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  • A written divorce takes place if the husband intends it Date: 17-1-2015

    As Salam mualaikum warah mathullah wa barakatuhu dear brothers. I wanted to ask you about a very serious situation. My cousin divorced my sister. first of all; before he hit her he said, he is tired of her, and wants to divorce her; then proceeded to hit her. (To the nearest translation) Then he sent a talak notice via text message. He sent the text.. More

  • Endowning the wife the right to divorce in marriage contract Date: 16-1-2015

    Asallam U Alaikum, When I got married my parents put in the marriage contract the right of khula or a stipulation that I had the right to divorce. I heard it mentioned in the contract to me but I didn't know what it entailed as I was ignorant about these issues. In the start of my marriage I had many arguments with my husband and I'm not sure how many.. More

  • Divorced his wife before consummating marriage and wants to take her back Date: 12-1-2015

    Assalamu alikum, following situation is very important for two families. There is a brother whose nikah was done when both the girl and the boy were 12 to 14 years approx. But the families postpone the consummation of marriage or Rukhsati for a later time. Later on when the girl became mature, she said I will not marry this guy, the guy did not wanted.. More

  • Repeating the word of divorce without intending emphasis or issuing a new divorce Date: 10-1-2015

    I have asked a question twice and I have been redirected to some fatwas. I have read all these fatwas but the question which I am asking is not one of these. After reading the fatwas I have found that If somebody intended to emphasize on the first utterance in this case divorce is counted as one. Similarly if he hasn't intended any number it counts.. More

  • Divorce in the present tense is an indirect pronouncement of divorce Date: 9-1-2015

    AoA, Shaykh please guide meI am so in pain and please answer me as soon as possible, because it would be my 3rd talaq if this counts. Allah rewards you the best. In an argument he said in his mouth a complete sentence in urdu language ,main tumein ta la .q. di, I divorce you but when he said word talaq he made tiny pauses like ta la. q. After 3 days.. More

  • Intending divorce while saying a word that has nothing to do with divorce Date: 5-1-2015

    I have a question in many of your answer you say words of divorce requires intention but what if someones has intention but says words that are not in anyway considered direct or metaphors like a word that rhymes with divorce like takor (which means to be soothed in punjabi and has nothing to do with divorce in itself) and as the person says it he realizes.. More

  • Asking for divorce to prevent disease from being passed on to children Date: 2-1-2015

    Assalamualaikum....i am married for almost 4yrs but unfortunately 2yrs after our marriage I realized that both myself and my hubby are both AS which means we are at a risk of having an SS child. I am so scared of having one because it's horrible especially wen I think of the terrible and unexplainable pains the sicklers I know go through. I am psychologically.. More

  • Husband denies divorcing wife in an SMS Date: 29-12-2014

    Salam My marriage is not consummated but I had some privacy with my husband on phone.the privacy was partly sexual and partly general.One day I received a divorce sms on my mobile with my name like this 'I divorce you,I divorce you,I divorce you.'when I asked my husband the reason to send this message he totally denied that he sent it,but I am sure.. More

  • Her husband denies divorcing her three times Date: 21-12-2014

    salam my husband used to beat me an abuse me i gave him many chances then i came to my parent's home after physically torture. My husband came to my parent' home after 2 months and misbehave with me and my parents' He gave me 3 divorce at a time and left, Almost 2 months have passed now he filled the case that she is my wife and her parents force her.. More

  • A divorce pronounced before marriage does not take effect Date: 19-12-2014

    I gave talaq three times to a girl to whom I was NOT in nikkah. Can I marry the same girl? .. More

  • Table and bed separation has nothing to do with Islamic divorce Date: 18-12-2014

    The question is , if someone lives in a non muslim country where there are two types of divorces can be pronounced. Divorce and bed and board divorce. After divorce , u can legally get married again, but after bed and separation should not get married legally again. In the law , table and bed separation means that people no longer live together , share.. More

  • You have apparently become irrevocably divorced with major separation Date: 7-11-2014

    My husband and I have a difficult relationship, however we want to be together but we are still doubts whether we can .I'm 23 years younger than him and my immaturity has not helped us In May 2014 I was very nervous because he was going on a trip to Saudi Arabia and asked him to give me a divorce and I was menstruating at the time, only that our divorce.. More

  • Waswaas about the validity of a triple divorce Date: 13-10-2014

    I hv divorced a girl three times in anger after a Nikah without wali. I hv read it somewhere that in order to justify that talaq doesn’t happen u cannot come back with a stance that the nikah was invalid. If u were of the view that nikah u have done is valid. I hv been having nightmares, waswasas, I am scared of Allah, I don’t want to do wrong.I.. More

  • He married her without her Wali's consent, then gave her three divorces in the present tense Date: 5-9-2014

    I married a girl in secret without her parent's consent. Later after some months we has an argument , I gave her divorce three times by saying I divorce you , I divorce you , I divorce you.. It is important to tell she was menstruating at that time. I swear I had no intentions to leave her. I was of the fact that this is the way to give Talaq. I called.. More

  • Her husband said to her "It is over, I am going to send the divorce papers to you" Date: 31-7-2014

    Aslamualakum Wa Rahmatulahi Wa Barakatuhu brother, I have a question about my personal situation pertaining to divorce. I was forced into an arranged engagement since I was 15, I willingly went to Pakistan for a short trip and got married because his mother was dying when I was almost 19 back in 2012. I came back to the U.S. without consummating the.. More