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  • His girlfriend still wants to marry him although he married another woman Date: 9-7-2006

    As Salam alaikum..A big sin happen with me b4 my marriage with my girl friend i kiss her hug every private part of my girl friend she love me alot suddenly i got marriage with another girl almost 2 yrs our love affair runs...when i was in india i ask her forgive ness she forgive me but my heart is not accept what i did for her still she is unmarried.. More

  • Love sick Date: 31-5-2006

    I am a divorcee since 1985 and have a son from previous marriage. I met my cousin while I had gone to perform Haj in 2000 and started liking him. Since he is a married man, I did not say anything to anyone and kept it to myself. I used weep in his remembrance but could not tell anyone. After four years again I went for Umra and he took my.. More

  • Spoiling the relationship between a wife and her husband Date: 4-5-2006

    I have fallen in love with a girl and she too loves me. I know this is sinful but now it is too late as our feelings for each other are very deep. We wish to get married but her parents forced her to marry someone else and for her familys sake she complied. She wants out of the marrage but it is impossible for her to get a divorce as a her family.. More

  • Attracted to a very young girl and hopes she would be his wife in the future Date: 2-5-2006

    I find myself in a most unusual of a situation. I recently came to know a girl who's not too distantly related to me. She is no older than 4 or 5 and I'm in my late teens. I only saw her over the course of a few weeks while I was visiting my homeland. I am currently studying in the west and only go back once every few years. Any one person would have.. More

  • Her husband embraced Islam to marry her Date: 30-4-2006

    I got married from an Italian man who was converted to Islam due to our marriage since that I knew it was Haraam to marry a Christian, I tried to change so many things during our six years of marriage and tried to let him know Islam better but its so difficult for him to accept from me since that I get angry very fast for the things he says some.. More

  • In love with a man but her parents refuse him Date: 27-4-2006

    I am a practicing Muslim who's in love with a Muslim guy but my parents are against him especially my mother for some reasons...But things have gone too far between us, he knows some of my secrets which I'm afraid my parents will found out. What should I do? .. More

  • Asking Allaah that the woman he loves be divorced to marry her Date: 27-4-2006

    I know a girl who was pressured into marrying her cousin at the age of 16. Family put pressure on her and letter it was realized that the boys family had used black magic to influence the girls parents in giving her hand. The girl sincerely does not like her husband at all and cannot be with him and wishes to get divorced. The family is aware of this.. More

  • Her ex-husband's cousin wants to embrace Islam to marry her Date: 6-4-2006

    My friend has been married for 6 years. Almost 2 years ago her husband, who introduced her to Islam, went to work in Saudi Arabia and left her with her daughter in the USA and sent her money as needed. 6 months ago he got married and my friend asked him to come and visit her but he keeps giving her excuses. He hasn't visited her at all since.. More

  • Giving her address to the person who wants to propose to her Date: 23-3-2006

    What is the ruling on a girl who gives her home address to a young man so that he would come to propose to her for marriage without informing her family that she gave him the address? .. More

  • The ruling of a man calling a woman 'O, my sister' Date: 21-3-2006

    Is it permissible for me to call a marriageable woman by saying ‘O, my sister’ instead of uttering her name, or should I call her by her name while saying ‘my sister’? .. More

  • Exchanging messages with a man who decided to marry her Date: 15-11-2005

    I am a divorced sister I have one child, about 3 months ago I was introduced to a brother, he lives in another country and we spoke over the phone and emailed each other in order to get to know each other I told my mother about him, we decided to marry Inshaa’ Allaah, and he is moving to the country where I live, but this will take bit off time.. More

  • Loves her cousin and is afraid of Allaah Date: 25-10-2005

    Please advise me as soon as you can. Is it ok if we develop some feelings for someone? That is if they are pure and free from all the sexual desires and our only intention is to marry the person in the future if Allaah has given us a long enough life? I have had feelings for my cousin for the past 4 years, and my Lord is my witness, I've never had.. More

  • Obey your dad and stop relation with your boyfriend Date: 5-9-2005

    Last year when I started college I meet a boy and we started going out. Now we have been together for 10 months but during this time my dad found out 8 months into the relationships. My dad stopped me from going to college and then my mum spoke to him and he let me go back again. Me and my boyfriend decided to sleep together so that we will.. More

  • Her boyfriend married her friend and she can't forget him Date: 9-6-2005

    I have loved my cousin, and he loved me too, and we had a little relationship going on, and when he asked to marry me from my dad. My dad didn't accept, and I couldn't do nothing about it, and now he's married to my friend, and I still keep thinking about him, and I want forget about him, sometimes I say everything is predestination, but I don't know.. More

  • Feels guilty that she 'broke his heart' Date: 8-6-2005

    I’m a 19 year-old girl. I have been with my boyfriend for about a year and recently, something terrible happened. We have been having very close physical contact, and he went too far. He has been fingering me and it broke my virginity. After this incident, my view about him completely changed. I hate him now. I couldn’t value the relationship.. More