2722 fatwas

  • Groups in Islam Date: 3-5-2001

    1. What is the concern about Muslims calling others (e.g.: Anbiya and Auliya) other than Allah for certain things?2. Is there groups in Islam like Sunni, Mujahid, Jamaat etc, or is it one? .. More

  • Clarifying and declaring the truth about Islam Date: 2-5-2001

    May Allah bless you and reward you for teaching and spreading authentic Islamic knowledge and Fatwas to millions of Muslims who are eager and "Hungry" to sincerely learn about authentic Islam!In reference to question: 10077, Fatwa 88789, I think you misunderstood my question: My question is: Why not hold this international convention and conference.. More

  • Muslims praying at graves Date: 30-4-2001

    In India lot of Muslims use to visit graves of Muslim scholars (like Khawaja Moinuddeen Chishti, Nizamuddeen Aulia etc.) I use to oppose my family members asking help from Allah (SubhanauTa'la) through these scholars. I told them you can approach Allah directly without any mediator. But they don't hear. Further some people will quote the Hadith that.. More

  • Differences among peoples and cultures Date: 22-4-2001

    Why is it that a person tends to follow the beliefs of the culture in which he is born? His parents raise him with the mindset that their religion/way of life/culture is the right one. Throughout his formative years he develops this way of thinking as well. The man who is Pope today, would he have been Pope if he was raised up with Islamic values? Probably.. More

  • Clarifying and declaring the truth about Islam Date: 18-4-2001

    Since we agree, that the Ahl-al Sunnah Wal'jamaa'a is the aided and saved firqa, stands firmly on the truth till the day of judgment. Then why don't the Ulama and thinkers of this group make an international convention and declare to the whole world on TV news media, Internet etc. that authentic and real Islam is represented and reflected only and only.. More

  • Makkah and miracles Date: 12-4-2001

    Is Makkah Al-Mukarramah the place of miracles, because I always heard from those who just come back from Hajj and Ummra' a miracle that happened to them and to another people?.. More

  • The man better than Al-Mahdi Date: 9-4-2001

    Who is better the one who goes out from Al-Madinah to face Anti Christ and is killed or Al-Mahdi himself?.. More

  • Muslims judging by secular law Date: 8-4-2001

    What is the Islamic ruling regarding a Muslim working as a lawyer and a judge guided by secular (man-made) law even in a Muslim country?.. More

  • Sending Blessings upon the Prophets and Other Issues Date: 8-4-2001

    We have a few questions we would like you to answer Insha Allah with proof from the way of the Rasul saw. 1- The prophet (SAW) has reported to have said anyone who doesn't sent Salam when he hears his name is the worst miser..........do we have to send Salam every time we hear the name of any other prophets? ...Allah has mentioned in the Qur'an we should.. More

  • Giving money for Hindu celebrations Date: 1-4-2001

    I work in a semi-govt. organization in Bombay, India. I work as a supervisor and Electrical Engineer by profession. My problem is that with me there are majority (90%) Hindus working in the organization and they demand money for celebration of their festivals consisting of Puja (worship of idols of their gods) and party. But if I refuse them then.. More

  • Existence of a prophet nicknamed "Firaun" in newspaper article Date: 28-3-2001

    I've read our main newspaper. The writer in Islam column confused me because he stated before the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) in Bani Israel there was the prophet whose nickname (kunyah) was "Firaun". Is this true? If this is true, could you give that prophet's real name? The writer also stated in that year (time) there were the good and the bad Firaun.Lastly,.. More

  • "Magic shows" and Islam Date: 26-3-2001

    What is the Islamic rules about watching "magic show" performed by Muslim or non-Muslims and also buying ticket to watch them?.. More

  • Celebrating Mother's Day Date: 21-3-2001

    In western countries many Muslims celebrate the Mother's day. What is the rule of Shariah concerning this celebration? .. More

  • Names of the Gates of Heaven Date: 1-3-2001

    What are the names of the gatesof Heaven?.. More

  • Al-Ruqiya from evil eye Ain Date: 27-2-2001

    Some cure evil eye or other illness through use of many things: like burning incense or writing verses of Qur'an on paper, putting it in water and drinking it. Sometimes, they make cures to allow a couple to have children by using rice, dates or coconuts and have certain rituals of writing Qur'an in Saffron....If this allowed in Islam? How about blowing.. More