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  • Confused about wanting to marry boy she once saw kissing another girl Date: 24-7-2001

    My problem seems to be more social than religious I know a boy and every body says that he loves me and from my side I can say that I like him, but the problem is that he knows a girl and he says that he doesn't love her and she is like a friend but I saw him once kissing her but I didn't tell him so not to make him feel shy of me (and I'm sure he hasn't.. More

  • Teenager in Love with Girl Date: 21-5-2001

    I am 15. I have loved a girl for 2 years. I still do. I think of her almost ever night. Nothing sexual. I have phone contact with her. I just request your help in what should I do towards my feeling towards her? .. More

  • Sex before Marriage and Reconstructing Hymen Date: 1-1-2001

    Assalamu Alaikum, I have been having such a hard time in finding someone to help me out in answering my questions, but, Alhamdu lillah, a friend recommended your site and I will, Insha Allah, finally be at rest with answers and, Insha Allah, be able to change my life for the best. I am a Muslim girl, 25 years old. I spent my adolescence and adult life.. More

  • Having a girl friend Date: 5-8-2000

    Dear Brothers, As I am a Muslim living in Canada. I go to College. I met a girl who said that she is interested in me. I have never had a girl friend so far because I know it is prohibited to be in contact with a woman who is not my wife. But this girl is annoying me and I feel that I love her and want her. I told her that if she wants to marry me and.. More

  • Acquaintance of Muslim girl wants to meet her parents to ask permission for marriage Date: 29-2-2000

    I am a 22 year-old Muslim girl who practices her religion very well. A few months ago, I met a brother in Egypt, my country, where we discussed life in Canada, Egypt and Islam in both places. I told my mother of this as I don't keep anything from her. Soon, the brother and I found that we had a lot in common; we think the same way and have similar values... More

  • Distant female relative visited and forced herself on him Date: 13-1-2000

    I'm a 22-year old male. I have a distant relative (female) and have known her for a long time. Recently she stayed overnight at my house. (My parents were around). When my parents were asleep she came over to my room and forced herself on me. Although I knew I should not do what I was doing, I did play along as I'm still a virgin and that was the first.. More

  • Telephone conversation between men and women Date: 17-12-1999

    I have loved a girl who helped me a lot to come and realize the truth of my religion. She opened my eyes after ALLAH filled my heart with eman. We talk to each other on the phone and I have to admit that we sometimes get into silly conversation, but we can't help it. I don't want to lose her; I even stopped studying and joined a computer institute to.. More