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  • Takfeer Is a Very Serious Matter Date: 27-6-2018

    As salaam alaykum wa rahmetullaahi wa barakatu, Respected Imaam, My question is concerning my past. I was born in a non muslim country and started practising Islaam on later age. When i started also my family members started but because whe have little knowledge whe made mistakes and understood some issues very wrong. Like the issue of takfeer. In that.. More

  • He Thought That His Mother Apostated Date: 27-6-2018

    Asalaam alaikum,My and my mother were in the living room.. i hadnt prayed dhuhr salaah.. my mum told me on two separate occasions to go and pray it.. but i said i will pray soon to two both occasions because i had a lot of time to pray it because asr wasent until after around 2 more hours.. we had a mini debate in which she said its reccomended to pray.. More

  • Travelling to or Living in Non-Muslim Countries Date: 25-6-2018

    Dear scholars. You directed me to similar questions, but they do not answer my questions as my questions are specific. Can you please provide specific answers to my questions:Assalamu aleykum va rahmatullah!As we know, it is forbidden to travel to non-muslim countries for purposes of tourism or unless there is a valid shari' excuse.1- What if a country.. More

  • Doubting Matters in Islam Date: 16-5-2018

    I know that doubting is Kufr. But if a person has doubts about Islam during their life, thus they were a disbeliever, but resolved their doubt before they died, and died with certain faith, have they died a believer because they did not repent from Kufr ? .. More

  • Every Believer Can Attain Al-Firdaws Date: 16-5-2018

    I feel like it is difficult for me to enter Firdaws. I tell myself if some of the prophet have not entered it how will you. I feel like this is stopping me for striving for it and I know this is from the Shaytan. If someone does all the obligatory duties will they be able to attain it? Or is a lot more required. .. More

  • A Mouth and Ears are not Attributes of Allah Date: 14-5-2018

    Assalamu Alaikum,A leader from a group made statements that Allah resembles Adam in form based on the hadith in Bukhari. He said Allah has ears, mouth and the group is not willing to correct this statement. I know that some Imams said that Allah has eyes but did they say He has ears, mouth etc. Is it permitted to make such statements about Allah when.. More

  • Acting as if he is Worshipping a Human Date: 10-5-2018

    About 4 years ago, I was dared in a game by a friend who isn’t Muslim to pretend to “worship” a random person who walked in. Since it was a joke I proceeded with it, however I was too guilty to make it seem real so I sprinted around the person in a silly way but my hands were in a “worshipful” position that the Buddhists typically use. I had.. More

  • Allah Preferred Prophet Muhammad Over Other Prophets Date: 10-5-2018

    Assalamualiakum, I have a question regarding a hadith where the Muslims were bragging to the Jews that Prophet Muhammad (sallahallahu alaihi wasalam) is the best, and the Jews were saying Musa (alaihi salam) was best. In the hadith, Prophet Muhammad (sallahallahu alaihi wasalam) told people not to say he is the best because on the day of judgment, everyone.. More

  • Books and Channels on Fortune-Telling Date: 10-5-2018

    Is it true that if you read in some book about prophecy predicting a future of a character in book, or you watch that in movie, or play in the game and your character's destiny is predicted, is it true that your prayer is not accepted for 40 days ? .. More

  • Hidden Shirk Date: 9-5-2018

    What is hidden shirk? How can it affect subconscious mind? .. More

  • His Son is Believed to be Possessed by Jinn Date: 29-4-2018

    A’alaykum. I have a typical question but it is unbelievable. Sorry for these kind of question. My Elder Son (name-Mohammed Abdur Rasheed) is 25 years old. My Son is not growing up, not good in studies and he was getting sick day by day. As advised my somebody, we have visited one place to show my Son. ‘Hazat’ has described the events as follows,1).. More

  • Being Proud of Faith Date: 29-4-2018

    Assalamu alaikumAllah says in surah Furqan iza marru bil lagw marru kirama. So one should show honor to idle talks bad people. How should it be done? Is it merely that one avoids them is that all? So when you try to show honor you feel proud. But i know that being proud is makrooh.So can one be proud while showing honor to bad people? Is it mustahab?And.. More

  • Repenting from Apostasy Date: 26-4-2018

    If a Muslim committed Ridda and later repented, what would happen to his rewards he got for his good deeds before he committed the Ridda? .. More

  • Hanging a Flag that has a Cross Date: 22-4-2018

    SalamCan a muslim hang a flag in his room that contains a cross shape (like the Swedish or Norwegian flag) if he is from those countries? And he only hangs it for the intention of love of his country not because of the cross. Is that allowed? .. More

  • Supplication Against Evil Eyes Date: 12-4-2018

    On your site you mention that protection against the evil eye is Ma Sha Allah but I was told that some scholars say that you should say “Allahumma Barik Lahu (for male), Allahumma Barik Laha (for female)” so is it correct to pray for blessing for the person? Also if it is correct to pray blessings then can one simply say “Allahumma Barek Lek”.. More