2805 fatwas

  • Believes She Was Bewitched and Someone Wrote Amulets for Her Date: 9-1-2002

    I have a question about going to a Muslim person who writes amulets, etc. I went to such a man; he and his family seem to be very religious and good people. Although, I did not really believe and I also asked them whether it was forbidden according to our religion. They said it wasn't; the sole purpose is to help and Allah decides the rest. Their argument.. More

  • Dispelling magic Date: 8-1-2002

    I am 23 years old and was due to get married to my future husband, when it all went wrong. My parents were happy and has accepted him although his parents were not happy simply because I am a Gujerati Muslim and he is a Pakistani Muslim. They did all they could to try and separate us but we were strong and carried on. Last year they did some Taweez.. More

  • Congratulating Non-Muslims on their feasts Date: 2-1-2002

    Is it allowed for us as Muslims to congratulate Christians in their eids? (I.e. Merry Christmas, etc.) .. More

  • Occurrences after Death Date: 13-12-2001

    People say that the spirit of a deceased person roams in the home for 40 days after death. I suspect that this is untrue. Could you confirm whether there are any circumstances in which spirits remain among us after death.When you are dying do the souls of your deceased loved ones come to greet you?I have read that upon death angels take good souls to.. More

  • Wishing to Be Reunited with Deceased Father in Paradise Date: 13-12-2001

    My father recently died. I wish to know if I will see him again in jannah (Insh'allah). What if we are on different levels of jannah - would we still meet, recognise each other and remember our lives together in this world? .. More

  • Associating with non-Muslims living in same building Date: 20-11-2001

    I am staying in a 7 story flat. Non-Muslims coming from different parts of India mostly occupy these flats. The doubt is that when my wife and I meet them (opposite sexes) in the lift or ground they greet, smile and talk to us. Can we return these greetings (to opposite sexes) and talk to them as it would be weird if we do not respond. If they invite.. More

  • Going to witches Date: 13-11-2001

    Question: I am a good educated girl. al hamdulilaah. but I heard that some of the bad people I know some bad people of low educational status who are doing what we call siher, amal, shawatha, going to a witch or someone to do me harm by that sihir. I know it is Haram to go to witches to deactivate this Siher. What can I do? Do I go to a Shaikh to read.. More

  • Shirk in Obedience Date: 29-10-2001

    If you obey someone who urges you to do an act of disobedience to Allah will he commit Shirk, the Shirk in obedience'? Is Shirk in obedience a major Shirk or a minor Shirk. If I didn't pray Fajr and Isha by obeying my mother have I become a Kafir? Because isn't Shirk in obedience a major Shirk and isn't a major Shirk an act of Kufr, so an act of Kufr.. More

  • Meaning of True Belief Date: 29-10-2001

    Will a Muslim still be a Muslim if his faith is not complete? For example the Prophet has said that cleanliness is a part of faith. If a person never stays clean in his lifetime will he be a Kafir because his faith is not complete? I think the Prophet has said about that you will not truly believe unless you love for your brother what you love for your.. More

  • 'Sins' of the Prophet Date: 25-10-2001

    Was the Prophet sinless?.. More

  • Leaf of sidr for treatment of sihr (witchcraft) Date: 24-10-2001

    Assellem 'alaykom wa rahmatoullahi wa barakatou dear brother, my question is about the leaf of sidr (treatment of sihr). I would like to know how to use it exactly please. Such can we use it as an infusion like tea etc. Barakallahou fikoum for your help. May ALLAH bless you. Assellem 'alaykom wa rahmatoullahi wa barakatou.. More

  • She Claimed to Be Impregnated by Jinn Date: 21-10-2001

    Can a woman get pregnant from Jinn? (I heard a case of a young lady who got pregnant and she claimed she wasn't touched by anyone. And some people told her that it might be a pregnancy from Jinn, so she had an abortion. .. More

  • Visiting churches just to see them Date: 21-10-2001

    Is it permissible for Muslims to visit Churches only to see them? .. More

  • Doubts about predestination Date: 20-10-2001

    Dear Brothers Asalamu Alaikum. Soembody told me that when Allah created all the souls, He gathered all of them and told them about their fate. If the fate is already decided, then why Allah will make us responsible for our wrong deeds? And why we might be punished for our wrong doings?.. More

  • Wives in the Hereafter Date: 16-10-2001

    If I marry a girl and live with her my whole life I will get her as my wife in the next (eternal) life. Now if I marry a widow, what will happen? She will be my wife in the next life or her previous husbands' wife? If she remain his wife in her next life then what about me? And if I get her in our next life then what about that poor guy?.. More