354 fatwas

  • Website of an apostate Date: 29-7-2002

    A friend of mine told me about this site www.submission.org. It is really very confusing. Can you please check it and tell me if this site is right or wrong because nowadays some sites are being made by the non- Muslims to misguide the Muslims... More

  • Serving jury duty in US Date: 18-6-2002

    I live in the united stated. I will be called to serve jury duty. If the judge instructs to ignore some evidence and follow others regarding a particular case, for example, the police entered the criminal's house without a permit from the judge but they found the object used to commit the crime. Therefore, the evidence is rejected. What will be my approach.. More

  • Those who will go to Hell Date: 15-5-2002

    If you are not a Muslim will you go to Hell?.. More

  • Muslims claiming damages from Muslims in non-Islamic courts Date: 8-4-2002

    Under what circumstance is a Muslim sister or sisters allowed to take legal action in a non-Islamic court, against an Islamic association with the claim of sexual discrimination? For example, does Islam under any circumstance allow claim to financial reward for stress caused by a Muslim brother toward a Muslim sister. (i.e. discrimination - sister not.. More

  • Shirk in Obedience Date: 29-10-2001

    If you obey someone who urges you to do an act of disobedience to Allah will he commit Shirk, the Shirk in obedience'? Is Shirk in obedience a major Shirk or a minor Shirk. If I didn't pray Fajr and Isha by obeying my mother have I become a Kafir? Because isn't Shirk in obedience a major Shirk and isn't a major Shirk an act of Kufr, so an act of Kufr.. More

  • Muslims judging by secular law Date: 8-4-2001

    What is the Islamic ruling regarding a Muslim working as a lawyer and a judge guided by secular (man-made) law even in a Muslim country?.. More

  • Income from Haram Sources Date: 21-12-2000

    I would like to ask about Muslims who make their income from a Haram source (for example, selling alcohol in their business). A Hadeeth says what is in the meaning that when such a person asks Allah for His help, Allah does not respond to him because his source of income is Haram. My questions are: (1) These Muslims acknowledge that they are doing.. More

  • New Muslim Woman Seeking Guardian (Wali) Date: 14-12-2000

    I am a new convert (alhamdulillah) and I need advice on how to go about getting a Wali. .. More

  • Disrespecting the Qur'an Date: 30-10-2000

    Please enlighten me about whether it says in Qur'an that if a person disrespects the Qur'an he should be killed, if the person is a Muslim. Does it matter if he is Muslim or non-Muslim? Some says that it means the Muslim person who disrespects the Word of Allah (swt) because he knows the real truth and denias it... More