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  • Wants Punishment for Misdeeds Date: 16-11-2002

    I'm 21-year-old man. I started praying last year I have a girlfriend who I want to marry. We both did wrong things: we were together in the bed we kissed and hugged each other, but we didn't sleep together. We want to return to the way of Islam and we decided to have the punishment we deserve on the Islam way. What is the punishment we deserve? We did.. More

  • Working lady's entanglement with alien man Date: 8-10-2002

    I wish to ask a question that will benefit a lot of Muslim ladies in present generation. I am a Muslim lady of 26 yrs. I am working like a lot of other women and dressing properly according to Sharia. There was a Muslim man who worked with me before and was interested in me. He wanted to marry me but he is not stable financially so therefore cannot.. More

  • Has A Girlfriend Whom He Hopes to Marry in Six Years Date: 13-8-2002

    I have found your site very useful for me and acquired a lot of knowledge because of your site. I have a girlfriend and I did search in your site if it is Haram or not and from what I have read it does not apply to me. This girl is the one I love and the one I will always love and we are taking it seriously, meaning that there is no touching between.. More

  • Avoiding a relationship while studying in a co-ed university Date: 22-7-2002

    How can I protect myself while I am in the University and the only girl in my section from having a relationship even a pure one and I still have 2 years before finishing?.. More

  • Love sickness Date: 20-7-2002

    My problem is that one-year back I had an Internet affair. I have since then realized my mistake and have repented. My dad didn't agree to the marriage because of different nationalities. Seeing that my Wali had completely refused, I decided not to proceed. I gave up the whole idea. However, since then I have been regretting and thinking that.. More

  • Love Relationship without Sex Date: 7-7-2002

    What is the opinion in Islam about love relationships (not sexual)? .. More

  • Teenagers in Love Date: 3-7-2002

    As we know, nowadays many teenagers are involved in love. So, please let me know what Islam says about this problem. .. More

  • Muslim student behaving with her male co-students Date: 26-6-2002

    How can a Muslim student behave with her male colleagues?.. More

  • Liking a Girl but Not Socializing with Her Date: 23-6-2002

    Is it allowed in Islam to like a girl in your heart but not to hang out with her? .. More

  • Having female friends in US and touching Date: 15-5-2002

    I want to know is it ok if I am in USA and every one have female friends and it is just friends but sometimes touching happens, is it bad?.. More

  • Concealing Dear Love for Someone Else from His Parents Date: 14-5-2002

    If you love the person of the opposite sex very dearly, but you love your parents too, and not to disregard your parents' trust in you, you do not speak your love out, is this Okay? Or should one express what one feels, even though it would be against the parents' trust and their restrictions? .. More

  • Muslimah Concerned about Male Friend Who Does Not Practice Islam Date: 22-1-2002

    Sir, I am a practicing divorced Muslim woman, but not very strict. I have a 45 year-old male friend who is Muslim on paper but says he is a non-believer. How can I help this person and what should I do? He does not live a reckless life but is committing the unforgivable sin. Can a person turn from 'Kafir' to believer? I fear for my friend's afterlife. .. More

  • Pre-marital Sex with Marriage Partner Date: 15-1-2002

    I am a Muslim woman who is going to get married this summer. My question is: I had a sex with the man I will marry. What do you think of this? Is it Haram? What must I do so that Allah forgives me? .. More

  • Talking to a Girl Like a Sister Date: 1-1-2002

    Can I talk to a girl just to ask about her, not for anything else; she is like my sister? .. More

  • Depressed Over Past Love Affair Date: 31-10-2001

    I am from The Hague in Holland. I have this problem and I really hope you can give me an advice that will help, because i am really desperate. I had a relationship for about 7 years. We had plans to get married. Suddenly he left me because I was not good enough for him anymore. He says that he loves me but he can not spend the rest of his life with.. More