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  • Solving misunderstandings to maintain the cohesion of the family

    Salam,I have my mother in law, who is also my maternal aunt, and her son are visiting from out of town. And I kindly asked that she reschedule her visit because I am going through a very emotional and stressful time due to personal issues. She became upset and became angry. And now my husband is upset with me too. When I seen she took it personally,.. More

  • Eavesdropping on Family Conversations while they Are Talking about Her

    Is it allowed to hear my family conversation?. If they are talking to someone regarding my marriage without my concern.? Sometimes i feel its ok what i can do hearing the talks? I believe almighty allah is best planner. And sometimes iam confused that its regarding my future so i should. .... please help me . I pray to allah may your answer guide me.. More

  • Wife Refuses to Return Home

    If my wife does not come home from her parents house even after many requests and few months have passed what should be my action . I have already send her the interpretation of surah an nisa ,Aya 34 n 35 with related hadith . .. More

  • Husband Deserts Her Father And Claims Illegitimacy of His Daughter

    Assalamuaikum! I apologize for my long question but I hope the details can explain the current situation a little more. My husband and I have been married for the past 3 and half years Alhamdulillah. We are blessed with a beautiful daughter Alhamdulillah. In shaa Allah we are expecting our second child soon. Since the past years, my husband has been.. More

  • Tortured by Her Husband and In-Laws and Wants Divorce

    Assalamualikum.I am from india.since the day of my marriage my in-laws satarted torturing me.they always abuse me without any fault.then my husband also started torturing me.i have tolerated so much both mentally and physically for 1 year.i got married on 10october 2015 and came to my parents home on 7october husband never realised his mistakes.after.. More

  • Wife Refuses to Return Home Due to Quarrels with Husband's Mother

    Married for around 10 months wife went ot her parent place even after completing 1month she not yet returned reason for going is that my mother is speaking a lot saying same thing again and again, need solution..Even i had gone to bring her back but she didnot came with me. .. More

  • Her Husband Calls Her Disobedient For Everything She Does

    Salam aleikum I have a question about the Word nashez ( disobedient wife) as my husband calls me this many Times a day. He tells me every day almost that Prophet Rasoul Allah have made lana for women like me and that i Will never feel the smell of jennah . If i forget to close a door inside Home he calls me nashez , if i dont make bread exactly on the.. More

  • Husband Neglects Her and the Children

    Salam aleikum I have a question regarding my marriage situation as i find it very bad. My husband is out with friends all night . He comes Home around 4 or 5 in the morning. Takes sleeping pills and then sleep all day . I hate this and i told him but he dosent care . He continues doing it . Which of Course leaves me not Only lonely during the Days and.. More

  • Their Father Mistreated and Abandoned Them

    Assalamu alaikum wa rahmathullahi wa barakathuhu...My father left my mother with my 2 siters (2yrs old,1 yr old) and when she was carrying me(2 months pregnant)....There was not any contact between them for 26 years...nor he provided us with anything throughout our life....he never met us or my mother...even many times my mom and her family tried to.. More

  • Her Husband Divorced Her and Wants to Relocate and Take the Children

    As salamu alaykom respected alim.I have a serious issue that needs immidiate attention. My husband and i have been married for nearly 10 years. We have 3 children together aged 3, 6 and 7. Recently my husband had his visa removed. He has been detained for 3 months. He has divorced me and will return to his country. He wants to take the kids with him... More

  • Severely Harmed and Falsely Accused By Her In-Laws

    I been falsely accused two times from my in laws I been crying day in night my husband doesn’t believe me either I been oppressed by my in laws since I got married but I had wanted to be on good terms they would hurt me with words and I would stay silent because I don’t want to oppress anyone but sheikh last time they accused me of teaching my husband.. More

  • Brother of Mother In-Law Enters Upon Her Abruptly

    Asalama WaAlkum, I have been married 18yrs l and have 6children with my husband. I have my mother n law living with me. I have a question her brother ( a older man 85yrs of age) lives two doors down and always comes unexpectedly to my house (his sisters house of course) knocks on the door twice and walks in. I never really got irritated before but I’ve.. More

  • Her Husband Refuses to Have More Children

    Salam aleikum Sheikh Me and my exhusband divorced about 10 Days ago . We were married for 10 years and have 3 kids aged 8,7 And 5 . I got a divorce throu khula and one of the biggest reason i asked khule for is i want to have more kids but he dident want . Now he talks about he loves me and misses me and asked me to marry him again i Said yes if he.. More

  • She Is Mistreated By Her Parents and Family

    Salaam, I’m a sixteen years old girl and I’m seeking help regarding my family. Growing up, my brother and mother have beaten me for using social media or for minor mistakes. This has caused me to have depression. My father had left the house three times throughout my childhood, further increasing my depression as well as my mother constantly making.. More

  • His Wife and In-Laws Cause Him Depression

    As Salam O Allay kum, Sir I am married from the past 8 years and once I get married I was penny less guy and at that time my in-laws was looking at my physical appearance and breed they are rich they don't respect me not even mother in law but few brother and sister in law also, once she send me back from her home without lunch and I was far from my.. More