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  • Marrying a girl who dances in front of females Date: 14-11-2005

    Is it permissible for a Muslim girl to dance among females? If a girl says that she only dances very occasionally (wedding and parties, etc.) in front of females and her female cousins and friends, and solely without any bad intentions but just for fun, then is marrying such a girl allowed? Please respond in detail. .. More

  • A poor religious man proposing to marry her Date: 2-10-2005

    Is it allow marrying a very poor person, but he is an Imaam in the mosque and very religious and very kind. I'm very high level than him, is it good for me or bad? .. More

  • Marrying a man whose father works in an insurance company Date: 2-10-2005

    I have a problem and I need an urgent reply. I have a 27-year old unmarried sister. She never had any proposals. A few days ago we had received a very good proposal from a very nice family. The man whom she is supposed to marry is a doctor but his father works in Insurance Company. The man lives separately from his father but visits his family.. More

  • How to identify chastity in marriage Date: 14-9-2005

    I know that the Quran says we should marry chaste women. I also know that men are supposed to be chaste before marriage, isn't? If that is the case how do we identify chaste men based on Quran and Hadeeth or any modern discovery? .. More

  • Seeking a good Muslim wife Date: 16-8-2005

    I'm Yazeed I live be in the UK 5years. So I was looking get married with Muslim woman but all women that look for good life I mean good money good home and good car and looking good. My questions why these women they say we are Muslims good Mu'min think the good Muslim that he makes easy life for others true or not. Please tell me as soon.. More

  • Wants to propose to an unreligious girl Date: 30-6-2005

    I am an IT graduate with good evaluation and a good job and - by god's will - a good future Inshaa Allaah. I come from a reserved family, my parents are religious, my mother teaches and studies Fiqh and Sunnah and Tafseer and other Islamic topics, me and my brothers do the prayers 5/5, at mosque my father and sister know the Holy Quran by heart. I.. More

  • Parents object to his desire to marry deaf girl Date: 23-6-2005

    I am in love with one handicapped girl but she is Muslim by birth, she is totally deaf, she prays five times a day, she is perfect in all Islamic way, but the thing is my parents are not accepting this relation because she is deaf that's all, please suggest me what can I do, I am waiting since from 6 years, still I will wait but she is already.. More

  • Marrying a man in jail Date: 22-6-2005

    Is it encouraged for a woman to marry a man who is in jail? .. More

  • He wants to marry but she's not ready Date: 8-6-2005

    I have recently met a girl who inspires me enormously in my religion. Thanks to her I read more about my Deen and I pay a lot more attention in performing my prayers correctly. I have always looked for someone with a very strong Eemaan and I finally found her. In order to stay within the boundaries of Islam I have proposed to her. As she is a bit.. More

  • Confused feelings about a marriageable girl Date: 23-5-2005

    Can you help me with a problem? Basically it is with regards to marriage. The issue is about a person whom I am interested in and need some guidance because I do not wish to follow it up if it will end in sadness. Basically I have met the girl at work in the last few months and got to like her character and personal qualities very much as.. More

  • Wants to marry live-in partner but her family object Date: 18-5-2005

    I am not a very religious person but I want to be, however, I am finding it hard to. I have a partner although I am not married. I want to marry him quick so I can stop committing sins. My brothers know about my partner as they found out but they have not told my parents, they told me themselves that there is no chance their going to let me.. More

  • Troubled relationship with a man Date: 15-5-2005

    I love a man. This man told me he will come to see my family in the June or July, then I pray and told my God if this man is good making this relation to be continued and if it is not cut this relation. I want to go away from this man but I return back what can I do? .. More

  • His family rejects his marital choice because of her skin condition Date: 26-4-2005

    A God-fearing Muslim with a good moral character wants to marry me and I want to marry him as well because he is a good Muslim, Masha'a Allaah. I have a skin condition (vitiligo-from which I have lost skin pigments in various parts of my body). He does not have any problems with my skin condition. He still wants to marry me. His parents are stopping.. More

  • Her father refuses to accept the proposal of a revert Date: 24-4-2005

    If my father refuses to consider a marriage proposal for me to a revert, coming from a Hindu family, and instead prefers me marry someone within our culture. Do I struggle to try and get my father to come to terms with this proposal or do I simply re-consider someone from within my culture? I am aware when considering marriage it should be to someone.. More

  • Wants to know best way to be in contact with her fiancé' before marriage Date: 20-4-2005

    I have been engaged for almost a year and Insha Allah, am getting married soon. During this one-year with the consent of our parents my fiancé and I have stayed in regular touch through email and sometimes have also spoken on the phone. What I would like to know is that if my emails and telephone conversations have generally centered round religion.. More