2805 fatwas

  • Visiting graves for help Date: 18-10-2000

    There are Muslims visiting graves (Shrines) seeking divine help. They think that the people in the graves act as mediators between them and Allah Taala. They alsothink that the people in the graves will make recommendations to Allah Taala. Surprisingly, some times it appears to be true. I came across two families. They didn'thave children for seven.. More

  • Dying before one's time Date: 16-10-2000

    When someone gets shot intentionally and dies, does he die because of the bullets or does he die because it was time for him to die?In other words, can one die before the time prescribed by Allah? Or is the time preset?If one commits suicide, does he die early?.. More

  • Having Children in Paradise Date: 27-9-2000

    When Muslims go to heaven, can they have children? If so that be ackward or abnormal because if they age they will eventually become older than their parents. .. More

  • Circulating copies of Sheikh Ahmad gatekeeper of the Ka'bah's dream Date: 24-9-2000

    I received an email from a friend stating that the gatekeeper of the Ka'bah had a dream and I have to distribute five copies otherwise something very bad thing will happen to me or my family. Is it true or false? I want a detailed answer to send to my friend in US and he believes in these things... More

  • Essence of Magic Date: 30-8-2000

    I just want to know if ‘Sihr’exists scientifically and what Islam says about it? thank you. .. More

  • Using Pepper or Chilies for Protection from Evil Eye Date: 18-8-2000

    Is the use of pepper and chillies proven from Holy Prophet (p .b .u. h.) from the removal of or protection from the evil eye? .. More

  • Money Received While Refugees Without Work Date: 15-8-2000

    I want to ask about this money we take in Europe when we live as refugees without work. .. More

  • If someone never heard of Islam, will they go to hell? Date: 12-8-2000

    I'm still student and want to know Islam deeply! as we know that non-Muslim will go to hell if they don't take Islam as their way of life. If someone never heard/known of Islam, Will they go to hell? If this type of people go to hell, Allah is not fair to His creatures. Please give me any dalil or statement from Hadith or Quran to assure me. Wassalam.. More

  • Why did Allaah create good and bad people? Date: 12-8-2000

    I'm 19 years old, a college student in Malaysia. As we know that, all things (any matter) happen by Allah; will. why did He create man that have kind persons and cruel persons. Why He don't create or make all mankind obey His order and go to the Heaven. Please give details statements from Hadith or al-Quran... More

  • 'Holy' people in Islam Date: 22-7-2000

    Is there evidence for "Awliya" and "Pirs" and "Saints" in Islam? So, what is it? Do they receive revelation after the Prophet SAW? Or is it just made up? .. More

  • Feeling Hopeless Date: 25-6-2000

    Respected Sir, ASSALAMALKM Please reply to me, I have tried to be a real Muslim. But for two years I have suffered like anything, have lost my business, I believe, to earn HALAL income. I am religious and against breaking the Islamic law in every path of life. I have 3 children one eighteen years old and two daughters, 14 year and 10 years. I have.. More

  • Good omens Date: 21-6-2000

    Are GOOD OMENS permitted?.. More

  • Tawassul by the Prophet, sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam Date: 13-6-2000

    Dear sheikh,what is the opinion of Ulama about the tawasul by our Prophet, peace be upon him? Kindly point out the references. .. More

  • Al-Mahdi leading Arabs, his pupil leading non-Arabs Date: 20-5-2000

    Is it true that the Arabs would be lead by the Al MAHDI and the non-Arabs would be led by a pupil of the AL Mahdi? and if so why? Is there a caste between being Arab and non-Arab? Are we not all the same?.. More

  • Best way to follow Islam Date: 7-5-2000

    What is the best way to follow Islam?.. More