463 fatwas

  • Husband requires sex daily Date: 2-10-2002

    I desire for sex includes oral sex on a daily bases. My wife does not cooperate in this. Is it possible for a woman to do sex with his husband once or twice a day? Does she have the stamina for that?.. More

  • Sex on day of marriage Date: 24-9-2002

    Is it necessary to have sex on the day of marriage?.. More

  • Wife's Obedience to Her Husband Date: 23-9-2002

    Does a wife have to do whatever her husband asks even if its something .. More

  • Fifty year old wife can't be a twenty year old girl to husband Date: 8-9-2002

    I'm 50 years old with 8 children. I spend most of my time in Du'a and prayers. Am I still obliged to give physical pleasure to my husband? He is 18 years older than I and still he expects behavior of a 20-year-old girl from me. I hope you understand my problem. What does Islam say about that? My all children are married and I served my husband my whole.. More

  • Nights when sex is prohibited Date: 11-8-2002

    Is it prohibited to have sex during dark nights, i.e. First night of moon, 29th night of moon, 30th night of moon and also 15th night of moon? Is also prohibited to have sex during the night of Wednesday and Sunday. I have read the prohibition of having sex in marriage during mentioned nights due to the fact that Shayateen and other such creatures have.. More

  • Intercourse during wife's menses Date: 11-8-2002

    A man had sex with his wife who then reported she was feeling the pain of her menses starting. What does Islam say about this and how can he seek forgiveness of Allah?.. More

  • Living with in-laws, but wants to have own house Date: 30-7-2002

    I am a wife living with my parent in-law in a big house since I married in 1999. I never feel that house is my own, and I want to live in my own house. Do I have this right? .. More

  • Forbidden sex acts in Islam Date: 9-7-2002

    I want to know the forbidden sex practices in Islam, in the light of Qur'an and Sunnah. Why is anal sex forbidden? Can I touch the private parts of my wife while she is in menstruation periods?.. More

  • Should Husband Purchase Airline Ticket for Wife-to-Be to Wedding Date: 7-7-2002

    I live with my family in the United States. I got married, last year to someone, from my original country, who does not live in the United States. We are planning to have the wedding in our country this summer. Is he responsible to pay for my airline ticket since by law he is my husband, or should my parents pay the ticket? .. More

  • Husband wants relations with wife still bleeding after childbirth Date: 2-7-2002

    My wife already gave birth to a baby. Although more than one month has passed the bleeding continues. I want to make sex with my wife. What should I do in this case?.. More

  • Sex with Pregnant Wife Date: 16-6-2002

    I was reading different Fatwa's at Fatwa Center and I came across the following Hadith: Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam) said: "No one should have sexual intercourse with a pregnant woman till she gives birth to a child" . [ Abu Dawood and al-Hakim the latter said that this Hadith is sound].This was in your Fatwa: 88439. I want to know if this.. More

  • Husband wants control of wife's Mahr Date: 28-5-2002

    It is a tradition in our society that the money a man pays for the bride at the engagement time (Mahr) is used by her to buy different things for her, including gold. Do I have the right to interfere with things my future wife buys, or is it absolutely her right to spend all the money or keep part of it?.. More

  • Being a sadist Date: 20-5-2002

    How can I be sure that I am not sadist?.. More

  • Anal sex in marriage Date: 12-5-2002

    My husband and I used to insert our fingers in our anuses during our sex acts. I want to know if this is (1) Haram and Kabaer? (2) Haram and not Kabaer? (3) Just bad attitude?.. More

  • Masturbation in marriage Date: 4-5-2002

    Is it permissible for my husband to masturbate over me, without me actually touching him and swallow his sperm? Is it also permissible for my husband to place his erect penis between my breasts, to hold them and masturbate?.. More