460 fatwas

  • Sex in marriage Date: 27-1-2002

    Is it forbidden for a husband to insert his finger in his wife's vagina?.. More

  • Marital sex Date: 27-1-2002

    1) Is it allowed to have sex in the shower? Can a couple just make love in the shower w/o having sex?2) I will be married soon. How should I confront my wife about sex? Should we do it the first night?.. More

  • Wife Fearful of Having Sex Date: 20-1-2002

    Give me Fatwa for a wife who is not able to live normal life with her husband (no having sex) because she feel afraid. I'm married now for 3 month with no sex. What can I do? .. More

  • Anal contact with wives Date: 16-1-2002

    What is the effect of anal contact with wives on Nikah. Does it break the Nikah? Please provide the answer with Hadith and in the light of Qur'an... More

  • Delaying the Mahar does not nullify the marriage contract Date: 14-1-2002

    If the dowry is deferred at the time of marriage, and the time given expires before it is paid, does the marriage become invalid? Also if the dowry is not paid, is the woman allowed to withhold relations pending the payment of the dowry?.. More

  • Anal sex with wife's consent Date: 12-1-2002

    Is it permissible to have anal sex with one's wife if the wife does not object to it?.. More

  • Wife is naked before her husband who dislikes it Date: 15-12-2001

    My 19 years old sister is married now. She is very bad; she is naked daily in front of her husband at night. Her husband is very good: he didn't like that. So please inform me if its Halal, Haram, Makhroh... More

  • Sex between spouses Date: 13-12-2001

    My husband and I have physical relationship once or twice a day everyday (except when I have my periods). In spite of that he always masturbates once everyday. When he asks me for the third time I always refuse. I want to know even after having sex twice is it Haram for me to say no? Is it wrong or right for him to masturbate after having relations.. More

  • Touching, penetrating the wife's anus Date: 10-12-2001

    Is touching the wife's anus for driving her, or penetrating the anus, or coming in her anus Halal, Makrouh, or Haram.?.. More

  • Sex between spouses Date: 9-10-2001

    1. What are the limitations on making love to my wife? 2. What's the Islamic point of view and rules on approaching my wife and making love to her? 3. What's the Islamic rule on making love to my wife in her anus?4. What about sucking and licking her genitalie and sucking my manhood? 5. What if we love sucking and licking each other, is that ok? .. More

  • Sexual Relations for Newly Weds Date: 9-10-2001

    I 'm newly married and I would like to know how to do the Halal sexual relation step by step and what I should do. .. More

  • Etiquette of having sex Date: 9-10-2001

    What did the prophet Mohammad say about sex and foreplay, and what did he encourage? .. More

  • Unpaid Mahr Date: 6-9-2001

    When I married I did not receive any money from my husband. We just wrote non-paid Mahr in our marriage agreement. Now I'm asking my husband to pay me my Mahr but he does not want to pay it. Please, I would like you to send me an e-mail having my husband to pay me my Mahr and I would like you to talk about this subject... More

  • Residence requirements of a wife from her husband and other matters Date: 5-9-2001

    I know from learning Islam that maintenance (al-Nafaqah) is Wajib (on the husband) and is the right of one's wife to get food, cloths and a residence, some other essential services and medicine, even if the wife happens to be a rich lady. My question is regarding her residence. What I would like to know is if a husband provides every thing to his wife.. More

  • Rights of husband Date: 28-8-2001

    Can you help me? I have been married for nearly 2 years now and I am quite happy, but my problem is that for 1 and a half years nobody knew we were married because my husband was afraid that people would talk about him being with me, because I used to be non-Muslim. I reverted to Islam 2 years ago and I don't understand why people don't realise that.. More