465 fatwas

  • Dowry System in India Date: 24-5-2003

    In India dowry system is prevalent among Muslims. Formally, Mahr is fixed. Before fixing the marriage, the bridegroom's side demands certain amount of cash and other household articles etc. from Bride's parents for making marriage. So far I haven't seen any marriage where bridegroom has not taken any thing from bride's parents. My question is: (1) Is.. More

  • Wife's Right to Know Husband's Financial Affairs Date: 13-5-2003

    Must a wife know the monthly income and money in the bank, or any wealth of her husband when the family has a good life? .. More

  • Married Couple Showing Affection and Having Sex in the Bathroom Date: 4-5-2003

    After returning from a long trip can a husband greet his wife by kissing her cheeks in front of his/her parents? Can husband and wife take a bath together? Can they have sex in bathroom? .. More

  • Sex in marriage and other subjects Date: 19-4-2003

    1) Can I record on a video, things which my wife and I do while making sex to watch and enjoy later? The watching will be for us.2) Are there any specific days in a month, or months in a year when husband and wife are restricted from sex?3) My wife does not take a bath when her periods end on Thursday. She said it is restricted to take bath on Thursdays... More

  • Works abroad and Cannot Bring His Wife where He Works Date: 1-4-2003

    I'm married for six years. But the problem is I cannot bring my wife here because my salary is only 1000 QR. I'm unable to get family visa. I can go to my homeland once in every two years. So what your advise for me? Is it advisable to stay without my wife for so long time? Sometimes it may lead to some mistakes by me. So should I continue to work here.. More

  • Sending wife photographs of his penis and oral sex Date: 26-2-2003

    I am 26 years old and I have just got married. My question relates to the things which are allowed in the life of the couple. I do not live with my wife in the same country and we try always to speak via the messenger(msn), and sometimes happen to us to talk about the subject of the sexual practice and speaking how we will do that in details, more especially.. More

  • Intercourse during menstrual cycle but no bleeding Date: 27-1-2003

    I want to get reply to some my question. 1- Can we have intercourse if my wife is in her period but the bleeding has stopped on the 4th day of her cycle? 2- What should a woman do if she is having problem of vaginal discharge all the time? Can she pray salat, fast or read Quran?.. More

  • Husband should share house work with working wife Date: 15-1-2003

    If the husband is not the only breadwinner of the family , and the wife is also contributing for the family's income, and she has to take care of the family at the same time shouldn't the husband also take half the role of the housework? .. More

  • The Prophet's arrangement for marriage: Mahar,Walima and presents Date: 5-1-2003

    Did the wives of the prophet (SAW) receive the same mahr and nikah walima. was it sunnah to have nikah and walimah at the same or two different parties? If husband takes second wife should he treat second wedding arrangements as given to the first?.. More

  • Paying Mahr after the marriage contract is lawful Date: 4-1-2003

    I am getting married can I pay my Maher amount after the marriage or do I have to pay on the spot? If I fail to pay what will be the punishment? Till what time can i pay that to my wife?.. More

  • Keep to Sound Nature! Date: 31-12-2002

    In regards to allowance of oral sex by Islam, that is kissing putting tounge on private parts like vulva and penis of either of spouse in foreplay during sexual relationship between spouses as I have read in many Islamic sites. Of concern for me is that water which may come out (regarded as mazi) as a result of this act would also enter the mouth of.. More

  • Duties of Husband and Wife towards Each Other Date: 11-12-2002

    What are the responsibilities of a woman in Islam as a wife and man as a husband? .. More

  • Committing haram acts with one's wife Date: 2-12-2002

    If one commits some haram act with his wife out of ignorance what is the penalty?.. More

  • Obligations and etiquette between husband and wife Date: 18-11-2002

    I am going to be married very soon and I need to know about the physical and mental relations, which are defined in Islam, between husband and wife. (Esp. the manners of first wedding night, etc). What are the rights and obligations of husband and wife on each other? Please reply with some references. .. More

  • Kissing and licking private parts Date: 18-11-2002

    Is kissing and licking private parts Halal or Haram?.. More