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  • Establishing relation with another man does not deem a woman divorced Date: 25-9-2005

    If a married woman who is not happy with her husband love other man or make relation with him. In that case she will divorce? .. More

  • Metonymic expressions and divorce Date: 20-9-2005

    My wife and I got into an argument and I got angry and told her to go back to her mother's house. Does this consider divorce? .. More

  • Divorced his first wife only on paper Date: 17-9-2005

    I have 2 wives. I am in the military and they punish those who have extra marital marriages. The punishment is 2-6 years in prison. Some of my workers witness me with my second wife and had a concern they brought this to my boss attention. My boss warns me about the punishment in the military. Out of fear, I talk to my first wife to get divorce.. More

  • Did his words mean divorce? Date: 29-8-2005

    If you fought with your husband and at that time he was really tensed and he said that "then our relationship is broken or over" later he said he did not mean it from his heart. .. More

  • Denies he divorced by giving divorce certificate Date: 11-8-2005

    I submitted a question on this site and got a response. The question number was 272757. So much for answering my question. May Allaah reward you. I am still a bit unclear. You mentioned that you were not sure what I meant by "taking divorce papers." However, I don't have not mentioned "taking divorce papers" anywhere in my question. What I.. More

  • Seeks to help his friend avoid a divorce Date: 5-7-2005

    After through discussion with an Islamic scholar (Mufti), my friend has sent the first divorce notice to his wife. Among many others, one pertinent issue was that my friend's wife did not cook food for her husband, did not clean the house and had no interest in general house keeping. Later, from reliable sources, my friend came to know that according.. More

  • Questionable divorce Date: 22-6-2005

    It's a question about divorce. I am second wife of my husband and got married with him 3 years back. At the time of marriage my husband told me that he has given divorce to her first wife but on fourth day of marriage he told me that I was not given divorce to his wife when I back to America I will file divorce case. Actually the story was totally.. More

  • She divorced her husband in US court Date: 26-5-2005

    My question a woman has divorced her husband in American court, and her husband too has singed the divorce papers. Is it valid divorce can she marriy to another person? Or she has to divorce according to Islamic Law to get married to anther person? Please reply as soon as possible. .. More

  • Giving divorce in language other than Arabic Date: 16-5-2005

    I found out that according to Maliki Madhab, one of the condition of divorce to be valid is the pronunciation of the words in Arabic. Link for subject matter is I asked my 2 Usthadh here in Jeddah (I'm a Muslim revert since 1997), but they said that they never come across such rule. In their view,.. More

  • Marriage and divorce via the Internet Date: 15-5-2005

    What is the Islamic rule regarding Nikaah and divorce through Internet provided the bride and groom were staying two countries. If a marriage through Internet is valid or not? The presence of bride and groom is essential (face to face) for Nikaah? .. More

  • Divorcing his wife by written statement and no witnesses Date: 3-5-2005

    Is it acceptable in Islam, when husband divorcing his wife by just writing a statement of divorce without witness? Would not be necessary to have two witnesses when husband divorcing wife? .. More

  • Sent wife a written divorce notice Date: 27-4-2005

    A person has sent a Talaaq notice with two witnesses to his wife through Post stating that she is repeatedly staying in her maternal house and not returning to his place even on called by him in person. She is having a child. He has stated in his notice that “on the day of …… (Notice date) in the presence of X and Y by pronouncing Talaaq,.. More

  • Pronounced 'divorce' twice in anger Date: 26-4-2005

    During an argument I asked my wife would she be happy if I say "Talaaq" and then I said "Talaaq, Talaaq". Now I do not remember clearly whether I said the word Talaaq two times or three times but I believe I said it twice. I had no intention of saying that or divorcing my wife. It was just during an argument that I uttered these words. Now in.. More

  • Revoking the divorce can be done by verbal statement or action Date: 26-4-2005

    Zaid and Maryam married on 1/11/2002. From 22/02/04 Maryam is staying with her parents. On 27th July, 04 Zaid gave Maryam one Talaaq by mail. After first Talaaq they met outside and settled the problem, again on 31st Aug, 04 Zaid gave Maryam second Talaaq by mail. Again they met outside after 15 days of the second Talaaq. This time Zaid touched.. More

  • Length of time for a divorce if wife leaves Date: 24-4-2005

    I would like to know how long it takes for a divorce if she leaves an we don't live together... More