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  • Marrying Someone She Does Not Love Out of Pity to Him and Obedience to Parents Date: 20-9-2020

    Assalamu alaikum Sheikh. There is a man I do not love, should I marry him out of pity or obedience to parents?Thank you Sheikh .. More

  • Repentance is Easy to Make without Any Hardship Date: 17-9-2020

    Assalamalkam I would like to know if I’m repenting correctly. So how I was repenting is I would verbally or in my mind say Oh Allah I admit it I did sins, then say I’m doing this out of sincerity, then say I feel guilt for this sin and then say I wish I didn’t do it then I will think about punishment and ask Allah not to punish me, then I say.. More

  • Very Stressed as Her Parents Disapprove of Her Diet and Subject of Study Date: 14-9-2020

    Assalamualaykum, I have a very serious issue I don’t know what to do about this.My parents are not happy with me Firstly I would like to highlight the problems with me I’m 19 year old and I weigh 120 kg I’m very overweight as a result, I reduce my food intake and exercise.Someone told me that I should eat less and move more, and also stop eating.. More

  • The Best Wording of Istighfaar Date: 14-9-2020

    I was at sports practice one day and a discussion came up regarding a certain clothing which I wore due to skin problems. My friends questioned me about it and I wanted to avoid embarrassment so I said my parents forced me to wear it. This was a few years ago, and I have started to research more on Islam now, and feel it was wrong to lie like that... More

  • On the Day of Judgment No Soul Would Give Any Good Deed to Another Date: 14-9-2020

    On the day of judgement Can a Muslim give a little good deeds to family or a non Muslim ? Can a person give good deeds to sinners For eg a friend who is a disbeliever ? .. More

  • An Angry Father Should Be Advised Kindly and Gently Date: 1-9-2020

    Assalamuwalaikum..My question is about my father who has no control over his anger..He sometimes gets angry over very small issues and something without any logic..I know about paternal rights of kind treatment from their children but sometimes he get so much aggressive that he strangle my younger brother or hit him so badly..just for things like didn't.. More

  • Selling Products on Amazon by Cheating and Deceiving Date: 16-7-2020

    Isitharam 1) One method to earn is that sellers on amazon hire me to approach people and give their products to the people for free but in return they must give 5 stars to the product (fake reviews). This way I get a commission and the seller gets good rating which makes his product look good and attractive to other genuine buyers on amazon. Someone.. More

  • Strive to Learn about Your Kinship Relations to Keep Ties with Them Date: 16-7-2020

    Please excuse this unorganized post. I am feeling stressed due to having to uphold ties of kinship. I think about this often, almost every day. I was born and raised in a country other than my parents' home country. I have spoken to some of my relatives but I never got close. I don't speak their language well, and they don't contact me. I would like.. More

  • Her Sister Is Dissolute and Commits Grave Sins: Should She Tell Her Mother or Conceal Her Sins? Date: 13-7-2020

    Should i tell my mother about the sins that my elder sister is sins committing such as borderline adultery, occasional alcohol and drugs or should i keep the secret? My elder sister is currently is america studying, however she began making a boyfriend and meeting up with him while in Pakistan. At the time, I enabled her, meaning i did not discourage.. More

  • Supplicating against the Oppressor in Proportion to the Injustice Caused by Him Date: 13-7-2020

    Assalamualikum, If someone is not good person and always try to harm us, can we make dua for his death. Is it permissible...? like dua in the below hadith. "Hisham b. Urwa reported on the authority of his father (Allah be pleased with him) that Arwa bint Uwais disputed with Sa'id b. Zaid that he had seized some of the land belonging to her. She brought.. More

  • It Is Not Sunnah to Command Worshippers to Exalt the Mention of Prophet after Prayer Date: 12-7-2020

    As salaamu alaikum Please is it permissible for the Mu'athin or any other person among the ma'mum to say 'sallu alan Nabiyi Kareem' and the rest will say 'salla Allahu alaihi wa sallim' immediately after tasleem? .. More

  • Greatest Means to Fix Knowledge in the Heart and Prevent Forgetting It Date: 12-7-2020

    Assalamu Alaikum. I have problem with retaining things in my memory. i easily forget them whenever I learn. I will like you to refer me to a/some supplications from the holy prophet (S.A). Jazakallahu Khair in anticipation of your reply .. More

  • Calling an Ambulance While It Is Not an Emergency Is Cheating and Deceit Date: 12-7-2020

    If I call an ambulance although I know it is not an emergency but I want to ensure I get seen quickly, what are the moral implications of this? .. More

  • Swore that If She Does Something She Becomes a Kaafir Date: 17-6-2020

    I swore in the name of ALLAH that i would be kafir if i do this and then later i broke by doing that thing.But at that time i didnt know that it would make me kafir..i was completely unaware.Please tell me did i become kafir? .. More

  • Was Paid for Helping others to Pass their Driving Theory Test: Is the Money Lawful Date: 16-6-2020

    Salam allykum, I did Driving theory test For some people who couldn’t understand English nor read it much and kept failing their test. So I did it for them I got paid for it. I know it’s cheating I know it’s not good either and I feel bad. But I’ve been able to help out my mother and father with it I wanna ask Is it Har?m money? If so what.. More