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  • Is a Non-Belligerent Disbeliever Who Rejects Islam Innocent? Date: 24-3-2019

    Is a kafir who rejects islam innocent? I don't mean someone who actively fights against islam but a person who after hearing about islam rejects it. Can such a person be called innocent in the eyes of islam? .. More

  • Reciting Quran on Medicines Date: 13-3-2019

    Assalamu alykum!I've heard that reciting مُسَلَّمَةٌ لَّا شِيَةَ فِيهَا (Quran 2:71) 41 times and applying medicine on skin helps removing scars and blemishes, what is your opinion on this?Also, can we just recite only that part of the verse? Or we must recite the complete verse?In general, is it allowed to recite quranic.. More

  • Abandoning Da’wah Does Not Invalidate Deeds Date: 13-3-2019

    Salam aleykum wa rahmatullah. Thanks for taking the time and effort may Allah reward you. My question is something that has worried me a lot and it’s to do with the losing rewards for good deeds i have done. A lecturer in youtube said if people dont give dawah and forbid that which is bad and enjoin good their dua’s wont be accepted and their good.. More

  • Why Only One Sect Out of 73 Will Enter Paradise Date: 7-3-2019

    Salam. Dear Scholars. I always wanted to know why only one sect will enter paradise? Why only one out of 73? Aren't the other sects following the Quran and the Sunna? All muslim sects claim they follow the Sunna and Quran, dont they? So why should only one enter paradise? .. More

  • Wife Repented after She Became Sick Date: 5-3-2019

    Salamalaykum,My wife RahimAllah worked for a riba based bank her whole life. She repented a few years before her death Alhamdoulilah. She was sick. Does her repentance will be accepted be idni Allah. She repented after she became sick. She had a good death after her sicknes she Made hadj, wearing hijaab, give zakah, ramadan and give to the poor. She.. More

  • Sinning Will not Make You Inferior to One Who Never Sinned Date: 5-3-2019

    Sheikh if a born muslim committed kufr act and repented from it and returned to Allah is he inferior to the born muslim who never committed kufr and how does one move on from that .. More

  • ‘There Is No God But God’ vs. ‘There Is No God But Allah’ Date: 26-2-2019

    Assalaamu alaykum! A friend of mine always says that "La ilaha illallah muhammadur rasulullah" means "there is no God but God and Mohammed is the messenger of God". I have told him many times that in the shahada is says "there is no God but Allah ..." and i have also shown him some fatwas of yours and sources from books but he still denies that and.. More

  • Reasons for the Emergence of Muslim Sects Date: 17-2-2019

    Asslamu Alaikumthis is my question Sir:-What are the causes of the emergence and development of different sects internal and external.may Allah reward you abundantly .. More

  • Number of Servants For Every Inhabitant in Paradise Date: 14-2-2019

    Assalam aalekum I have read in a book that the person who will enter the jannah will get 10 thousand servents is this Hadith authentic .. More

  • Asking In-Depth Questions about the Attributes of Allah Date: 13-2-2019

    What is our approuch towards the Speech of Allaah saying that there is not the smallest resemblance between the Creator and Creation?Because if person A reads the Ayah: "Alhamdu lillaahi rabbil Aalemin"and person B says as a statement from his self: "hamdulillah"there would be a resemblance between what we hear from Person A and what we hear from Person.. More

  • Commits Sins but is Saddened by Others' Sins Date: 10-2-2019

    I have a question about whether or not something makes me a hypocrite. Even though I am far from being a good muslim and am in no position to judge anyone, I find myself judging others for sins even though I struggle with salah (a matter I hope to rectify) what disease of the heart is causing me to not be that interested in my own sins, but feel saddened.. More

  • Eating and Drinking from the Same Food with a Non-Muslim Date: 6-2-2019

    Assalamualaikum. I have a question about sharing of food with non Muslims. Are we allowed to drink .. More

  • This Expression ‘God Has No Religion’ Date: 6-2-2019

    How to refute "God has no religion" ? .. More

  • Why the Name Anti-Christ? Date: 31-1-2019

    Assalaamu alaykum. I was wondering why is Ad-Dajjaal called the Antichrist? Shouldn't he be called Anti-Mohammed (phub)? .. More

  • Selling Chicken to Celebrate Christmas Date: 30-1-2019

    Chickens is usually killed to celebrate Christmas in Nigeria. Thus, is it allowed for a Muslim who coincidentally have chickens to sell at this period (without intention of Christmas) to move with his business, knowing that most of the purchaser will kill it for Christmas. .. More