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  • His wife claims he wrote divorce twice Date: 31-3-2008

    I am married with 3 children and was planning to divorce my wife on paper only so that I can marry someone overseas to bring them to the United States. I brought the divorce paper to my wife for her to sign but I did not sign it. Later on, I change my mind to marry again and my wife thru away the divorce papers. 3 years later, during an.. More

  • Her husband signed her divorce papers twice and does not respect Islam Date: 2-3-2008

    Asslamu Alykuom My husband wanted divors me by Swedesh law. we sighned on paper towis but we tooke it back. But he singthed again on paper but this time i was prgnant. I asked a imam he said you hade lost two talaaq. But becouse of you are pragnant you have one talaag left. but after four month i lost the child and one time we were with each other,.. More

  • Making fake divorce to bring his second wife to live with him Date: 20-2-2008

    I have two wives, one of whom lives back home and the other lives with me here, and the only way to bring her here is by pretending to divorce my first wife here, I was wondering if I went through a fake divorce with my first wife here to bring my second wife over. Would my fake divorce be considered as a real divorce in Islam? .. More

  • Divorcing his wife twice after Khul’ Date: 18-9-2007

    Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah, I hope Insha Allah, you will be able to advice in the right direction. Please look into the following case: One Mrs. XYZ sought Khul from her husband Mr. ABC after eight years of marital life. Mr. ABC approved the request for Khul of Mrs. XYZ and Khul took place. Before the Idda period was over, the woman XYZ realized.. More

  • Wrote divorce under pressure from his wife Date: 18-9-2007

    salam brothers i wish for knowledgable person to give me guidance as this is a vital matter for my life. i had a heated argument with my wife she got upset and angry and scribbled on a piece of paper I divorce Salma Bibi D/O Nehmat Khan of ?? she then kept insisting out of her anger that i sign this. i kept refusing to sign. We work together and one.. More

  • A husband giving up his right of divorce Date: 18-9-2007

    salam brother, brother i want to know if it is allowed for a man to surrender the right to pronounce verbale divorce when both of the husband and wife donot want to keep this verbal divorce right,so as not to destroy a loving marrige in a foolish it allowed for me to cancel my right for verbal divorce when my wife is also very happy with it.we.. More

  • Said to his wife ‘you are free’ Date: 3-9-2007

    if a man says to his wife do u want freedom? .you are free. but his intension is not to divorce her just telling her you can do your things freely my question is is that any kind of divorce does occur if his intension not to divorce her ?becuse some of scholars says in pakistan the word talaq mean in urdu free (azad) and by using these words talaq.. More

  • Divorced his abnormal wife but her family denies his divorce Date: 20-5-2007

    As salam u alaikum. I was married to an abnormal person, thought that it is my fate, and started my career with her, from the very beginning it was as such that she would not sleep the whole night and would feel un easiness for which I went to the doctors who after her examine find that she is abnormal, and asked me to find her family history and then.. More

  • Three divorces given on a stamp paper signed by witnesses and a lawyer Date: 27-3-2007

    Please keep this confidentail and give me an urgent reply if a husband has given a divorce to his wife directly with three words of talaq " Talaq, Talaq, Talaq (upon thrice)" on a stamp paper with witnesses and lawyer signatures and it is also written that it is an irrevocable divorce then in this case can the wife remarry her husband without hilala... More

  • Signed divorce papers thinking that they are not the final papers Date: 13-3-2007

    i have a serious problem regarding father put four papers in front of was written i mr shafiq divorse my wife(name) daughter of xyz and resident of xyz. i signed those four was the demand of my in law's when i saw the papers ,before signing them, the date was of feb 2007.i told my dad that the dates are required to.. More

  • The statement of a person “Whenever I marry I will divorce” Date: 31-1-2007

    I needed to know if this will be considered a never-ending vow of divorce and how one can get out of it by offering Kaffarah etc. If due to some absurd reason if a person X who is single and makes a statement that everytime he gets married then he is divorced or everytime he performs nikaah he is automatically divorced then can he ever get out of such.. More

  • Wife says that her husband has divorced her but he denies that Date: 11-1-2007

    one relative of mine got married last year. her married life was full of tension since day one. then after 8 months of marriage the husband decided to go out of the country for employment. not after 3 months of stay outside suddenly one day he called his wife and said i am divorcing you. same time he called the girls father and also his father and told.. More

  • Husband saying to wife 'You are not my wife' Date: 18-12-2006

    if a man says to his wife that you are not my wife and says it 3 times without saying the word Talaq or divorce, does the divorce takes place and should the woman leave him?.. More

  • Divorce before consummating marriage is a minor irrevocable divorce Date: 12-12-2006

    Asalaamu Alaikum, first i would like to say what a great job you are doing answering everyones questions may allah bless you. My question is i got engaged 2 years ago, to my second cousin, the marriage was without my permission. This guy and my dad both lived in africa and i live in England.My dad thought i knew about the engagement because that is.. More

  • Has doubts about the number of divorces he has delivered Date: 31-10-2006

    My family and I have a concern about the number of divorces between the husband and wife. The first time, husband was angry with wife but could not remember the word “talaaq” in Arabic. He asked the wife “ How do you say divorce in Arabic?” The wife didn’t answer because she feared being divorced. The husband asked again “How do you say.. More