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  • Wants to marry a pious girl who was born outside of marriage Date: 19-4-2005

    First and foremost I appreciated how well you are serving our religion. After that I would like to clarify my doubts related to a marriageable question. I want to marry a girl but she was born before Nikaah or agreement marriage, she is pious girl, she says her prays she wears Hijaab she behaves like a pious girl. She fears Allaah she would like.. More

  • In a hurry to marry a man who promises to change Date: 16-3-2005

    My brother is trying to find me a husband, a pious man. But I have been asked by another man to marry him, he says he will become a good Muslim Inshaa' Allaah, he is going to come back in my college within 2 months and he said he will have a beard, etc., Inshaa Allaah. I have told my mum, and says just wait until 2 months and see whether he.. More

  • Illegal alien in USA trying to find a Muslim husband Date: 3-3-2005

    I am from Costa Rica, but I live in USA. I reverse to Islam 6 years ago. After one year being here I did meet a guy from Syria a couple months later I became his wife. This marriage was only in the Islamic way because he did not want to sign any papers just because he did tell me that I want him to fix my illegal situation. So he wants me.. More

  • She is deeply concerned about the future of marriage to a revert (new Muslim) Date: 3-3-2005

    When considering marrying a revert if he has made a conscious effort to learn about Islam and fear of Allaah, what other qualities should be considered before deciding whether to marry a revert? Does consideration of his family and their involvement in my life and that of any future children, be a deciding factor in my decision of marrying a.. More

  • Wants to find pious religious Muslim husband in USA, but it is hard to find there Date: 3-3-2005

    Mine is more of an advise. I come from a Muslim family. But my parents are not very religious. I would like to get married to a very religious man. But the problem is my parents cannot find that for me. The Islam community here is not strong. So I cannot rely on leaders in mosque. What is your advice, how can I go about it? Any solution?.. More

  • Marriage to a girl who curses the Prophet's companions Date: 24-2-2005

    Can a Muslim who is Hafez-e-Qur'an marry a girl who believes that the Prophet's, sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam, companions became apostate and curses them? Her parents have no objection to the marriage. If yes then what can be the things he needs to do? .. More

  • Older Muslim wants to marry young Muslim wife to start a family Date: 14-2-2005

    I am 48-years-old, but new Muslim (2 years). I am divorced from non-Muslim woman from my non-Muslim life. I met a young Muslim woman, only 22-years. Is it good way to build a family together? .. More

  • Wants to marry an agnostic non-Muslim Date: 10-2-2005

    I have a woman that I'm planning to marry her, but she told me we should wait until May of 2005. The reason she wants to get married 2005 is because of her parents, she wants her parents to know me well before getting married. Also, she is a non-Muslim; and she is planning to convert to Islam, she is agnostic. So, do you think I should wait.. More

  • Wants to marry a woman with child by previous marriage Date: 8-2-2005

    I am a 41-years Muslim actually living in Spain I am engaged with a woman from my home country-an Arab country-I strongly love that woman that I want to marry her as soon as possible. The problem is that she has a child (an 11 years boy) from the first husband that I am getting afraid to happen problems about or with the child. So please will.. More

  • His family wants him to end his relationship with a girl Date: 10-1-2005

    Still in confusion about where to start with what all I can say. If anything in this finds un-Islamic I sincerely ask pardon from you brothers and Allah and requesting you to pin point and clear my errors. May Allah include us in the people of paradise? I was in love with a Hindu girl. But when I left India seeking a job in Qatar I dropped.. More

  • Worried about Islamic issues Date: 10-1-2005

    I am girl from Pakistan. I have many problems facing such as I don't pray, I have a bad habit to tell lies and I am completely out of Islam. I have a fiancé, we talk almost daily and in his family there are mix gatherings such as "Mehndi" during wedding. There are dances and songs performed by boys and girls together. I don't like this.. More

  • Wants to marry but it is difficult Date: 29-12-2004

    I really need some advice on this. I was recently asked for marriage by a Muslim man who is divorced and has a child. I told him I cannot keep talking to him on phone even the basics because its not Halaal. At the moment its difficult for us to marry because of financial reasons. We leave in different countries and it would cost him a.. More

  • Wants to marry a man but he is shorter than she Date: 1-12-2004

    I would like to ask you question, there is a male student at my college whom is practicing. I would like to ask my mother for me to marry him, but he is shorter than me. Is that a bad thing, please give me Fatwa. .. More

  • He proposed marriage, but does not pray Date: 28-10-2004

    Muslim has proposed to me. He converted to Islaam a little over a year ago. He took Shahada at Masjid Al-Azhar and has a document to that effect. Before that he used to be monotheist Christian. He regularly reads the English translation of the meaning of Qur'aan. Actually, he read it before he became Muslim. He also reads the Hadeeth. However.. More

  • Wants to marry a virgin with proof of it Date: 28-10-2004

    I am currently visiting the family of my possible future wife. This is also the first meeting of me and this girl. I contacted her through matrimonial site in internet (the ad was made by her parents). They live in Scandinavia but the parents are from my country. The girl seems perfect for me in many ways. She is obedient for her parents,.. More