5465 fatwas

  • Is marriage obligatory? Date: 15-4-2000

    Must I marry when I grow up? .. More

  • Vaginal intercourse during pregnancy Date: 12-4-2000

    Is it permissible to have sexual intercourse through the vagina during pregnancy? Medically it is said that it is not harmful if the woman does not experience any pain during intercourse... More

  • Wisdom of Marriage Date: 4-4-2000

    I want to know the wisdom of marriage? .. More

  • Paying Mahr to mother on behalf of husband who died 12 years ago Date: 1-4-2000

    Can I pay Mahar to my mother on behalf of my father who died 12 years ago? .. More

  • Changing one's last name Date: 27-3-2000

    I don't have my father's last name. I want to get my name changed; I would like to know the ruling on changing of one's last name if your father is non-Muslim... More

  • Married Muslim Masturbated by a Non-Mahram Woman Date: 26-3-2000

    I have a very long and complicated question. One of my brothers was overcome by the shaitan. He was alone with a lady, and no one with them. The lady kept her hands on my brother's parts and the sperm came out. But their organs did not touch, and there was no sexual contact. My Brother is married. So should he receive punishment, ie. be stoned to death.. More

  • Divorce given in anger Date: 11-3-2000

    I would like to know if a divorce given in anger is counted or not?.. More

  • Kinds and Uses of Contraceptives Date: 7-3-2000

    Regarding your Fatwa about using contraceptives, the mechanism of contraception should be well understood. For example, even pills and intra-uterine devices may prevent the implantation of a fertilized ovum (the future baby); in other words they may act as an abortion inducer. You can check this issue in many medical books. So if there is a risk of.. More

  • Divorcing wife during her menses Date: 6-3-2000

    If somebody gives Talaq (Divorce) to his wife during her menses or pregnancy, will the Talaq be valid?.. More

  • Acquaintance of Muslim girl wants to meet her parents to ask permission for marriage Date: 29-2-2000

    I am a 22 year-old Muslim girl who practices her religion very well. A few months ago, I met a brother in Egypt, my country, where we discussed life in Canada, Egypt and Islam in both places. I told my mother of this as I don't keep anything from her. Soon, the brother and I found that we had a lot in common; we think the same way and have similar values... More

  • Seeking Permission to Divorce Non-Practicing Muslim Husband Date: 21-2-2000

    Is it permissible to divorce my husband because he doesn't contribute to an Islamic environment in our home? .. More

  • Wali of Muslim American lady has long phone talks with her Date: 17-2-2000

    Two years ago my father became the guardian (Wali) of a Muslim American lady. She talks a lot with him by phone and does not always stick to necessary questions, and does not speak with a firm voice, but as if she is speaking with a girl. This situation causes my mother a lot of problems. I want to know the nature of the relation between the Wali and.. More

  • Wife refuses to have sex with husband Date: 14-2-2000

    My wife refuses to have sex with me. She thinks she has a right to refuse me and as a Muslim wife she has the same rights as I do (which I agree). The problem is that she keeps arguing with me, saying I am not a good husband and Islam permits her to say no to me when I need her for sex. She is willing to do all other duties as a wife... More

  • Father Wants to Change Son’s Last Name to His Own First Name Date: 10-2-2000

    For my son, can I change his last name to be my first name, eg. my first name is Anees and last name is Abbasi; for my son, can I use Jasim Anees? I read some where that a person cannot change his last name. .. More

  • Zawaj al-Misyar Date: 4-2-2000

    I need to know about Zawaj almsiar and Zawaj almota'a... More