5509 fatwas

  • Women wearing hijab Date: 23-11-1999

    Why should a woman wear hijab?.. More

  • Should wife from people of the Book change her religion to Islam Date: 13-11-1999

    If a Muslim man marries a girl belonging to the people of the book, after marriage can she follow her religion or should she change her religion to Islam? Please answer in light of Quran and Sunnah. .. More

  • Muslim women uncovering in front of non-Muslim women Date: 13-11-1999

    I am unclear about the issue of uncovering in front of non-Muslim women. An Ayah in the Qur'an states that believing women do not have to cover in front of each other, but Christians who say Jesus is God or the son of God are unbelievers. Are these women not believers then? Should we know the woman's belief before we uncover in front of her? Jazakuum.. More

  • Wife Having Illegal Relations with Men Date: 11-11-1999

    I have been married five years. Currently, I'm a student in U.S. Unfortunately, I found out that my wife is having affairs with some guys. It's not sexual (thank God), but she talked to them via chat program and she exchanged e-mail and keeps in touch by phone. Once, I caught her; I forgave her because I don't like to disclose her behavior and to protect.. More

  • An Adulterer Marrying A Religious Girl Date: 9-11-1999

    Is it ok for a man who committed adultery to marry a religious girl who is still a virgin? These two people love each other. And is it ok for the girl to refuse any guy who proposes marriage while she is waiting for her lover who will marry her (INSHAALLAH)? .. More

  • Women Going to Graveyards Date: 7-11-1999

    Can women go to grave yards? If yes or no, kindly quote the Qur'anic source. Salam .. More

  • Protecting Wife and Children from Bad Family Influences Date: 6-11-1999

    I married about 7 years ago. I found my wife to be a very good wife and mother except when I am honored by a visit from my mother in-law. My wife and I know very well that her mother's attitude with our children and neighbor is causing us a lot of problems, still I am reluctant to accept this bad attitude for my wife's sake. Our serious problem started.. More

  • Layla As a Name for Muslim Girl Date: 5-11-1999

    I want to know the meaning of Muslim name "Laila,' and if it is a good name for a baby girl? thanks. .. More

  • Wife wants divorce from husband who left her for two years Date: 1-11-1999

    As Salam alaikum, I would like to ask about a marriage topic. I would like to know if a couple are married and for some reason the lady wants a divorce so her husband leaves her for 2 years. The husband does not spend money on her at all. So, is she considered divorced? I know that now-a- days a lady is not legally divorced unless she receives.. More

  • Seeing a Woman for Marriage without Hijaab Date: 29-10-1999

    Is it allowed for a man to see the woman whom he wants to marry without wearing her HIJAAB? .. More

  • Phone conversations between brothers and sisters Date: 28-10-1999

    Phone conversation between brothers and sisters: What is allowed and what is not allowed (i.e : conversation for purpose of religion or marriage)? Could you give me daleel and fatwa from scholars... More

  • Girl's Parents Forced Her To Marry Someone Other Than Her First Choice Date: 9-10-1999

    A friend and his girl friend wanted to marry each other, but the girl's parents refused my friend's proposal, though he has a good job and sufficient earnings. They forced her (the girl) to marry some other guy. Is this NIKAH o.k.? What Islam says about it? .. More

  • Exchanging Photos via Islamic Marriage Agency for the Purpose of Marriage Date: 7-10-1999

    What is the position of the scholars about the exchange of photos for the purpose of marriage and with Islamic matrimonial agencies? .. More

  • Talking to the Opposite Sex on the Telephone Date: 6-10-1999

    Is it haram to talk to someone of the opposite sex over the phone? If so, where I can find this answer in the Quran or a hadith so I can tell and show it is haram. .. More

  • Telling intended wife he has herpes Date: 5-10-1999

    I have a very tough situation and would like your advice! I have been diagnosed with a disease called "Herpes." This is not a dangerous disease as I can live a normal life. I am planning to get married soon and I am not sure if I need to tell my future wife about my illness when I ask for her hand in marriage! Is it Islamic that I keep this.. More