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  • Getting to know suitor before he proposes to parents Date: 9-11-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. I have a problem that has been on my mind lately, and it is hard for me to forget about it. There is a sister who I am close friends with who has a righteous brother, and she thinks that we should get married. I really like him, but the problem is that he lives abroad and has no college degree, and I know that my parents will not.. More

  • Man avoiding woman he loves for the sake of Allah Date: 13-9-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. I have recently avoided getting involved with an extremely beautiful woman because her faith was not at the level I wanted it to be (she was not wearing the hijab). I enjoined good on her and she got very angry at me, but she is not ignoring me (I have not tried to talk to her since). I would say that my heart is hurt by this, I was.. More

  • Talking to non-Mahram online to learn language Date: 10-9-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum, Brother. I have a question and a request for you; please do not suggest other related fatwas, Shaykh. There is a website where people practice/learn English with their language partner. I am also learning English there and have found a female language partner. Is it halal for me to communicate with her just for practice? I do not.. More

  • Man lures wife to leave diabetic husband and marry him Date: 21-8-2017

    I am 26 years old and have been married for five years and we have no kids yet. My husband has been suffering from diabetics since three years ago. I am not satisfied with my husband at all, and I have met a guy who is 23 years old. We met on Facebook; I have not met him face-to-face, but he proposed to me and wants to marry me. So he told me to get.. More

  • Buying certain clothes because non-Mahram girl likes them Date: 12-7-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. I had a friend who complemented a hoodie that I was wearing. Because of this, I bought more hoodies like the one I wore. I think that I bought them to impress her; I bought them because I liked them, but I did have her in my mind when I bought them. I have totally blocked her out of my life and discovered that her name had a meaning.. More

  • Visiting neighbor living with boyfriend Date: 22-6-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. What is the fatwa regarding visiting my neighbour when her boyfriend that lives with her is in the house but in another room. Is it permisible, or should I avoid visits when he is present? Thank you very much, and may Allaah reward you. .. More

  • Asexual man may not take girlfriends Date: 8-4-2017

    I am an aromantic and an asexual man, meaning that I am not attracted to any gender in any way, so I was wondering if it would be halal for me to talk with a woman, just as a friend, nothing more? Is this also haram for me? Is it a punishment from Allaah (to be aromatic and asexual)? .. More

  • Breaking promise made to non-Mahram female Date: 4-1-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. Is it obligatory for a male believer to say to a female believer whom he has severely hurt that he will do something (it is not marriage) for her? Is it obligatory on him even though he may not feel comfortable speaking or texting her? He acknowledged that he made a mistake, but is it obligatory on him to say something to her? .. More

  • A man may be lured to sin through inviting a woman to Islam Date: 26-11-2015

    I have a romantic friendship with another man (unknown to my husband). This came about as I am not attracted to my husband. I have felt like this for many years, and my husband is aware of how I feel and that I do not like intimate relations with him (even so I do so to keep him happy). He is always in financial problems with his work (self-employed).. More

  • Improper for teenage boy to play with small girls in excess Date: 18-3-2015

    AssalamualaikumRespected shaykhIm 15 years old and currently studying in tenth standard. Near my class in grade one there is a girl who plays with me and as I do not have a sister I love her a lot and play with her too. And I swear I do not get any satanic thoughts about her or about girls.My question is can I continue the same in future to. I do not.. More

  • Gifts received to establish forbidden relationships Date: 20-2-2015

    A boy called me frequently and almost forced me to love him though i rejected it several time. later i accepted it with the concern of my parents. i spoke to him for one week. after that he came to see me with chocolate.. later he told me that he is fighting with his parents asking them to accept me. so i told him not to force them and asked him to.. More

  • Adding women to Facebook is a means of temptation Date: 17-1-2015

    Aslamu alykum can i add girls on facebook as friends because they were my classmates? if i only add them as a friend and never chat with them is this allowed? question 2 can i see my cousin sisters? i live in a joint family. question 3 when i was in 10 class i had seen something wrong. now people ask me that have you seen this ever. i reply in affirmative... More

  • Need for money does not justify an unlawful relationship Date: 24-12-2014

    salam alikoum, me and my wife we are married for seven months, she is older than me and she has kids we live far from eachotherand sometimes she come to me or i go to her and we stay together, this days im not working so i didn't give her anything, she started to complain that she needs me as a man taking care of her,and this days she changed her behavior.. More

  • He is in love with his maternal uncle's wife Date: 5-11-2014

    Salam alai kum, I am a bachelor in love with wife of my maternal uncle since his marriage 13 years back. Till recent I kept those to myself but 1 year back our relations grew closer. She got to know about my feelings etc and she too accepted me. She has been suffering since marriage as it had taken place for keeping the word of her mother. She has two.. More

  • Marriage is the best solution for those in love Date: 25-8-2014

    Empty data Salam, I had asked a question, but the answer you gave is totally irrelevant. This is my question and you gave the answer of another question: (I am in love with a person, he also loves me. But the problem is his earning is next to nil, this is why he doesn't want to marry yet. On the other hand, my parents are searching for a match for me... More