asalamu alaikomWhen i was in high school there was a very Nice practising brother there whom i liked very much.It was also obvious that he liked me to but because dating in islam is haram we never got together.But we would always pray in our salat to god to bring us together in the future inshallah I went abroad to study and he built he's career.And.. More

  • A young man may propose marriage directly if done with decency Date: 13-4-2015

    al salam alaykum dear shaikhs. i wish to propose to a colleage of mine for marriage. she is religious and what i like about her is her character with her friends. my question is what exactly should i say to her? i dont want it to seem like i am hitting on her or anything hence i ask your advice.i would prefer that you answer directly without reference.. More

  • Improper for teenage boy to play with small girls in excess Date: 18-3-2015

    AssalamualaikumRespected shaykhIm 15 years old and currently studying in tenth standard. Near my class in grade one there is a girl who plays with me and as I do not have a sister I love her a lot and play with her too. And I swear I do not get any satanic thoughts about her or about girls.My question is can I continue the same in future to. I do not.. More

  • 'Friending' one's finacee on Facebook Date: 10-3-2015

    can i add my engaged fiancee as my facebook friend so that i can see what kind of post she uploading which will help me to understand her interests, her behaviour etc. .. More

  • One way to assist Muslims is through marriage Date: 10-3-2015

    Asalaam mu akaikum What is the reward for helping people to get married. I do it for reward from Allah swa but people are makeing remarks .. More

  • Husband should consider wives' feelings when giving gifts Date: 3-3-2015

    Dear Sheikh me and my husband are having a lot of problem regarding equality between 2 wives he recently took second wife, we are living in separated house but on weekend we meet in his quest house to spend the weekend or holidays, and when we are together if she request for something like fruit or icy cream money he will buy it for only her without.. More

  • Gifts received to establish forbidden relationships Date: 20-2-2015

    A boy called me frequently and almost forced me to love him though i rejected it several time. later i accepted it with the concern of my parents. i spoke to him for one week. after that he came to see me with chocolate.. later he told me that he is fighting with his parents asking them to accept me. so i told him not to force them and asked him to.. More

  • Parents forbid marrying a religious girl on tribal grounds Date: 18-2-2015

    Assalamu alaykum, please those the tribe of a girl considered when chosen a spouse. Because i have a girl i want to marry, she is very religious but my parents says her tribes normally brings poverty when married so am not allowed to marry her please advise. .. More

  • A widow may remain unmarried if she does not fear temptation Date: 12-2-2015

    Assalamualikum, I lost my husband 34 days back due to heart attack, i am praying for him ....i am praying that i should not get any feeling of sex and should be safe till i die ..but suddenly since two days i am feeling that i am getting a exotic dream ...i want to meet my husband in sha allah in jannat and dont want to get married here ...my age is.. More