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  • A girl contacting a marriageable man like a brother Date: 7-1-2010

    Alsalaam o Alaykom.. i'm on my early twenties, i met a guy on my teenager years and i didnt have the full knowladge of beening in a realtionship,,,i gave this person my self for 2 years doing haram stuff and from the haram stuff. Anyway, i cut my realtion with this person and i said that i wont give myself to a guy that much. i know that from (SHOROOT.. More

  • His girlfriend left him for her ex-boyfriend Date: 26-12-2009

    Assalamualaikum brother, I had a relation with a girl for 2 years. Couple of months ago we had sex. We got ourselves in this HARAM deed for several times. But we both used to think our selves husband & wife though i know its pure HARAM. But suddenly she changed and started telling that she wants to get back to her previous boyfirend as she saw.. More

  • Two schoolmates love each other but can not marry now Date: 10-12-2009

    Asalam o Alakium. Im 20 years old. My name is Saleha.I really need urgent guidance. There was a very islamic tableeghi boy in my school and he was what i had always idealised as an islamic husband. So i told my mum about it and she contacted his mum. Both our parents like eachother's families but they think we are too young for nikah.Is it allowed to.. More

  • Wants to talk to his ex-girlfriend to call her to Islam Date: 2-12-2009

    Please give an urgent reply since the matter is very urgent. One of my friends (Indian), who is now aged 21 years had an extra-marital relationship with a two year elder non-muslim girl. Eventhough my friend was born in a Muslim Family, he was not practicing islam in proper manner. They lived together in one room for 1.5 years and had estra marital.. More

  • Wants to choose between his wife and his girlfriend Date: 5-11-2009

    My parents got me engaged when I was 15years old. I lived in the USA and the girl was in pakistan. I was so young I didnt know anything about engagement and marriage. As I got older I finally realized what had happend and I didnt want to be engaged to this girl. I never talked to this girl and only saw her 1 time when i went to pakistan when I was 18years.. More

  • Took Khul' to marry her lover but he forsook her Date: 7-10-2009

    Assalmualaikkum, I want to take a fatwa about my love life.I was in love with someone 6 years back, but could not get married with him as i was afraid to tell my parents about him since he was 5 yrs younger to me. I was also afraid whether my parents will bear it or not, so i got married where they wanted me to. But even after my marriage i always.. More

  • Loves his married cousin who is not happy with her husband Date: 3-3-2009

    Assalam alaikum I am a 27 yera ol unmarried man and i am emotionally involved with a female marreid cousin of mine who is a victim of forced marriage ,her parents imposed a husband on her without her consent in 2007,she has no kids yet.she wants khulu(separation)from her husband as she is not fullfiling his due rights ,she tried a lot to be good wife.. More

  • You must immediately cut your relationship with this woman Date: 25-11-2008

    I am a Muslim male that, is involved with a christen woman,we dated for a while before I moved in with her. I have conversations with her about Islam, but she seem as if its no interest to her and she don't seem to want to have any knowledge of Islam, I argue and stress to her the important to have the knowledge and openness, And we may can not further.. More

  • Wants to save her relation with a Muslim man who regretted having sex with her Date: 26-11-2007

    about 2 months ago I met this Pakistan guy we fall in love immediately and we had sexual intercouree. At first everything it seem work out smoothly, but recently he told me that he feels so much pain that we had sexual intercorse before marriage. Before I met him I have no idea about the Islamic religion and I didn't know that unlawful intercorse.. More

  • Finds it difficult to forget a man she knew on the Internet Date: 19-11-2007

    I am a girl from the maghreb countries, i ve known a person from the middle east countries via net for nearly 2 years. He was planning to come & engage me in december, but when he talked to his parents. They did not accept because i am from al maghreb. His father thinks that i am not well brought even if he has never met me. the problem is even.. More

  • Lawful and unlawful love Date: 10-11-2007

    From where does love come; from Allaah The Almighty or from the devil?.. More

  • This relation is pure Zina Date: 12-4-2007

    salamualykum.. my question is.... there is a muslim boy and girl.they love each other and have all the relationship as a husband and wife.they have a sexual intercourse too so many times.but suddenly they cannot marry becose of the family misunderstanding or anyother what is the position for them in islam..they want to marry each other.. More

  • Wants to re-establish relation with a Christian girl to marry her Date: 27-3-2007

    bismillahi rahmaani rraheem.assalamu alikkum.i am in a problem.i liv in dubai.2yrs ago i met a gal here wen i was on a vacation.she is a christian.v had love @first sight.i met her only once.i didnt even remember her face.after our meeting i left to india for degree.v talked thru phone.v didnt hav any intention to v both love our parents very.. More

  • Muslim women writing letters to Muslim prisoners to raise their morale Date: 18-2-2007

    As-salamu alaykum. Is it permissible for Muslim women to write letters to Muslim men who are held in prisons in non-Muslim countries (sometimes in solitary confinement) in order to raise their eeman and keep their spirits high at a difficult time? Some sisters are claiming that it is necessary for them to do this even though these brothers in prison.. More

  • Wants to inform a girl that he loves her Date: 16-8-2006

    Thank you for the reply on question: 2115980 but i have another question. would it be permisabble if i told her i like her and i would like the get married to her inshallah five years time and in the mean time to get to know her... More