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  • A Muslim man talking to a non-Mahram woman who is older than him Date: 15-4-2014

    Asssalamualaikum Respected shaykh, I am a student. I had a teacher who used to teach me, but after sometime she left. She is a muslim teacher. I am still in contact with her. My question is can I have a voice call or chat with her ? I am a boy of 14 yrs and my teacher is around 15 - 20 years older than me. I really like my teacher very much. I did not.. More

  • Islam conversion should not be solely for objective of marriage Date: 31-3-2014

    As-salamu aleykum, I am Aparna, 21, Hindu. My boyfriend is Muslim, 21. We were friends for the past 5 years. We have been in a relationship for six months. I am ready to convert to Islam. I already started accepting that " there is no other god but Allah, and Muhammed is His last Messenger", but his family is against it. So many times they have warned.. More

  • She receives financial aid from a non-Mahram man who has an affair with her Date: 23-1-2014

    I am a married woman and I am having an affair with a man that does not go beyond phone calls. This man offers me financial aid without even seeing me. Is that money considered ill-gotten gains? .. More

  • This relation is certainly forbidden Date: 22-1-2014

    I have been having a relation with a young man for eight months now, and we vowed that we would not leave each other. We always long for each other and took oaths that we would be spouses. As such, our relation developed to doing sexual practices, but we did not have sexual intercourse. Everything that took place was other than having sexual intercourse... More

  • Satan uses women as a means for tempting anyone who is inaccessible Date: 14-1-2014

    I know a religious girl and promised her that I will marry her in the future, because I am short of money right now. I give her recorded Islamic lessons and do not talk with her a lot. What is the viewpoint of Sharee‘ah in this case? May Allaah Reward you. .. More

  • Love affair with a married woman is graver Date: 14-1-2014

    What is the ruling on a love affair between a married man and a married woman?.. More

  • A girl gives her address to a person who wants to propose to her Date: 13-1-2014

    A girl gave her address to a young man in order to come and propose to her. She did so without her family's knowledge. What is the Sharee‘ah ruling? .. More

  • A married woman loves a young man she met in a chat room Date: 29-1-2013

    Assalaamu alaikum, I' am 25 years old and happily married to a Student of Knowledge, Haafidh al Quran - all praise is due to Allah! Everything I learned in the last 6 years of my marriage is after Allaahs will, due my husbands help. I could never imagine to live without him. For me I give lectures in the mosques in Quraan, Fiqh, Aqidah. Sisters.. More

  • Wife is treated badly by husband who has relationship with a married woman Date: 2-2-2012

    Assalamu Alleikum, I recently discovered that my husband is having a years long relationship with a married woman, formerly his fiancee thru intenet video call, phone call, and I also discover the reason why for more than 7 years he's never treating me like human, inspite the fact that I am a sole provider of our family. I have caught their messages.. More

  • His girlfriend cheated him and did not embrace Islam Date: 19-12-2011

    Assalamu Alaikum I really appreciated your time with me Am A Muslim and i used have a non muslim girlfriend from different county i know its a sin to have girlfriend we were in relationship more that 6 month now we break up because she cheated me in many type. During our relationship i talk about islam because i want her to convert and she like.. More

  • Her ex-boyfriend is blackmailing her with an obscene video Date: 2-6-2011

    Dear sir, a (female) friend of mine had entered into an Islamically illegal relationship with a guy about 6 years ago. Only last year had she realized her mistake and broke up with him. But since then, the man obsessed about her had tried to get her back. After repeated failure, he had started blackmailing her that he would show her parents and.. More

  • This relationship has nothing to do with love for the sake of Allaah Date: 23-5-2011

    I'm a 41 year old married woman, I have a male friend, also married. Both of us were friends since schooling age. We admire and love each other at that time but we were not fated to get married. Now we concern for each other and we love each other but just spiritual, only for the sake of Allah, because he is a good man. We always get each other's.. More

  • Ruling on smiling at a non-Mahram (marriageable) woman Date: 5-5-2011

    I want to know how is it permissible for a Muslim man to smile at a non-Mahram (marriageable) woman if there is no fear of any potential temptation, while even looking at her face is impermissible? I have found in some books the detailed description of the woman’s body and looks at the time of the Prophet, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam. How could.. More

  • She claims that she had lost her virginity with him Date: 5-5-2011

    I lost my virginity with my fiancé illicitly and after that he denied it claiming that he did not see any blood then, although he had seen a piece of the hymen. What should I do, given that he has already told people about what happened? I need a way out of this. .. More

  • If she does not repent, he must shun her Date: 5-5-2011

    I live in Saudi Arabia and my son, a young man, lives and studies in my homeland, Egypt. He knew a girl and had unlawful sexual intercourse with her. She descends from a religiously lenient family. My son is not the first one to have had love relations with her. He wants to marry her even though he is still a student and financially unable to afford.. More