5512 fatwas

  • New born child Date: 1-1-2001

    My question is about the sunan for a new born child. "Abu Burdah reported from Abu Musa, who said: `I had a new-born baby; I took him to the Prophet Muhammad, upon him be peace and blessings, who called him Ibrahim. The Prophet chewed a date then he took it and rubbed the inside of the baby's mouth with it.' I've heard that it's not necessary to do.. More

  • Sex before Marriage and Reconstructing Hymen Date: 1-1-2001

    Assalamu Alaikum, I have been having such a hard time in finding someone to help me out in answering my questions, but, Alhamdu lillah, a friend recommended your site and I will, Insha Allah, finally be at rest with answers and, Insha Allah, be able to change my life for the best. I am a Muslim girl, 25 years old. I spent my adolescence and adult life.. More

  • Who is homosexual? Date: 26-12-2000

    Dear brother I want to know what is a homosexual? Is the man whose sex is changed or the person who do bad evil thing (zinha) with his hand? .. More

  • Father using daughter's dowry or children's income Date: 26-12-2000

    Can the father take some of his daughter's Mahar money and use it for his wedding party? Can the father take some of his kid's income if needed? .. More

  • Ceremony Performed Before Birth of First Child Date: 21-12-2000

    It has been a practice in my place, that the first delivery of a woman should be in his parents' home to which I have no objection as it is not way contrary to Islam to my knowledge. They usually send the wife to her mother's house after 7 months. Before she is sent they do a kind of ceremony called Satwasa, which I feel is a practice of Hindus. I.. More

  • During divorce, wife spends Iddah outside the home Date: 30-11-2000

    My wife and I are divorcing; a Talaq was given while she is in another country and I am in another country. I advised her that she has to return home to spend her Iddah period in our home. One Imam told her that she do not have to spend her Iddah period in our home that she can spend it where ever she chooses. Is this true? Should she return home.. More

  • Marriage to Sister of Uncle's Wife Date: 27-11-2000

    Is it legal to marry the sister-in-law of my father's own brother? .. More

  • Muslim with Christian Wife Who Respects Islam Date: 26-11-2000

    I am married with a Christian woman; we have 4 children together... I am trying my best to teach my children about Islam. They pray with me. My wife doesn't tell them about Christianity and she tells them to make the prayer even if I am not at home...My problem is that a friend told me to leave her, but I won't do this because I am afraid for the future.. More

  • Muslim Somali woman in UK seeking husband Date: 23-11-2000

    If a Muslim woman 25 years of age has no help from her family in finding a suitable husband what can she do? I am from Somali living in theUK my parents will not look for a husband for me or my sisters, and there are 6 of us. In our culture the woman's family can't look for husbands, it has to be a male that approaches your family and that is not always.. More

  • Sleeping with Wife He Divorced 3 Times Date: 18-11-2000

    I 'm a student studying in one the Baltic sea countries and in this country there is lot of Fitna and Zina, and as a Muslim I 'm taking care from it but it is too much so I decided to get marry in order to save my Eeman. With time some problems happened between us and we get divorced; then I returned her to me. Then I divorced her for another problem... More

  • Divorcing Wife Jokingly Date: 14-11-2000

    I got married by signing the marriage contract with the approval of the wife's father andtwo witnesses and Mahr (Dowry), but we did not have sexual relationship yet. Then, first, I was joking with my wife and I told her "You are divorced" and I did not know at that time if this is real divorce or not. Second, I told her not to do something otherwise.. More

  • Seeing private parts in marriage Date: 12-11-2000

    We would like to know based on Qur'an and Hadith, is it allowed for husband and wifeto see the private parts during intercourse? .. More

  • Birth Control by using spiral Date: 11-11-2000

    I am a married person with two kids; my wife has put the spiral to postpone getting more kids at this time. This leads to the increase of the menstruating period (10 days or more of blood). Sometimes this sometimes lead me to perform masturbation by myself, I want to know is this Halal or Haram, though this has no effect on my sexual life with my.. More

  • Co-ed classes for Muslims Date: 31-10-2000

    Our community has started education classes in Islam. Is it permissible to hold these meetings, for the sake of Islamic knowledge (history and current events)as a co-ed group, men on one side of the room and women on other, no mixing yet no partition? We will be speaking in group form, as in a classroom. If we opt to separate, we find men lacking.. More

  • Working Women Date: 26-10-2000

    Assalaamu alaikum, 1. What is the rulingof Islam on women who work in public for religious or other activities. 2. Are women allowed to go to the Masjid to perform the Friday prayer and other prayers?.. More