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  • Expressions that authorize wife to issue divorce Date: 29-6-2016

    Assalamu alaykum, Shaykh. I have already written you a query but I could not write my query completely. My query was the following: what if husband always previously said that he cannot give his wife a divorce but that whenever she wants, she always has the right to get a divorce or a Khul' (divorce requested by the wife and for which she returns the.. More

  • Divorce does not take place by merely signing divorce papers Date: 22-5-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. I seek your advice to, if at all possible, save my marriage. In Q3 2014, I got married to my wife, who was actually my parents' choice, but we both really fell in love with each other. Then my parents started to resent her, said that she has an attitude, is not good with house chores, and is too weak to lead a life and things like.. More

  • Repetition of divorce in present tense Date: 14-5-2016

    Shaykh, I sent a query, but you referred to other fatwas. I wanted to ask about two different things, Shaykh. Three years ago, in an argument, I asked my husband for a divorce. He said, Since I thought that he had to say it three times, I said, “Say it, why did you stop?”Then again said,“I divorce you,”twice. Then I started crying. After some.. More

  • New Muslim woman marrying Muslim man without calling her Christian husband to Islam Date: 4-5-2016

    I was married to a Christian man and started an online friendship with a Muslim man. The Muslim man introduced me to Islam, and I converted to Islam, praise be to Allaah. My Muslim friend said that I was now single and unmarried. I told my Christian husband that I wanted to divorce but never gave him an opportunity to convert to Islam in order to try.. More

  • Her husband forgot his intention when he uttered a metaphorical divorce Date: 12-4-2016

    Thank you respected Shaykhto allow me to ask my query again. Is it a divorce? We had an argument, then the next day, my husband was mad so we had another arguement, and in this verbal fight, he said, "Leave the room or I will say the word." I said, "I will not leave." Then he said many times while arguing, "Leave the room or I will say (it)," but I.. More

  • Divorce issued by non-Muslim judge is Islamically ineffective Date: 15-3-2016

    Your Question is: Salaam, in the name of Allaah, the Most Merciful. A woman applied for divorce in a UK court and when the husband received the petition from the court he said that he was going to contest the divorce. He paid the fees to the court and returned the paper work to the court saying that he was defending the case. The court then set a date.. More

  • Triple divorce in present tense Date: 15-3-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. May Allaah's blessing be on you, and may Allaah reward you for everything that you are doing. Shaykh, my question is a little difficult. I said to my wife, "I divorce you, I divorce you, and I divorce you," in anger over the phone. It was not planned or anything. I called her and we were fighting about something, and I said, "I will.. More

  • Multiple incidents of divorce Date: 8-3-2016

    Assalamu alaykum. I am mother with two children and I am nurse. My husband has uttered divorce by another word without the intention. Eight years ago, I was on duty and my duty finished but because still I had a patient for an operation I could not go home early. My husband called me and insisted that I go home. I tried to explain, but he insisted... More

  • Saying ‘divorce happened’ in reference to a past divorce is not a new divorce Date: 28-2-2016

    Dear Scholar. I was talking to my mother-in-law and informed her that my husband gave me one divorce and that now two are left. My husband was sitting with me and said, "Divorce happened," confirming the previous divorce that he gave me. I asked him again what he meant and he said that he was referring to the previous incidence in which I claimed that.. More

  • Doubting whether written divorce was effective or not Date: 22-2-2016

    I have been married for six years; during this time, I divorced her twice, but we reconciled. Three months ago, she left the country to meet her parents, and we kept in touch via the internet. We had an argument a month ago and have not been talking since. Then something happened, and I got very angry and sent her a message that I will divorce her (meaning.. More

  • The ruling on divorce if husband merely signed divorce papers Date: 15-2-2016

    Respected Mufti, please help me to save my future and to rectify my mistake. I got married in secret with a man that was already married without informing my family and in the presence of two friends of my husband in April 2013. There is a wide professional and educational gap between us (I m a MD doctor, He is a bus driver). Ever since, I have not.. More

  • Ruling on divorce depends on its type Date: 11-2-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. The Prophet, sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam,said, "The pen has been lifted from three: from the sleeper until he wakes up, from the minor until he grows up, and from the insane until he comes back to his senses or recovers." the Prophet, sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam,said, "The deeds are considered by the intentions." In light of the.. More

  • An ambiguous case of multiple divorces Date: 28-1-2016

    I pronounced the divorce several times out of ignorance or confusion due to what shaykhs were telling me. All utterings were at the urging of my wife while I was just going along with her wishes. An imam told me that I can take her back anytime and I wrongly assumed that I can divorce and take her back as many times as I want. Also, to the best of my.. More

  • She is married but her ex-husband claims that she is still his wife Date: 14-12-2015

    Assalaamu alaykom, I was married in 2008 as a second wife. My husband and I had many arguments; on one occasion, he divorced me twice with the words of talaq (divorce). He took me back the same day, but after a year we separated, and he said that I was free. I asked him whether we were married and he replied in the negative. Later, under pressure, he.. More

  • He divorced his wife based on misinformation from her family Date: 8-12-2015

    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullah. I have a question concerning my divorce. I was married for nearly four months, and after that I 'divorced' my wife. There was no abuse or disrespect in our treatment, but I treated her coldly and neglected her. After some discussions, we got along with each other and decided to stay together. However, her family insisted.. More