5547 fatwas

  • The length of the waiting period of a divorced woman (‘Iddah) Date: 14-6-2000

    Alsalaamu Alaikum: I read that the period of ‘Iddah’ is a period of three mensturation periods. Is that correct? And if so, does a woman start counting from the day of divorce or the day of her last sexual encounter with her husband? Please clarify. Thank you! .. More

  • In Dilemma: Married Without Parents' Knowledge and Now They Want Him to Marry Again Date: 13-6-2000

    I'm a 29 year-old Muslim man and I'm married to a woman from USA who became Muslim after our marriage and we are blessed by a daughter. My problem is that my parents don't know that I'm married to a foreign woman, which is an unacceptable act in my family. Moreover, law in my country does not allow it. My brothers and sisters know about my marriage... More

  • Parents against Daughter's Choice for Marriage Date: 11-6-2000

    I have a man whom I love very much. He proposed to me 3 months ago. We were together at university. We have been loving each other for 5 years now. He is only 8 months older than I. My father and mother don't want this marriage. They are saying that he is too young to handle marriage responsibilities. He is 22.5 years old. His father and mother feel.. More

  • When a Girl Starts to Have Menses She Must Wear Hijab Date: 6-6-2000

    Does a girl have to wear hijab as soon as her period comes? Are parents allowed to force her? Please I want a proof from the Qur'an. Please answer quickly. .. More

  • Right of a former homosexual to marry Date: 5-6-2000

    Is it right for a Muslim who was once homosexual, but who has reformed him or herself to marry?.. More

  • Arrogance of Arabs to non-Arabs Date: 4-6-2000

    I have seen so many Arabs who really are proud on their blood and treat non-Arabs cheap. Sometimes they can be arrogant. When you question them they say "I am Arab you are non-Arab". It really ticks me off. When I asked the Imam who is non-Arab, he said you should not say anything wrong to them because Prophet Muhammad was one of them and we respect.. More

  • Rights of No.1 wife of 25 years regarding inheritance from husband Date: 1-6-2000

    What are my rights as wife No. 1 after 25 yrs of marriage and my rights with regards to inheritance should my husband treat me unfairly, which seems to be most likely?.. More

  • Confused about Marrying Man Engaged to Cousin He Does Not Want to Marry Date: 30-5-2000

    Assalaamu alaikum Dearest brothers, shukran for answering my questions, but to no avail it has still left me confused. Reason being that i have read through some of the other questions as well as the answeres u supplied , i came across a question 3549 something similar to mine, yet u discouraged this man from marrying her, bringing the matter of CULTURE.. More

  • Religion of children born to Muslim-Christian couple Date: 24-5-2000

    I am a Muslim with a Christian wife. What is the Islamic point of view regarding the religion of the our coming kids? Thank you. .. More

  • Education for women Date: 20-5-2000

    I would just like to congratulate you on this wonderful and enlightening site. I am only 21 years old, and I was always taught that you learn from your cradle to your grave. I thank my father for educating me. Do men realise that women are the beginning of a learning centre for children? If women are educated their children will be educated. A famous.. More

  • Marriage between Arabs and Non-Arabs, Men or Women Date: 20-5-2000

    Why is it permissible for Arab men to marry non-Arab women, but a big issue is made when an Arab woman wants to marry a non-Arab man? I read your answer to a question saying there is no distinction between ARAB and NON-ARAB; they are all Muslim. Why should Arab women seek permission from the authorities first? .. More

  • Arab Man Wants to Marry Her But He Is Engaged to Cousin Whom He Doesn't Like Date: 20-5-2000

    An Arab man has asked me to marry him, but he is engaged to his cousin. He does not wish to marry her, saying that if he does marry her it would be unfair to her as he does not want her and their relationship could never be happy as they don't even get along now. He would marry her to please his family especially his mother. He can have many wives but.. More

  • Family Planning Date: 7-5-2000

    Up to what level family planning is allowed and what's best way? .. More

  • Women Who Attend Friday Prayer Are Exempted From Praying Thuhr Date: 3-5-2000

    Is it compulsory for women to go for Friday prayers? .. More

  • Sexual intercourse using condom during menses Date: 3-5-2000

    If a man wears a condom ( 'aazil ), can he have sexual intercourse during the woman's monthly period?.. More