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  • Kissing his sister's or daughter's forehead after their marriage Date: 22-5-2005

    I would like to know if I can kiss my sister's or daughter's forehead after her marriage? .. More

  • Beginning of the Islamic greeting Date: 12-5-2005

    Who started greeting in Islam? .. More

  • Using abbreviations for greeting Date: 9-9-2004

    I have received e-mails which use ASAK instead of "As-salaamu 'Alaykum…". I consider this to be innovation and not appropriate. I would appreciate your comments. .. More

  • Greetings to non-Muslims Date: 29-8-2004

    Is it possible - under Islamic rules - to say " salam alikom " to non-Muslims ? Could a Muslim say " salam" before a Christian speaks to him ? Is it possible to say " good morning," or any non-Islamic salams? Gazakom Allaho khayransalam.. More

  • Greeting non-Muslims Date: 29-8-2004

    My question is regarding the much talked about issue of greeting the non-Muslims. The Hadith tells us not to begin the greeting to non-Muslims. My questions are:(1) Is the greeting mentioned in this Hadith the Islamic greeting "Assalam Alaikum" or is it any greeting such as "how are you?" (2) If we are not allowed to greet them first, can we start to.. More

  • Greeting non-Muslims Date: 29-8-2004

    Is it allowed to greet non-Muslim with the meaning of "assalamu alaikum" but not with word "assalamu alaikum"?.. More

  • Shaking hands with right hand only Date: 24-8-2004

    I have accepted the Salaafi Da'wah a year ago, in my country (India) most of the people while shaking hand uses both their hands while I have heard that shaking with the right hand only is good. Please clarify according to the Sunnah of the Prophet and also tell what I should supplicate while I shake hand with anyone. .. More

  • Shaking Hands of Non-Mahram Women Date: 15-7-2004

    Why does Islam not allow greeting non-Mahram women by hand? .. More

  • Bowing down when greeting and other unacceptable practices Date: 4-7-2004

    The Bengali Muslims follow a custom which the Hindu's do. They bow down and take salaam from their parent's feet, their elders and when they get married to their in- laws. So far from what I know this is not correct, and it is not a Sunnah of the prophet SAW. How do I explain this to my parents and elderly... since I have stopped doing this and.. More

  • Men kissing men on their cheeks Date: 13-5-2004

    Is it permissible for men to kiss each other in the cheeks like most Arabs and Mediterranean people do?.. More

  • Men greeting marriageable women Date: 2-5-2004

    1. What is the difference between Nabi and Rasul that is different between prophet and messenger? 2. Can a man say 'Al-Salamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakathu' to a woman whether she is at her home and the man is a guest or they met in a way (journey) and she is not from the Muharamat? Is saying 'Al-salamu Alaikum' by a man to a woman or the opposite.. More

  • Bowing to a ruler Date: 24-4-2004

    What is the ruling of a "Muslim" ruler that makes some of his Muslim subjects bow to him as a sign of allegiance? Is he still considered Muslim?.. More

  • Saying 'Salaam' to a person who is praying Date: 22-2-2004

    My question relates to pray. If someone is praying, and a latecomer says, ‘Salaam Alaikum', do we move our hand? Second, is it possible to have 2 Jamaat in the same mosque at different times but same prayer?.. More

  • Placing the hand on the chest after hand shaking Date: 12-2-2004

    Is there any Daleel for placing one's hand on one's chest after shaking hands with a brother?.. More

  • Kissing Hands Date: 9-7-2003

    Is kissing the hands of pious, Aalim (scholar), old and elderly allowed in Islam. This includes aunts, uncles, and also distant aunts and uncles. .. More