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  • Different opinions from the same Imaam about the same issue Date: 26-9-2006

    As-salaam alay Kum brothers, I recently asked a clarification on my previous question and you just forwarded me two previously issued fatwas instead of answering my specific question. Please DO NOT forward me previous fatwas as I do need specific answer to my question below and those previous fatwas DID NOT answer my concerns. I was asking that why.. More

  • Husband says to his first wife 'I divorce my second wife' Date: 21-9-2006

    A man has 2 wives. He says to the first wife I divorce her meaning he gives a divorce to the second wife. One else hears him say this except for the first wife and himself. The second wife lives in another country and the husband only sees her for a couple of weeks a year. The man has never told second wife he said these words about her. The man.. More

  • Saying to one's wife 'Our marriage is over' implies three Talaaqs Date: 29-8-2006

    Assalamu Alaikum Mufti Saheb, please help me. Am very troubled and need your urgent attention and guidance. Last year in April 2005, during argument with my wife I said to her "Am divorcing you; and I have given you talaaq." I went out of the house and later phoned her. She said to come home. I said: "Am not coming home. Its over, its finished (meaning.. More

  • Intended divorce in the future and then changed his mind Date: 23-8-2006

    As-salaam o alay kum wa rahmat Allah, I recently read about implied divorce in Islam. I needed to clarify that will this be counted as an implied divorce if a person X made an implied statement to his wife such as "go to your parents" or "get out of my life" while he was angry and at the time of making that statement his intention was that he will divorce.. More

  • Not knowing the ruling of divorce does not have any effect on it Date: 17-8-2006

    What is the ruling in cases where a man uttered words of divorce but did not know that it will cause divorce? This is the exact situation. A boy grew up in Pakistan and saw something in a TV play where a man give his wife three talaaq. Even other times throughout his younger days he read different places that divorce is given out by saying talaq words.. More

  • Husband authorizing his wife to divorce herself Date: 14-8-2006

    Dear Sir, Assalam u alaikum i have a small clarification, Please inform me that if the husband and wife live in different cities due to their jobs and the husband has given the right to wife for divorce at the time of nikah meaning she can also give talaq when ever she wants to, the husband and wife fight and the wife gave one talaq to husband by sms.. More

  • Divorcing a twice-divorced wife after her waiting period Date: 25-7-2006

    Salaam brothers, I have two quick questions in relation to divorce in Islam. 1. If a man pronounces third divorce on a woman who has been divorced twice previously and her second divorce iddah period is ALREADY expired (so she is no longer his wife as he did not take her back within iddah) than is this third divorce pronouncement counted against him.. More

  • Her husband divorced her three times during her menses Date: 27-4-2006

    I am married for 4 years and have 1 son, my husband divorced me 3 times after a big fight, I was in the state of my monthly period. After that my husband felt sorry and repented. He contacted 3 Shareea'h courts and scholars and 2 of them said that you 2 still live together. I also went to one Shareea'h court and Imaam where I live and go to prayer,.. More

  • Said 'my wife is free for ever' unintentionally Date: 27-2-2006

    I got married few months ago. I spent 3 weeks with my wife in Karachi and came back to Toronto to resume my job. After few weeks we both got some arguments. I controlled on myself by saying any bad or wrong words to her. As time passes there was something started coming in my mind that I should leave her (means divorce her) and this feeling was.. More

  • Irrevocable divorce signed by husband in front of witnesses Date: 21-2-2006

    I sent a question before but actually the answer given to me does not resolve my question. The link was The divorce already happened in front of Shaykh (registrar+2 witness) and a divorce certificate is issued for the third time and after that the husband claims.. More

  • Needs divorce papers but her ex-husband procrastinates Date: 6-2-2006

    My husband divorced me over the phone one year ago from another country one year ago and until today he didn't process the paper work for the divorce. He visited his daughter here in England few times and I asked for this papers and his answer always he doesn't have time or the routine in his country is very slow? I'm 37 years old and I want to.. More

  • Her husband wrote her divorce twice Date: 30-11-2005

    I would like to ask about Talaaq, I have been having problems with my husband since we got married. One day we had a fight, and I told him I want a divorce, and he asked me how many I want, I told him one. So he wrote me one Talaaq in paper and gave me. But I asked and I was told its not valid. So I didn't take it serious, then we went on with our.. More

  • How to deal with a couple who live together after three divorces Date: 24-11-2005

    One man wrote one letter to his wife saying that we can't continue and am giving three Talaaq. After few months he is back to her and they are continuing their relation, what should be my stand on this, as I go to their house and eat at their house, shall I have to stop the relation with them? Very few people know about this, do I need to.. More

  • Divorce on paper with intention Date: 27-10-2005

    May Allaah reward you for the efforts putting in by you to guide the Ummah. I've been passing through a painful life with my wife; she never regarded me, she has been so stubborn and non-compromising. To address her attitude I used all the possible means in Sharee'ah but in vane. During this period I uttered once Word Divorce and later we.. More

  • Uttering the words of divorce without addressing them to one's wife Date: 15-10-2005

    1) What if husband and wife discussing a book about Talaaq and he read some words like you are divorced in order to know about divorce? 2) What if someone is confused if meant a divorce or not but saying Kinaya Words? 3) Is intention in divorce means that what he said or what he wants or meant in Kinaya words? 4) Can a husband divorce his wife.. More