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  • Brothers greeting sisters when passing Date: 18-5-2003

    I know that you should say Salaam to every brother who passes by whether you know him or not. Should a man passing a woman give Salaam to her? I have heard a Hadith that when the Messenger of Allah passed a sister, he would say greetings. Is this true? .. More

  • Answering the phone Date: 31-12-2002

    As slamou alaikoumWhat is the Sharia ruling to say "Allo" on the phone?.. More

  • Can women greet men hello by shaking hands Date: 3-11-2002

    Can women greet men hello by shaking hands?.. More

  • Being greeted while reading Qur'an Date: 28-10-2002

    When I am reading Holy Qur'an and I am greeted must I return this greeting?.. More

  • Bowing in martial arts Date: 7-10-2002

    Is it permissible for a Muslim martial arts student to bow as part of a martial arts class, if the bow is intended as a sign of respect, and not as a religious act?.. More

  • Greeting and shaking hands of Kafir Date: 3-9-2002

    How do you respond to a Christian who says: As-Salaam alaikum?What is the judgment of a Muslim, with Wudu shaking hands of a Kafir or a Christian before proceeding to Salat?.. More

  • Clapping hands Date: 11-8-2002

    What is the Hokum of clapping especially in a totally Islamic audience?.. More

  • Bowing to a person of rank Date: 8-7-2002

    Is it Haram to bend (as when you are praying) for a person like a king?.. More

  • Standing to shake hands Date: 7-7-2002

    Is it Sunnah not to stand up and shake one's hand if I was sitting? Or do I have to stand up and shake hands? What if the man who came to me to shake hands was older than me?.. More

  • Embracing a brother Date: 12-6-2002

    Can my brother embrace me?.. More

  • Saying "Good Morning" Date: 2-6-2002

    I need Fatawa on the following issue:Hadith and Daleel about greeting with "AL-Salaamu Alaikum" followed by "Good Morning"... More

  • Answering the Phone with "Salaam" in a Non-Muslim Country Date: 22-5-2002

    I live in a non-Islamic country (England). Every time I answer the phone I always say "Salaam". However, I was told recently that it is not permissible for me to do so, since many of the people phoning are English. Many ignore the saying and carry on as per usual; however, some do know how to reply and do so. Should I continue to say "Salaam" or not?.. More

  • Shaking hands with husband's father Date: 4-5-2002

    Can a female shake hands with her father in-law (her husband's father) when she greets him?.. More

  • Shaking hands with non-Mahrams Date: 20-4-2002

    Recently I visited a Fatawa website. In response to a question the mufti stated it is permissible to shake hands with non-Mahrems, if it is done without desire. I have never read anything in the Hadith that state such. Can you please throw light on this matter?.. More

  • Saying "Allah Hafiz" Date: 9-4-2002

    Is saying "Allah Hafiz" allowed when we are leaving? In Pakistan, it is very common practice, and if some one says al-Salamu Alaikum when we are leaving, it is considered awkward. So I want to know if it is allowed to say "Allah Hafiz" instead of al-Salamu Alaikum?.. More