3388 fatwas

  • Parent Asks Him to Drive Female Relatives Who Don’t Wear Hijab To Hospital Date: 21-4-2020

    My grandparent is in hospital and was on the verge of dying at one point so my parent has of course been very upset and stressed at times. The problem is because of this situation making them so busy, my parent has started asking me to take female family members who don’t wear hijab to the hospital or to school and so on. I just don’t know what.. More

  • Cheating and Lying to Get Residence Visa and Government Housing Date: 20-4-2020

    Assalamualaikum. Please advise: a close family member is trying to use deception to gain a residence visa and government housing in the UK. There is some truth in the application mixed with falsehood in order to try to obtain the visa. Do I have to inform the authorities about the deception even indirectly? Bearing in mind this would reveal the person’s.. More

  • Tolerance Towards Disbelievers vs. Forbidding Them From Committing Evil Date: 5-4-2020

    How is tolerance to the kuffar to be done beside doing nahi munkar. I mean like we should let the christians do their worship (without helping them in any way), but isnt seeing that they worship something beside Allah (like they do their rituals outside the church so i can see it, or in the church but not inside the building) oblige us to forbid evil?. .. More

  • Justice Amongst Children When The Gift is Insignificant Date: 1-4-2020

    I know that parents must be just in giving gifts to their children. But sometimes you may be out with a parent and they may take you out for lunch or buy you some snack. Is it permissible to accept this since the other children won't receive it, although the parent does generally provide for all of the children? .. More

  • He Claimed to be Catholic Date: 1-4-2020

    Selam . I am 22 years old , i worked months ago as a call agent and while i was talking to a woman on the phone , she asked me if im a cacholic . I asked my boss what to say and he said to me you should say yes because she will belive you more on trying to close that deal so it was just for a few more money , but i know i was wrong and very repented.. More

  • Repented from Buying Trousers with Stolen Money Date: 1-4-2020

    As Salam alaikum noble Shaykh. I was working in the company of construction owned by Chinese so this Chinese used to hurt us and cheat us in terms of our salaries so the employees decided to steel company cement and I participated there we stole 11 cement and sold it so the money I got there I bought the trouser, this job was for temporary we were constructin.. More

  • Said Shahaadah After Uttering Disbelief But Didn't Repent Date: 1-4-2020

    Sheikh what happens if a person uttered a kufr or shirk word and says shahadah sincerely but does not do tawbah and dies on that state .. More

  • Wears His Hair Long and Wants To Keep It in A Man Bun while Parents Object Date: 25-3-2020

    Alsalam Alikum, So I am guy with long curly hair that lives in a European country. My parents want me to cut it because they think it is imitating women which is haram, but my hair doesn’t look like women’s hair. They pointed out that when my hair gets wet it reaches the top part of my back but when it drys it compresses to shoulder length. So.. More

  • Seeking Interpretation of A Dream about Marriage Date: 25-3-2020

    Asalam Walaikum. I am 25 years old unmarried Muslim girl. I recently had a dream where I am getting engaged to an unmarried man in a blessed house which belongs to my family currently. Since I am unmarried right now I needed help in interpreting this dream. I tried searching online for answers but couldn't find any proper answers. Hence I am writing.. More

  • Losing Respect For The Father Date: 19-3-2020

    Asalaamualaikum. I would like to know how to deal with a bad relationship between my father and I. I'm aware that I am supposed to be treating him kindly and have also been told that the pleasure of Allah lies with the pleasure of parents. However, after a series of events, I see myself losing respect for my father and wanting to have nothing to do.. More

  • Reciting Last Verses of Soorat At-Tawbah and Other Thikr Date: 18-3-2020

    Is it authentic to say part of the last aayah of surah tawba 7x in the morning and evening? And also is this authentic 3x in the morning and evening: Radhitu billaahi rabban, wa bil Islaamy deenan, wa bi Muhammadin salla Allaahu ‘alayhi was salaama nabiyyan? .. More

  • Never Prayed, Fasted, or Payed Zakaah And Wants To Repent Date: 17-3-2020

    Assalamu Aleikum. I have never prayed, fasted, payed zakah in my life but I want to become a practising muslim. But what keeps stopping me is that I keep thinking about the major sins I did in the past. And also these past days I've been thinking what if I committed shirk .. More

  • Lying to One’s Mother Date: 16-3-2020

    My father is married to a second woman. My mother is angry at this. The second woman came and lived with my father and I. Is it Haram to lie on my mother about this to avoid conflicts? .. More

  • Parents Favor His Younger Siblings Over Him Date: 15-3-2020

    How to deal with parents who are noticeably partial towards some of their children, but categorically deny it when informed regarding it. They may not know they commit such an act, but it is pretty evident. No matter what, the parents take sides with the younger children against the eldest. This undermines the authority the eldest child has on any.. More

  • Father Forbids From Doing Something While Mother Permits Date: 3-3-2020

    Assalamualikum, I wanted to ask that if my father forbids me from doing that is permissible, but my mother permits me to do the permissible action, will I be sinful for doing the permissible action. .. More