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  • Muslim woman marrying man of her choice Date: 29-1-2000

    Is a Muslim woman allowed to choose who she wants to marry?.. More

  • Marriage to a cousin (father's brother's child) Date: 29-12-1999

    I would like to have your advice regarding my problem. I have been falling in love with a girl and I am intent on marrying her soon. The problem is, the girl is my cousin (daughter of my uncle). Her father is my father’s brother. Can I marry her based on Islamic law? Your advice is highly appreciated. .. More

  • Girl's parents forced her to marry someone other than her first choice Date: 9-10-1999

    A friend and his girl friend wanted to marry each other, but the girl's parents refused my friend's proposal, though he has a good job and sufficient earnings. They forced her (the girl) to marry some other guy. Is this NIKAH o.k.? What Islam says about it?.. More

  • Exchanging photos for purpose of marriage and with Islamic marriage agency Date: 7-10-1999

    What is the position of the scholars about the exchange of photos for the purpose of marriage and with Islamic matrimonial agencies?.. More

  • Wants to marry rich man, but not rich herself Date: 2-9-1999

    I want to marry a rich man, but I'm not rich. Is that a problem if we want to be happy in life? His family won't accept this marriage. What should I do? Thanks very much for your help... More

  • Suitability in marriage Date: 4-8-1999

    I am a 23 year old Muslim sister who was born and raised in the UK, but of UAE/Sudanese percentage. Both my parents died when I was 10 years ago. I have been trying to get married and have inquired about this issue, but have not been successful looking in the UK. It seems that even practising Muslims here, and no doubt elsewhere, carry the un-Islamic.. More