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  • Divorce is effective in an invalidly consummated marriage Date: 26-11-2015

    Assalaamu alaykum Shaykh. I married a girl without her guardian, and one day, in anger, I said to her, "I divorce you, I divorce you, I divorce you." I asked this from you before and got the fatwa that if one got married according to the Hanafi way, then it is valid, however, there are two opinions for divorce; some scholars say that it counts as one.. More

  • The divorce of a menstruating or pregnant woman is valid Date: 17-10-2015

    Assalamu alaykum Shaykh. I have been married for 3 years. We don't have children. I love my husband so much, and he says that he still loves me, but he cannot be with me. He said that I am a perfect wife, but he has a crazy mind. He always shouts and makes me cry. We tried to reconcile, but he always gets angry so easily. My husband pronounced the words.. More

  • Husband denies uttering divorce though wife says she heard them Date: 7-10-2015

    Assalaamu alaykum. In an argument, I heard my husband whisper, "I divorce you," but a day later, when I asked him about that, he said that he did not intend to divorce so he did not complete the word 'talaq' (divorce) in his mouth. However, I heard him whisper the complete word, so I asked him again but he swore that he did not complete the word talaq... More

  • Divorce issued by non-Islamic courts not effective Date: 6-10-2015

    Asalamu Alaikum. I have been seperated for nearly 6yrs this May.In 2013 i started Khula proceedings,Th Sharia council sent one letter to my husband. I cancelled the following letters as i still have feelings for him. I did salat istalkhara and allso Dua'a Hajat and got negative answers.The marriage was abusive.still he has a hold over me i cant understand.. More

  • Woman divorces herself irrevocably after being authorized by husband Date: 24-8-2015

    Assalamualaikum ImamI hope and pray you are well. Imam my sister have been to the Sharia council and send divorce to her husband on the 26th of May 2015 (first divorce). In the divorce letter its mention“On the 28/6/2015 the above mentioned wife called at our office and testified that on 26/05/2015 she divorced herself from her mentioned husband irrevocably.. More

  • Wife's guardian is not entitled to issue her divorce Date: 21-7-2015

    As salaam Alkauim. My husband went away to prison and I asked for a divorce after for 7 years. In our 5 year of marriage I wanted out. My husband refused to give me a divorce. So I divorce him through the law of the land because we got married about ways. I then went to the Iman in my community and he refused to divorce me and suggested that I wait.. More

  • Her husband said to her "I don't want a wife like you" Date: 20-6-2015

    Assalamu alaikum, Sheikh Some women told me that once her husband said to her I do not want like you, then again I don't want like you, so she asked a very great and knowledgeable alim that her husband said to her I don't want like you, but she kept quite then alim said to her if your husband said I do not want like you and then if you had said him.. More

  • If wife chooses divorce after husband puts the matter in her hands Date: 19-6-2015

    Assalamu Alaikum,Sheikh during in verbal fight if husband says to his wife you want to live with me or your brother, choose one, and then he gives options to his wife that ifyou want to live with me then you have to choose one right now.Then, wife says that she swears to Allah that she wants to live with her brother, And ,at the moment, she really intended.. More

  • Issuing divorce to end an invalid marriage takes effect as an irrevocable divorce Date: 1-5-2015

    Aslam o alaikumYa sheikh. I married a girl without a guardian.We kept it secret and lived with our families met once or twice and consummated. We came to know that the nikah is invalid so I said to the girl that there is no relationship between us as a husband and wife. I said this to her so that the things are clearer among us that this relation has.. More

  • Marriage is a 'solemn covenant', so divorce should not be taken lightly Date: 28-4-2015

    I said to my wife " if u dont obey me, give me khula/talaq. then i taught her the words. she told me as i taught " i give u talaq because ur mua'malat is bad. then i said to her " I accept it". Is this a valid talaq?1.There was no mention of returning of my mahr from her or my side2.When i said " I accept it" my intention was I was giving her 2nd talaq.3... More

  • Oral divorce is effective even if not registered later Date: 27-4-2015

    Assalam AlaikumMy question is that I took khul' from my husband..during Iddah we remarried with new Mahar..after a year he divorced me...but it is not in written till today...he just said that...I am now married to my second husband since 2 years...I am still confused all that has happened was all right according to Islam??and if not how can it be rectified??.. More

  • Various narrations about conditional divorce Date: 26-3-2015

    assalamu alikum i have a question regarding conditional divorce.are these narrations authentic regarding conditional divorce? a man said"""The reports received from the companions of the Prophet (ṣallallāḥu `alayhi wa-sallam) and those who followed them. Al-Bukhārī reported that a man divorced his wife if she left the house.Ibn.. More

  • She investigates her husband's intention in an indirect pronouncement of divorce Date: 18-3-2015

    Please help. I suffer from whispers.If my husband jokes with me that if it is so hot here then go to your parents house i start having whispers that did he or did he not mean divorce. He knows i suffer from doubts and whispers so I always ask him you did not mean "That" right?. I use the word "That" instead of the word divorce and my husband knows that... More

  • Husband authorized wife to divorce, but wife's response was not effective Date: 13-3-2015

    I said several times to my wife people are free in North America to take divorce if you want is up to you I am not giving you the divorce, but last time I just say if you want to take divorce upto you (my intention was to say I am not giving you- but couldn') but couldn't able to say that I am not giving divorce to her and wife say okay lets go to lawyer.. More

  • False acknowledgement of divorce does not result in divorce Date: 16-2-2015

    sir some one questioned me (in Urdu) that have u done third divorced of your wife I asked him (g?) its a Urdu word and here are two meanings of this word one meaning is yes if I told and second meaning is what if I ask. So I want to ask you that is the divorce has done or not. .. More