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  • Her fiancé wants to know everything about her past Date: 12-5-2005

    I have a problem and I need your help. 15 months ago I met a man honest religious, smart, hard worker. We were to be married. I love him and respect him very much. He also helped me get closer to Allaah. The problem is he is kind of a man wants to know everything I do or everything that has happened to me in past. He found out that there was.. More

  • Has relations with non-practicing Muslim Date: 10-5-2005

    I am the one who wrote question for Fatwa: 89860. I told my boyfriend the answer that was given to me. I told him that I could not see him anymore until he was ready to marry me. I was crying and very sad. He insisted that I stop crying and stop expressing my feelings in that manner. He also told me not to personalize this religion. He.. More

  • Having contacts with members of the opposite sex Date: 8-3-2005

    I was advised by a friend to ask you this question: For almost 2 years I mailed a friend of mine who is a guy, and I knew that he loved, and I don't deny that liked him because he had good morals. But few months ago we decided to stop mailing each other because it is unreligious and we are both trying to abide by Islamic rules. We agreed that.. More

  • Fate of a Muslim boy who allies a non-Muslim girl who converts of the time of marriage Date: 23-2-2005

    If a Muslim boy is in love with a non-Muslim girl and it is time for marriage. The girl agrees to convert. Will the boy get Sawab for converting a non-Muslim to a Muslim or will he be punished for having an affair with a non-Muslim? .. More

  • Became involved with a married woman who likes him and he can't seem to find a way out Date: 20-2-2005

    I met a woman from work who has 3 kids and is separated from her husband. She would always try to get my attention because she was attracted to me. I took advantage of the opportunity and started to talk to her about Islam. She was very open-minded and wanted to learn about the religion. I gave her a ride home a few times because it was dark and.. More

  • In premarital affair with non-Muslim boy Date: 12-12-2004

    I am a young teenage Muslim who is doing her best to avoid all things that are considered Haraam. But some friends of mine has gotten me involved in a pre-marital affair with a non-Muslim. Along with that, many boys are asking me to involve myself in sexual relations with them, but I refused. What should I do so that I can avoid these.. More

  • Involved in an unlawful relationship after marriage Date: 27-10-2004

    I am a 31 year Muslim male, living and working in United States. I want to ask your advise on the matter of my marriage. I have known and loved a girl for a couple of years and we have a lot of understanding and emotions for each other. Our feelings are mutual for one another and we believe in our hearts that we will make a happy couple. She.. More

  • Dating non-Muslim men Date: 25-10-2004

    I reside in Hyderabad. Here in my city I see lots of Muslim girls date with Hindu male; give me some suggestion to prevent these Muslim girls from this infidels. Or else give me some support so that I can handle these sorts of cases whenever I come across. Hoping for a best suggest and Fatwa... More

  • Early intentions to marry, and sexual practices in marriage Date: 29-9-2004

    1) What does the female Muslim name 'RUHIA' mean? 2) Is it Islaamicly allowed for a boy and girl to like each other and promise to get married one day? Note: Without any intimacy in ANYWAY. Please try to answer this for me. Because there is a girl I like. We advise each other to education and what is good and we aspire to be a devoted Muslim.. More

  • Married but fell in love with girl on his job Date: 27-9-2004

    I'm a married man at the age of 38, I have been married for the past ten years with two boys one is 10 years and the other is 3 months, one month back I felt in love with a girl who works with us, she is religious, and so am I, the reason I think is that there are so many important points which I lack at home, and not being taken into consideration,.. More

  • Obsessed with a woman Date: 20-9-2004

    I am male, I got married, and in three months we got divorced, because she don't want to live with me, she has love affair with someone after that one of our relation she married got divorced, I love her, she also love with me past 18 months, but she is out of India her family settled Singapore, but we have communication through phone, SMS,.. More

  • Relations between sexes before marriage Date: 7-9-2004

    I'm a 16 year old, Muslim girl and I have question. Can I have a relationship with a guy before I get married?.. More

  • Non-religious man wants to date a Muslim woman Date: 5-9-2004

    Greeting, I have found this wonder lady at this friends party and was talking to her at lunch I found out she want eat pork because of her religion which I can respect, I believe she is Muslim and I am non active in any religion, my question is how do I go about dating or courting her with respect to her being Muslim, I apologize if this sounds.. More

  • Likes a Muslim brother who is unaware of her feelings Date: 8-8-2004

    I am a Muslim sister who happens to like a Muslim brother, but he doesn't know that I like him. What should I do?.. More

  • Loving a girl innocently Date: 26-7-2004

    Does Islam give permission to love a girl? If yes, then Allah has said that meeting with girls is a sin. Then how can we love them. And if no, then Allah has given the right to love and said that both the sexes are attracted towards each other please justify... More